Please consider PvP only worlds, similiar to nullsec in Eve Online

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I understand there are people who don’t want this playstyle of PvP and raiding, but please consider allowing visitable worlds where players who CHOOSE to opt-in to this playstyle can go and settle and fight with others / have wars, etc.

You could implement a system such that you can protect individual blocks with various degrees of strength by using different minerals or resources. I once played a modded game of Minecraft where you could protect 1 block with 1 Smoothstone and it’d have to be then broken 25 times to be destroyed, or 1 block with 1 iron to have it be broken 900 times, or with 1 diamond for 1800 times. This is a great system that means a lot of work put into protecting something and similarly a lot of work into destroying it.

This will bring a huge number of players like me to your game, while still being suitable for your current playerbase.



For some reason this got no reply, so I’m just bumping it to see if anybody else wants to discuss…

Frankly, I’m not a fan of destructible bases, or using huge amounts of valuable resources to harden blocks. I’d rather see bases on pvp worlds have normal beacon protection, but limit the number of plots one can use on a pvp world severely. This makes the pvp player based rather than environment based. Fighting would break out in the wilderness, and a player can have a safe respawn point inside of their beacon safe from ganks and looters. Additionally in pvp worlds, I would like to see everything not currently equipped to armor or quick-use slots get dropped on death.


Well, there really isn’t anything to say besides of wholeheartedly agreeing with you.
And greetings from a fellow Capsuleer :wink:

The idea of epic keep sieges in a persistent unified universe was what got me into this game. Sadly I quickly realized that the devs are not too keen about implementing PvP.
So, I think that,despite of being one of the most discussed and requested gameplay-elements, PvP will (if any) be very casual, at most.

So if you are looking for a game with a PvP setup similar to the one in EvE Online (which your title suggests) I’m afraid to tell you that Boundless is not the game you are looking for.

Yeah I also think that they’ll miss a huge chunk of potential players by this, but it’s their decision after all…

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I’m not really in to the idea of fortifying personal builds. It would turn into “Player vs Door” while people are offline.

But I also 100% agree there need to be some sort of persistent PvP/siege that people can choose to enter, preferably on a dedicated planet.

Perhaps if the problem is with coding it could even be simple PvP where a player or group of players have to place their beacon in a dedicated spot and defend it for a certain time to win and if you die inside that area you can’t re-enter it to defend for 5 minutes. That should make for some fun alliances and backstabbing, although anything that favours “zerg” strategy tends to drive everyone else away from PvP once one huge guild wins all the time.

I’m guessing a lot of the early road-maps and dicussions on PvP were all on the Oort Online forums which are no longer accessible but If the only fighting in the game is 40 people stood there with a slingbow firing at a titan I don’t foresee much fun in that.

I will admit I was extremely disappointed to research and see things like “conquer”, “become a space pirate”, “survival” and “a natural born fighter” - then to find out PvP might not even be in the game at all, I really expected at least some form of PvP like any normal MMO.

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I would love to see some kind of conflict world/s for guilds to fight over territory. The game already has regions, why not allow them to be claimed based on the number of claims within said region, if each region has 100 claimable chunks then the guild with the most chunks would gain that region. Contesting claims could be done by destroying what is built in that claim, once its void of any building/structure it becomes unclaimed and the opposing guild can build and claim it.

You would want to invest time in building walls to your kingdom, expansions would need time to be fortified… literally. buffer zones of lightly developed areas would form between conflicting parties. It could be quite an amazing game. You could also put natural resouces like giant machines left over from the titans to be conquered that generate income for guilds etc.


Wait, there will be no pvp worlds? O.o

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They are planned. As to release time frame, none yet.


I like how you are casually announcing that, after all, one of the most requested/discussed features will make it into the game :laughing:


Lol this ^

I am also not much of a fan of destructible player bases… The last thing I want is to wake up to in the morning and find a ransacked base just because I decide to be a responsible person and get some sleep O.o

I do like the idea of Guild conflict battles with destructible builds, so maybe limit that to Guild beacons?

Another cool idea would be to have instanced PVP that has a mutual battlefield and each Guild/side could build and maintain their own instanced PVP base… Imagine capture the flag where you could customize your base and each new opponent ment a new base to learn how to infiltrate! Sadly something like this might be too hard to code since each build would need to meet certain criteria and the game would need to be able to automatically reconcile whether the criteria had been met. At best something like this would be post release I suppose

Anyway just my rambling thoughts lol

Not casually announcing, its been mentioned a few times by Devs before :wink:


I might be wrong, but the last official dev statement regarding PvP was something along the lines of “PvP is something we are currently not looking into”.

Nevertheless: Time to pop the champagne, our prayers have been heard :tada:


Boundless: Warlords free DLC? :wink: