Player token questions

I read about the player token and how many different ways it can be used. I had some thoughts & concerns about them.

  1. Will a player have to give you multiple tokens if you need to use it multiple times?

  2. Transferable? Will player A be able to give the token received from player B to player C?

  3. Will there be a token for groups of people, like “guild” and “everyone”?

  4. What happens to player tokens when players stop playing?

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Good questions:

  1. I expect we’ll give players the option to give others either a single ‘Ben’ or a ‘Bag of Bens’ depending on how many you want that other player to have (with an associated crafting cost).
  2. We’re not sure yet. Think the answer to this (for sake of privacy) will probably be no. But it’s possible the first version will allow you to trade and we’ll see what the implications are in a live environment. It’s a tricky one.
  3. Token groups (especially for Guilds) are definitely planned.
  4. Tokens will persist regardless of whether a player continues playing, leaving them the option to come back to the game. We’re considering having some Beacon reclaiming in the further future, but that’s definitely a long term problem.

well there is still the argument me and hiyo came up with long ago, if you can trade tokens not yours then you could sell them to assassin guilds and they would always know where you were.

but something i hope you can add (not sure how hard it is) is so i can see where my tokens are, so i can for example say


''Ben : Beacon
‘‘Ben: 3x unused’’

and then see where the tokens are used and give the ability to cancel them, so if i give it to a dude so he can help me he just starts to constantly stalk me and kill me whenever i go to pvp worlds, it would be kinda frustatring to not be able to do anything.

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@zouls You’re making some pretty big assumptions there: Assasins Guilds AND always active PvP :wink:

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well just theorizing, it could still be used for griefing though. which is why im kinda worried if we cannot cancel given out tokens.¨

but i know you guys will get the best solution, its nice to see devs try something new for once and im really curious on more information about it :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben, I appreciate it. :smiley:

“Bag of Bens” I love it


Or a purse of Peters.


have you thought on the name?

are they just going to be ‘‘Ben’s Tokens’’ ‘‘James’ tokens’’ etc… or is it just 1 currency of ‘‘Player tokens’’ and when you hover over them you can see how many you have from each player?

If there is going to be a friend system, the it could be useful to have friends block for beacons and the like.

what would a friend block be?

Just like the guild block represents all members of the guild, a friends block represents all friends.

I don’t think they mean physical block like you build with, but like a gui thing. Perhaps. Idk.

i still dont understand even after he explained.

I am sorry for not providing full context. Since you are interested…

The proposed configuration GUI is going to use Player Blocks to set access permissions and the like. Hence, if you have a player’s block, you can place in the beacon area of the configuration GUI to give access permissions. Or at least that is my interpretation of the proposal.

If you have a guild and many beacons, vaults or whatever… it could be cumbersome to go add each new member and remove each person that left from all those access configurations. So instead, you place a guild block in the beacon slot, to mean all who are current members of the guild. Nice in simple.

In the same vein, having friends or other arbitrary groups identified by a single block, can ease configuration maintenance. All my friends are free to enter my home, operate my doors and place block here…

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by blocks do you mean tokens?

Yes, thank you!

That makes alot more sense xD