Please forbid running more then one client/account at once

Hey there devs

I just have a wish to you: Please don’t let people run more then one client and/or account simultaneously. In WoW I have seen people playing several characters at the same time - standing on the same spot controlled all together - which was quite annoying, cuz they could do many attacks in the same second and also werr hard to beat. In my eyes such style of playing is cheating and it would be very frustrating if it comes to pvp. Please try to avoid such ways on the technical way or let us report them so that you can handle them with punishments (of cause when the game is finished :wink: )


I don’t think computers right now could take it. I am still getting a small memory leak that slowly eats at my RAM.

We can (and do) restrict 1 sign-in per account - but it’s impossible to restrict 1 instance of the game per machine. So if players have multiple accounts they can run them simultaneously on a machine.


Ok, but will you then have a point in the “rule set” of the game that you are not allowed to run more then one character synchronicaly? I don’t mind if someone has the different accounts running at the same time (for example one for building, one for filming and one waiting for a titan), but if there are three or more characters in the same spot running, shooting and dodging at the same time it seems just not to be OK.

I dont think you have to worry, in wow it was simple because you could tab target and set autofollow to one char, when you actually have to aim it wont be as easy.

A friend of me once played more then one character. He didn’t used to follow, but every input was sent to all clients at the same time. Jeah, the targeting will be a point, but with a fast machine and a good connection we still have titans as large targets and still players for insta killing (at least with melee)

Yeah i know they dont use follow, its just simple multiboxing, but ultimately, so what? if people wants to buy 10 copies of the game and do it so let them. they are still playing on the characters at once. not much cheating in that.

i think botting is a much bigger problem in this sense.

Boxing and botting are se same Liga of cheating so both seed the same punishments.

why do you think multiboxing is cheating?

it would be the same to gather up 10 people and just do the same, wouldnt it? what is the difference on a person buying 10 accounts and playing on 1 pc or 10 people buying an account each to run together? you also just said you were fine with multiple accounts as long as they dont move together, doesnt that seem kinda contradicting?

One player plays more then one character at the same time an does multiplied damage and has multiplied health. Do that in a shooter and you will banned faster as you can dodge a grenade. Also, it is just unfair like botting.

im sorry but nothing in that sentence made sense.

its fine you dont like it, but it just seems kinda wrong that you are okay with running multiple instances in most cases but just not in combat, i mean, on a pve world it doesnt really matter in my eyes, i think they will have a hard time hitting anything since it will require aiming.

as james says, they cant stop it from happening, so discussing it prob wont help that much.

I would like to see some video of someone controlling multiple characters in high speed combat at once(preferably mc). I am very skeptical of this claim. Now if you are talking about putting alts in different locations on and map and rotating between them, I know a thing or two about that :wink: hardcore servers are the best.

if we can make multiple characters per account then switching to alts wont be a problem since that would kinda be the point of having them, would it?

In pve it will be just annoying, jeah. But for handling it: just let us report those players like we should do with botters. On this way you can stop them.

report them for what for owning multiple accounts? xD

as karko said, if you can make it work in Minecraft then it can be considered, but if you cant even make it work there then why bother thinking about it? it most likely wont happen since it wont be as effective as wow.

Report for abusing the accounts on this way, jep. But I hope that you both are right that it wouldn’t be that effective/possible at all, so that we just don’t see those players in Oort.

TheBirne is talking about Dual/Tripple/Quadboxing/…[…]… .
This is very usual in lots of MMOs. Lets say you have: a Damagedealer, a Tank, a Healer and a Buffer.
Then you can buff your “party”, heal your tank, and do dps with the damagedealer.
For smallscalefights this is working for almost every MMO. You have a progress compared to others with 4x speed because you need a good armor for your Tank (no weapon) and a weapon for the Damagedealer. Healer and Buffer usualy don’t need any gear for basic heal/buffs. For PVP its a bit harder. But in a 1v1 you always win even when the other one is better than you because you have basic utility from 4 chars.

And due to the fact that you need multiple players for a titan means that boxing is viable in oort. And to be more concrete I really hope that dualboxing will work in Oort. I hope that you need a party/guild whatever in the highlevel to kill the creatures/mobs/titans. The gameplay should rely on partygameplay. This means for me, that if my friend isnt online I will box his char to gain xp/money.

I honestly doubt that you will be able to multibox in this type of game, if you are, while aiming all of your skills and dodging everything from the enemy, be my guest.

Even in the only crosshairbased mmo tera dualboxing is viable. The more dualboxing is working, the more partywise gameplay is included. Because basic functions like in Tera “follow” support party gameplay and dualboxing. Your friend can be short afk and follows you or your box follows you. Even dodging wouldnt be infinite. That means there needs to be some kind of aggro system or whatever because not everyone can dodge infinite. Aggro system supports partywise gameplay again. Dualboxing too. But this is nothing bad and shouldnt be punished. It’s just the decision, do you want a party (MMO/coop) game or a singleplayer game.

If its the singleplayer style, I see no clue why I shouldn’t take a raidboss down alone.
GuildWars2 has that singleplayer gameplay. You can do everything alone. But even there for a “timerecord” gameplay some classes are needed. Even there you could easily box some chars - but due to the lack of partywise system - it is/wasn’t effective. Example: Warriors can throw banners on the ground which give you a 90 second buff. You can just box him. Or another example: You play a Ranger who got a healfield (water) and you box another class who can finish a healcombo for this field much more efficient as the ranger can do. But yeah, it doesnt make lots of sense here because the partygameplay isn’t included in this game. It just makes you a bit more efficient. In GuildWars2 there is no need for being efficient/better than others. You go to a Worldboss. Hit 2x and go afk. Even if you died while being on the toilet you get the full loot for the work of 15 Minutes of others. Here comes the afkboxing. Because being afk with 8-10 instances of the game makes sense in guildwars 2. Thats what you get when you have such kind of gameplaysystem.

There is no perfect system out there. Thats true. But destroying a good system just to prevent multiboxing isn’t a great deal.

So basically what were talking about now is people alt-tabing between stationary characters targeting NPC’s and then starting chains in button/cool down mechanic based games.

This isn’t going to work well in Oort, like MC you point and click there no button chain or cool down timer. Click swing, click swing. When there no cool down there no real advantage to alt-tabbing. It would be like rotating between characters in Terraria.

As for PVP, you don’t gain an advantage, although you give me several easy targets to take out. :smiley: