Player corpses

it has been talked about how players would atleast drop some of the stuff they have when they die, which would leave the items and the corpse.

i would like (if possible) to let the items stay on the ground until somebody picks them up, if a dude dies some random place and decide not to get it the items will still be there when another person stumbles over it.

and i think it would be cool that when you die you see the corpse of a player, the corpse will stay there until 1) the player dies again or 2) 24 hours have passed, then the corpse should turn into a skeleton and kinda stay there. that way you might see skeletons from dead players and know that its an area you have to be kinde wary about going through.

that is just something i’d like though, not sure how hard it would be to make.


I would like to see a grave or some kind of container. the corpse may perrish in some short time, but it would leave a grave there until it is looted or a time has passed. Could also be an urn or bag.

yeah something like that. i played another game where there was written what killed the player on it.

but i just like the idea of seing skeletons lying around because graves just seems really stupid when you think about how far away from anything they are >.<

I allways think of the small kids playing the game (age 6+) :wink:

Sounds like a good time to fire up Lion King and discuss the circle of life!


ofc a comical one, not some zombie looking freaky one

IMHO, it will a great idea to add zombie, which will wakes from player’s grave and going to revenge for his killer =)

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that is kinda overkill. and really freaking terrifying XD


…and you’ll see to your left the bones of everyone who tried to use a grappling hook to climb this hill, they always leave souvenirs behind though so be sure to pick some up before we head to our next stop…

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I think if someone dies the body should be left behind, but if someone comes up to the body and has some really basic material they have the option to build a grave for the fallen player. Maybe there can be a spirit magic/honor something system to reward the idea. Or be purely cosmetic, an optional choice for those who can’t stand leaving a body lying around. Then again the world regenerates, your existence would be erased after dying.

I would really love corpses…or skeletons or at least something…it would make great atmosfere at old battlegrounds. It would be creepy going through some old ruins of castle where a battle took place.

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I think skeletons is an awesome idea! And I don’t see how it would be a problem for children.

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After a bit of a timer, perhaps a few hours, corpses could be reduced to a dirt mound prop, like a shallow grave. That prop could potentially be looted like a chest containing what ever items were left behind by the previous player. To reduce the amount of things being stored by the mound grave, it should only keep dropped items, not blocks or equipped items. After a longer time period, even these shallow Graves should vanish.

True, however with losing the things that arent equipped or the gems i think it would be great if the things stayed there, instead of being a lootsplosion like now where it disappears after very little time, i would love for (as you said) to make a small dirt mound, or skeleton, or chest, or bag which a player can go up to and loot, however we dont even know how looting will work yet, i talked about that here:

if we wont have a sort of skyrim/wow style loot window (just so people know what i mean) and instead the items drops like now, i have a hard time seeing anything like this system work, unless its a sort of ‘‘destroy the dirt to trigger the lootsplosion’’ but that is also a bit…

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Asheron’s Call (the first one) did this and it worked pretty well:

  1. Player dies
  2. Corpse is lootable by only the player for 1 hr
  3. After that, anyone can loot it (making you feel pressure to go back and find your body quickly. Gave death meaning)
  4. Corpse turns into skeleton when looted, or a few hours
  5. Skeleton disappears after X days

Could tell how dangerous a place was by the pile of skeletons :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats why i would like skeletons, however i would like for the corpse to be lootable by anybody as soon as you die, that would encourage ambushes and planning in pvp worlds to get materials, and it would also give a sense of urgency to receiving your things, atm its more a sort of ‘‘i will most likely not get it anyways since it will despawned, so i dont have to bother’’


Again this is a thing that should be different from PvP to PvE, In PvP corpses should always ne lootable where the 1 hour limit seems reasonable in PvE.


I think death should be punishing even on pve servers, if you die you lose your stuff and you have to pick it up or other players take it, im afraid it might turn into a sort of ‘‘oh it doesnt matter i have an entire hour left’’ and a dude out wandering might see it just get told ‘‘you cannot pick this up, for some magical reason’’ But yeah looting should differ depending on what type of server ya play on.

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The problem with allowing instant loot would be that it would allow people to set up traps to kill people instead of doing it themself and then you suddenly just have a lot of creative people finding new ways to kill you without using a sword.

PvE servers should be reasonable safe from other players.


Yeah true, the discussion of how much player interference should you be allowed to do on pve servers, that is long and difficult and have been discussed many times so i dont want to go into that cause i know i wont stop xD

so that is a good point, on the other hand i love the idea of profiting on other peoples foolishness,and lack of carefullness xD

my suggestion would be atleast have a color code of bag or so, maybe a timer on how long it is until you can loot it.