Playing Boundless from *outside* Europe, North America and Australia?


If you’re playing Boundless from outside of Europe, North America and Australia - then I’m interested to know what your networking latency is to the current Boundless servers.

If so, could you please share your rough location and a screenshot of the results from this webpage:

This information will help with our planning for new server locations.

Is anyone playing Boundless from within China? If so, is there any special setup required to access the Boundless servers?

Community project - Boundless Server Status & Ping Test

I’m playing from South Africa.

And my in-game latency to Munteen:


These are my results, playing from Lima, Perú in South America.

And this is my ping, download and upload in order.


Whoops, forgive me, wasn’t paying close enough attention to the former post above



Have tried playing in two places:

  1. Stable unlimited net but slower speed (max 300kbps) - Somewhat unplayable due to lag (though have only tested this couple of months ago)

  2. Capped bandwidth but faster (max 900kbps) - Game is playable.

Conclusion: Ping doesn’t seem to be that much of a problem here but the download speed is.


I’am playing from Reunion Island (Indian Ocean):


I’m playing from Brazil, in South America.


Brazil in South America too

Second try as requested:


You might want to give it another try? You got a whooping 1005ms on South America itself!? :joy:


How do you get so much ping to sao paulo? Brazil has some weird Internet.


Do I count? :man_farmer:


Offshore developer? :open_mouth:


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Community project - Boundless Server Status & Ping Test

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Hi James,

Well I’m playing from the Netherlands so I’m not one of the targeted audiences for you question.

However last week I made a little status page and monitoring system, so maybe that can provide input for other things as well.

Show actual server status:

  • Shows latency to the actual game servers. Not ping, real game server response measured from a Dutch server in a datacenter.
  • Shows last latency and issues in last 3 hours
  • Players online
  • Refreshed once a minute, page auto refreshes
  • Mobile friendly

Highly experimental and not finished, but hey let’s share it to others as well.

You can find it here:

Please note that:

  • This is a fun project and if far from finished and reliable
  • Measurements are made from EU (The Netherlands). If you are in a different location in the world with another ISP, you larency will differ. For example, if you live in Australia you will proably have a lower latency.
  • Url will change soon, this is a temporary URL. Will update this post with the latest link, until I craete a topic about it.
  • Thinking about multi-location monitoring, support for it is there. Just need a cost-effective way to get that going.)

I’ve created a seperate topic about this project so that this topic stays clean. This post is no longer updated. In stead visit the new topic here: Community project - Boundless Server Status & Ping Test


I’ve been inactive in the forums, travel reasons. But I take the opportunity to share some results from Guangzhou, China.


Please note that the second screenshot is a measurement from The Netherlands towards the servers. If you visit the PingTest page (posted in the earlier mentioned thread) you will see the latency between you at Guangzhou and the actual servers.


Playing from Auckland, New Zealand;

US-East (Virginia) 221 ms
US East (Ohio) 211 ms
US-West (California) 147 ms
US-West (Oregon) 178 ms
Canada (Central) 221 ms
Europe (Ireland) 309 ms
Europe (London) 309 ms
Europe (Frankfurt) 322 ms
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) 331 ms
Asia Pacific (Seoul) 188 ms
Asia Pacific (Singapore) 234 ms
Asia Pacific (Sydney) 45 ms
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) 160 ms
South America (São Paulo) 359 ms
China (Beijing) 268 ms
AWS GovCloud (US) 169 ms


Edited the original post with the updated ping results.


hi people
I am playing boundless from Malaysia.

Here is the screenshot