Please add one more row of inventory space


There so many more items in the game compared to when the game was first released - probably twice as many, my guess. Maybe more. (I’m sure someone can chime in here with an exact number)

We’ve been begging for inventory space forever, but it’s getting more and more necessary, and has gotten to the point that it’s becoming a pretty sizable obstacle to building.

I propose starting small - add one more row of inventory space. There’s room on-screen and there is a huge need.

I think it would be neat to go even further - everyone gets one free extra row, but you can craft and buy a single equippable backpack of various inventory capacities depending on quality, give us something to trade. Or do something like in ESO where you can buy one inventory slot per day from a vendor, to give people a daily-play reward (something that is pretty lacking in boundless).


Constantly exceed the space limit in my backpack in one mining session and i have to throw away a lot of stacks of what could be useful.

An alternative may be free two-way portals so that the player can quickly drop his loot at home and continue mining.


Yeah, this is something that I think is becoming an issue for most.

Craftable backpacks is a good idea.

My idea would be a craftable toolbelt, so adds an inventory row only for tools (we know the devs like to add some form of arbitrary restrictions!)


Personally, I think that would be going a bit too far!


We already have a free portal to home and it would be easy to implement the two way portal feature)

Tool belt - good idea, but it will not be able to solve the issue of space) the place in the backpack ends much faster than the buffs of pie)


I’ve always been a fan of more specific inventory space slots that hold certain items like warp conduits, food, etc. Then a generalized space for everything else and made second sets of items or things.


With all the lattice chisels, autodoor spanners, glass panes etc managing my build inventory has become more of a compromise than it was before. Would appreciate more slots, but then the storage UI would move even further down on 3x3 blocks, if you don’t downscale the UI :confused:


Completely agree that we need more inventory space, even if it were skill pages related.


Craftable toolbelt and backpack of different tiers (2 tiers to reduce confusion gem and lucent gems for example) and while the gem one is easier to make, it satisfies everyones basic needs while the lucent one is for the super hauler and you need to actually work to get them… How about that?

Edit: We can have lower tier ones for new players dont roast me :joy:


Yeah, anything to add extra space plus extra things to make.

It probably won’t be a popular idea, but I’d also be inclined make them have durability, and break after x uses, or after x amount of time.

Not quite sure how to work that, but if it’s just a craft once and forget thing, may as well just add the inventory space as standard!

Edit: correct my comedy spelling error!


Take it up a notch and we have
1 slot = stone
2 slots = copper
3 slots = iron
4 slots = silver
5 slots = gold
6 slots = titanium
7 slots = gem
8 slots = lucent

or some such arrangement, with forge boons and all :smiley:


I would really like for there to be assignable inventory slots:

Edit: I now realise that was not your intention! Anyway, still stands I guess.


We could probably save a fair amount of space if we just had all tools / weapons of the same type be stackable in the same smart stack instead of separating them by material type. So, for example, an iron hammer could be in the same stack as a gem hammer.


Yup, when I’m building I already have like 10 to 12 spots taken up by pies, brews, loot magnet, grapple and the various tools. Now with the lattice chisel added I need even more. And no, am not gonna combine them all in one stack since I already have combined stacks of the alloy chisels, full stack of block changers and I can run thru chisels pretty darn fast so one stack is not enough.

Then add the building materials and I can’t even grab all I would want since I need 3 or 4 spaces to pick up stuff that I need to hack away and even then I have to keep running back and forth to my storage to dump the excess not needed mats and grab more building mats…

It’s at times kinda annoying…


Is this a genuine problem? I only ask because of my play style. I strip my inventory each time I log in. Cut it down to the bare essentials of what I’ll be using for that play session. As a result I’ve never been in a position where I’d have an metal hammer and a gem hammer. I know I make suggestions and some folks think they are crazy but that’s because they’re play style is just vastly different than mine. I guess this is one of those times for me where I don’t understand the need.


I wouldn’t have suggested it if it wasn’t. I’m building on a low tier planet, so only need low level hammers… my loot stick however, is a gem hammer. I personally see no real reason to keep objects of the same type separated - especially if it can save space for some players.


U can already do free portals back and forth.(man my corrective dictionary on this phone really changes alot of words .way off par) if you set up beacons in both planets and make pre made portals to home base and then switch home beacons… U will work it out


I wouldn’t complain about an extra couple of slotsthats for sure but I think it’s perfectly manageable the way it is.

My builder is the only one who I’ve ever had issues with. So I’ve just started carrying gem chisels only, that way I can stack all 9 (including changer/unchisel/lattice) in one smart stack. For tools I just use wayfarers totems, an AOE and a single target/loot stick/torch which saves another 3 slots. And I generally put down some temporary shelves and a chryso(trashcan) wherever I’m currently building.

Edit… I think your elephant pet was a great idea though for a pack animal, lol


I agree we could use the space every time I go mining I end up having to drop a lot of stuff that could be useful


Really cool idea!!) Now i will use it.) But still need to have 3 slots for beacon, fuel and portal stones. (I have no permanent farm spots)
Rather, i mean exoworlds, and i would be happy to have twice more space) The funny thing is that this place won’t be enough))