Player crafted books

What if players could craft and wright there own books. There would be librarys with books from world guides and titan tutorials to works of fiction.
I used to play uo 20 years ago (yes im old) and it was so cool to read what other players had created.


This sounds like a a really cool idea, but given the novelty of it, I can only see it being implemented post-1.0. Despite that, I think it would be pretty interesting to read other players lore/headcannon/guides :stuck_out_tongue:

oh i like that idea.

but i think there will be many books which are filled with pe*** and sh** stuff

that is the nature of games, yes, but I know for example Shroud of the Avatar where people can write books and there are allready large libraries filled with those ingame. There you can also use a machine which copy books, so you can make many with less effort and can share them with other people. Many player towns have their own founding history printed ingame and you can buy it at stores for example.

Of cause we would need the function to report books which are not “right”, like filled with PEGI 18 Stuff or racisim for example. But to have the ability to make own books will be a great step forward to a more “living” world especially for roleplayers :wink:


Its true but in UO the game was coded to not allow certain words. Words like cutless wer changed to cutle$$.

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Cutlass* hence the poor censorship.

Also, books (and book cases) have been a pretty hotly requested item for props and I would not discount the possibility of them appearing in 1.0. I know that natural props are being developed now to flesh out the worlds, created props are probably not far off.


:blush: oops

But I wouldn’t want to have a ban on everything that contains that. There’d need to be a check of every report by a real person at least once before it’s banned for good. If the books are big enough to hold little stories or even longer ones then such themes might come up in an appropriate or creative way that doesn’t promote hate or bad behavior.


In general if a media is provided people will find a way to use it for erotica and racism (also drawing penises)

such is the nature of humans apparently.


great idea! would love to see this as well :slight_smile:

jesus christ how old are you?

I’d assume at least 20 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And I’d guess in the late 30s, early 40s^^.

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i didn’t know that there was any 40 year olds that played video games lol thats awesome :laughing:

O.o of course they do! WHO do you think makes the video games, teens? The best storylines come from those with who have experienced the most stories to tell, and video games are 90% stories.


40 next year. I remember when pit fall was all the rage

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Its been fun watching games evolve over the years. From final fantasy 1 to fallout… good times


I am 50+, my first computer was a zx-spectrum with 1 kb memory. :slight_smile:
Still got my amiga 1200 standing here, working fine.

Have meet, and still play with ppl from 14 to 80 on mmo:s.
Older ppl is not so level-stressed, more time to talk and socialize, helping each other, or just walk around and enjoy the game-worlds and have fun.


Same for me - loved games like Manic Miner and Jet Pac, not so much when the cassette failed to load the game and you had to rewind and start alll over again!

Ah, the nativity of the younger generations :wink:


hey im not that far away myself,been gaming for 30 yrs,coming up for 34 in december

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Holy hell there is a LOT of oldies here like 3 or even 4 times older then me dayng

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