Please change the gleambow timers

I love the gleambow event. I think it is a fantastic idea and great execution!

There’s 1 big issue for me (and many other players i’ve talked to). If a planet has a group on it, or if it had a group on it recently, the timers become impossible.

Ive spent 2 straight hours on boori, circ and xa frant. I managed to get to 2 meteors. All the others went dormant or i could not find them due to the draw distance on ps4 deciding i should only see fog 2 blocks away frome me.

Just now on xa frant, i followed a meteor. It landed jist in front of me. Gleam! I get to it and the timer has already run out. That was maybe 5 seconds tops.

Thats the closest i got to a meteor in almost 2 hours.

I love this event and i dont mine a challenge/race. But 5 seconds? On a meteor that essentially spawned on the other side of the planet?

Please don’t have the timers go THAT low :confused:
Another huge improvement would be to add some kind of tracker to these meteors. PC players can already do this and thus have a HUGE advantage. Us ps4 players can’t, and due to draw distance, not seeing landed-glow etc, have to often guess where to go :confused:


Timers on xa frant atm are like 2 or 3 seconds. Thats barely enough to even destroy it when you’re sitting on it.

so you are saying once it hits the ground it only give 2 seconds? This does not sound at all like I have seen in Axon Biitula

I have the same issue. PS4 as well. I have grapple run 3 buff, drink a speed brew, and using fast grapples I move faster then the game can draw. I lose sight of the Gleambow and I have stop and wait. Then by the time the game is able to draw I lose the meteor.

I rarely ever have connection issues, so not a connection issue.

Edit: it’s not every meteor, but a good percentage of them. The planets were busy at the time. Was on Boori and Circa.

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I can confirm this issue

I never saw times < 30 seconds, and I get 50% of them (30s ones). If it’s 1 min I have ample time to get it. Maybe it lags on ps and it shows up as landed after a while?

Hmm strange. I did one about 20 min ago there and still had 40s on it by the time I got to it and it had to take me at least 20s to get to it if not more.

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Nah, i can 100% confirm. Had this 3 times now. See it land in front of me, get there and its done. 1 time i got there with 1s left on it after it landed 3-4 seconds before.

Happened to me on boori and on xa frant. Both had just been visited by large groups who are obviously efficient and drive timers down.

Also keep in mind gigher meteors get more time. So a solo hunter like myself gets shafted as i get lvl 1’s with next to no time on them.

Biitula’s timers look ok at the moment for any wanting to hunt right now - just got two right next to each other there a minute ago, arrived at first with 48 seconds, probably spent 40 or so getting to it.

What level were they?

The timers for level 1 meteors are much lower than a level 2, 3, etc and all of the planets have had the level 1’s go as low as 5 seconds at various times since the event started. So yeah this would be an absolute nightmare for the guys on Playstation and slower PCs when suffering from slow rendering when moving across a planet at high speed as you need to be waiting underneath them when they land to complete them in time.


Pretty sure one was a 1, didn’t note the other (running so fast between them, haha!).

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I’ll have a try on biitula then!
It’s a short-term bandaid though, if a group goes there to hunt, same thing will happen :frowning:

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We have also had issues on our hunts with rendering and timers etc and we are on console

It’d be nice if there was more emphasis on fun. 5 seconds? That is insane.

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I do wonder if a flat two-minute timer might be a better way to go, for any devs who might be reading - that would take some guesswork out. You can survey the terrain, and knowing your own skills be like, ok, no way I can get to THAT… and we’d still be racing each other of course, still competition. :slight_smile:

Actually, even with no competition and landing close, stuff happens - had one very close on Xa Frant, fell into a deep random hole and got disoriented and lost it. :rofl: Also gotta love when you get hung up in someone’s tree, lol - get stuck in foliage in a tree beaconed so you can’t destroy it.


Foliage… it’s the kryptonite of gleambow hunters :rofl:


I started hunting on Circa the moment the event started and the meteors generally had greater than 1 minute left on them… I switched to Biitula after a nap and working on a video and experienced much the same… however towards the end of my hunt I noticed that even when I was right by the impact the meteor only had about 30 seconds on it… I haven’t seen any under 30s but the timers seem to be getting shorter for whatever reason.

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Just got another on Biitula right now - timer had to be at least 1:30, arrived with 30 seconds left and it took me a bit to get there, fell in a hole, lol.

I think Biitula is the easiest going on the whole - lot of fairly easy terrain. I’m sort of surprised that when I check the numbers it is usually the lowest of the four eligible planets in population. Boori really popular for some reason.

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So from the gleambow thread, it seems like there are personal timers. Ive had too much success with a group, which had a pc tracker. So now im screwed as a solo hunter as theres no way i can get to any meteor on time due to them disappearing from the ps4 draw distance.