Players being rude

Is it just me or do others think it’s rude when people don’t regen a regen farm for something?


I’d go as far to say it’s bad manners to not Regen a farm before you leave and therefore, good manners to regen it.

However, if someone is going to use the farm, they should have regen bombs so it’s only going to cost the next person 1 bomb.

So not rude but bm (bad manners)


It’s like not putting the toilet seat down, drinking last bit of coffee and not making a new pot, double dipping, not letting someone over in traffic, spitting on the floor in a store, it’s as bad as not regening a Regen farm when your done. In short always Regen for next person.


@Ratchel Drinking the last bit of coffee and not making a new pot !?! That’s just not right


This one is surely a few tiers above, that’s grim :joy:


No, because I don’t walk into a regen farm without regen bombs ready to use.


Actually, I disagree :man_shrugging:

I don’t think it’s rude, I just don’t think it really matters!

If I’m going to a regen farm then I’m gonna have to regen it, whether the person before regened (regenned?) before they left is almost irrelevant.

Its really not changed what I’m going to do, or how I’m gonna do it.

No point in stressing out about things that don’t matter!


I feel it’s just courteous to leave it ready for the next, and I always think back to my 2nd day playing where I ran into a gleam farm and it was empty and I was scratching my head like “i don’t get it, where’s the gleam? Foolish portal seeker people know nothing” :rofl:

So now I regen after use.


I was using a farm last night and THIS EXACT thought process took place.

PS. I regened before I left.

PPS. It could be the case a person used their last bomb and could not pay it forward…


On exos sometimes a stupid meteor lands next to the farm and you can’t regen the place for a while


I usually always regen farms. I even regen exo gleam hotspots when I’m done. The one situation I won’t is if someone’s just sitting there watching me waiting. Breathing over my shoulder. I’ll let them regen it. The hovering bothers me irl and even in game.

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(although not always if the spot is big and easy to see)

  • however any kind of resource that spawns the way that makes it hard to expect for any traveller, I would always regen, so next person coming can see it

it depends…

To farm or not to farm…

Also depending on who was before you… might have been they needed a little and had no bombs…

I my self don’t like to forge and go to buy the tools but if i need a little and have bad luck finding regen bombs (to buy) or don’t have the coin for it…
And can imagine others could have the same situation.
But if i had a coin for every farm that i had to regen at the start i would be able to buy a extra bomb and regen it anyway (:joy::rofl::joy::rofl:)

The sign at my peaty silty regen farm

Have a bunch of new players in my area, so they won’t all have regen bombs but I do not want them to feel as if they can’t use my farms.


Who cares…is it so hard to throw a bomb…Its really not a life or death issue…


I come across countless farms not regained it’s just one bomb. And there so cheap. So it’s fine. Sometimes I’ll come across someone doing it ask if they have regenerated bombs. If not I drop em one


You are forgetting one option:
Sometimes people will come to the farm, clear it once, then realize they forgot their bombs at home :stuck_out_tongue:
Sometimes they can’t afford to buy one there, but more often the stand isn’t stocked.
I’ve had this happen a couple of times my self.


These three. Also sometimes you use all your bombs and there’s none in the stand by the time you realize.

I honestly don’t think it’s that big a deal though. I don’t mind if I get to a farm and it isn’t regenned, it takes 0.1 seconds to fix.


like most others here ^^ I do not find it rude…there is other behaviour that I do find rude but this ain’t one.
in fact, it’s an opportunity to bond. Someone doesn’t have a regan bomb, then pass one over or throw a few as they farm to help them out.

What if you get to a farm that isn’t regened and realize you forgot you Regen bombs also…ba ba baaaaaa

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