Planets & Moons

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Can someone please clarify or confirm my understanding of planetary bodies in Boundless. As I understand currently, there are 12 worlds in all, 3 for each region. One of those being a settled, more or less non-hostile world. Another being an unsettled toxic, or hostile world. The third would either be another settled or unsettled world. OK, think I got that straight so far. Now, on to what intrigues me and that which I have no idea about. I’ve also noticed much smaller bodies at times, typically grey and non-interactable. Are these considered moons? If so, are there plans to ever have them be like planets/worlds in the sense that one can travel to them?

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They are moons… not able to travel to them. I would assume that there is no atmosphere, which would make sense.

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First of all you should look at this:

The planets in the outer ring are the “moons” how people call them, which are medium hostile. The ones in the middle are the starting, earth-like planets which are quite peacefull (except from some annoying spitters) and the planets in the first ring are the so called ring planets which are the most hostile and connect all the other planets together in form of a ring, hence the name.

The Moons you pointed out currently doesn’t seem to have any purpose but to make the sky look more interesting but who knows what the devs have in plan.


Awesome! Thanks for the link and info guys. :rocket:

Perhaps the devs @james can shed some light on any current plans, if any, for the smaller, currently static bodies.

I honestly think they are left over place holders from before planetary bodies where introduced. The sun and moon have been there for as long as I can remember.


It’s a Night Sun rather than a Moon. We still need to decide exactly how to present it in the future…


Simple. Change it into into the Sanctuary. We already see the planet we are visiting above us in the Sanctuary, so why not have the Sanctuary visible from the planet at night?


I must say you are a clever chap! Good idea.


what doesn’t make sense is that they all look the same.

Maybe it could be a Tier 4 world.