Community project - Boundless Server Status & Ping Test

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Hi everyone,

Boundless Server Status & Ping Test

Not so long ago I had some latency issues when playing on worlds that where physically not so close by. For example, playing on an Australian server caused some ingame lagg. I wanted some more insights in the performance and instead of using the ingame debug options, I created a little monitoring system in my holidays.

An additional feature has been added recently, which allows you to test your connection with the game servers. Just like the monitoring system itself.


Summary of server status, histogram and total online players

Run a Ping Test against the game servers.
Results are in the summary and in more detail in the table.


Server Status Page

  • Realtime, auto updating status displayed per server (game servers, discovery and login)
  • Insight in last failures and warnings (in last 24 hours)
  • Histogram to view performance over time (in last 3 hours)
  • View total current players online
  • Links to official Boundless pages
  • Overview of latest official announcements and dev logs
  • Links to other fellow community projects
  • Mobile friendly in screenspace as bandwith


  • Ping all four game server through your browser
  • Verify your connection with the game servers, in stead of the results of the server status page
  • Output in summary and more details in a table
  • Automatic conclusion is added to the result table
  • Copy to clipboard feature, generating markdown tables for use here in the forums

Where to access

Server Status Page @
Ping Test @

This is the first implementation. I have additional plans to improve it, like monitoring from multiple locations. Feedback is of course welcome here in this forum topic.

Notes and disclaimer

Note that this is still a fun project, no guaranties what so ever. It’s a sparetime community project, not officially associated with Boundless, Wonderstruck or Turbulenz. Performance is measured from The Netherlands, Europe. Your results may and will vary. :wink:

Known issues

  • IE11 does not seem to render the charts. Needs further investigation
  • There is no page with troubleshooting steps yet (instead, an alert is given)

Change log

14-05-2021 - Broken -> Workaround

As the original status site was never updated to the new worlds after the stable release of Boundless, the site stopped working. I’ve shutdown the monitoring systems but the site is still up. Considering a re-architecture and spening some more money on it to make it a better solution. It’s a long term plan, so don’t expect anything soon.

Meanwhile I created a script you can run on your windows PC. See this post later in this thread: Community project - Boundless Server Status & Ping Test

06-09-2017 - Unofficial

Minor and non functional update.

  • Page titles now display ‘UnofficiaI’ to make sure that this is an unofficial Boundless website and not maintained by Wonderstruck / Turbulenz. Footer was already stating this.
  • Screenshots will be replaced with later functional update(s).

04-09-2017 - New feature: PingTest

New PingTest feature available in preview:

  • Allows you to ping the gameservers through your browser
  • 3 attempts per server, results are analyzed and displayed
  • Copy to clipboard available, for easy result table to post here in the forums
  • Forum post updated with additional link and description
  • Google analytics for tracking page visits and usage of the Ping Test
    (anomized conform EU privacy regulations)

02-09-2017 - Performance improvements

Announced here in this topic.

  • Fixed bumpy performance measurements. Measurements are now more accurate.
  • Empty-state when there are now recent failures or warnings
  • Performance improvements, caching
  • Added Preview label
  • More details on time-frame and monitoring location
  • Small UI impovements
  • Different monitoring target for the session server

27-08-2017 - Additional features

Project first shared here on the forums Playing Boundless from *outside* Europe, North America and Australia?

  • Recent failures and warnings
  • UI improvements
  • Players online

26-08-2017 - Initial release with basic features

  • Basic monitoring client
  • Initial website
  • Histographs
  • Summary
  • Links to official site
  • Announcements and devlog
  • Community links

I can not load it, get timeout error. :sob:

Working :slight_smile:


Nicely done! This will be very useful.


This is blooming awesome!


“I’ll just casually leave this here…”

… ha ha.

You’re a :star_struck: !


Omg that’s amazing! I’m pinning this to the community discord right now!


Hi Tim,

In french : super boulot ! :grinning:



A post was merged into an existing topic: Playing Boundless from outside Europe, North America and Australia?

Thanks to awesome dev James, for splitting the replies from the original topic and moving them to here :slight_smile:

@heureka Good to hear it is working now. Not sure what went wrong there since the server was up and running and the DNS changes should have propagated a couple of days ago. If you experience hickups later, please let me know so I can investigate.

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This was and still is very useful for me especially, thank you.


Thank you so much for doing this… Things like this really show how good the debs are here compared to some other things.

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Just a little update after another day of development and testing.

New known issues:

  • IE11 does not seem to render the charts. Needs further investigation
  • Page has a horizontal scrollbar, caused by the preview label

Next update will contain:

  • Various UI fixes, including above horizontal scrollbar issue caused by the preview label
  • New feature: PingTest, option to test your own local connection speed against the game servers with option to copy te results to the forums for additional support :wink:
  • Rollout later this week…

Thanks for the input so far!


The new feature has just been released to the live server :smile:.
The start post is updated with all details, including a screenshot and the URL to reach it.

Example output:

Server Ping 1 Ping 2 Ping 3 Result
Europe 34 ms 34 ms 34 ms All good
US-East 106 ms 107 ms 106 ms All good
US-West 175 ms 172 ms 173 ms All good
Australia 343 ms 344 ms 343 ms All good



That is actually pretty bad.
Are you experiencing issues in the game as well? Slow browsers van impact the test though. In general it should be pretty similar. In case you don’t experience issues in game, which browser does you use and from what location? Are you on a mobile device, since your viewport is quite small.

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Lol I’m on holiday in Spain using a 2g mobile connection with 1 bar of service. I haven’t tried the game over here.
And that’s just a cropped screenshot btw, site works great on mobile

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A little below min min min spec … :wink:


@james would have to agree on that one :wink:

Yeah, think that is just a little below spec as well :smile:

Good to hear that the site was working well, even from other countries. Have even seen visitors from The United States and Peru :astonished:


Hahaha, you caught me. The peru represent is me.