Please forbid running more then one client/account at once

That means we have a sword in the left hand, a shield in the right. Click swing, click swing.
But related to “Pro-Skill based combat” doesn’t include “no cool down timer” “no button chain” and “click swing, click swing”. But maybe i am false and it will be a click, swing, click, swing. Then I know who is the first getting bored of this and then i ask myself why do we need [rng] number of people for a titan? It’s just click, swing, click, swing.

it wont be simple combat as minecraft, but its fine mate, if ya want to play the game that way, feel free to do so. its more sales for oort never the less.

I understand what your saying, but the term “Pro-Skill based combat” is a bit vague and open to interpretation. While your right that might imply GW/Wow style button mechanics. It could also be mean actual “Skill” meaning movement, and timing. Think Quake, or King Arthur’s Gold.

We will wait to see what the devs say, but when they released the gun mechanics prototypes that played a lot more like Quake than Wow.

This is the same way with WoW. I have seen 40 accounts play together, using different abilities to heal and attack with their own 40 man raid group using keybinds. I have also fell victim to a few of these.

I don’t really see a problem with doing it. I am sure someone will make or has made a program where all of the clients will follow the mouse, but oh well. Those people are fun to kill. :slight_smile:

Only a few games actually banned doing it, but since they cant just say its not allowed to have multiple accounts they had to mention specific programs that people were not allowed to use, but eventually people just used or made other programs and they found out that trying to stop it would be nothing other than a massive waste of energy.

Actually we don’t need clarification.

The Devs explain what they mean by “skill” - “Head Shots FTW”

I was looking for information on this and was the best source of information I could find. I want to verify this is still the case before I buy multiple keys. Or if can be pointed to more up to date information that has been missed that would help too.

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Theres no pvp in this game. Idk why it would matter if someone does this. In this game It’s not like its gonna break the game to have 2 accounts playing. I used to run 2 3 shamans in wow so I understand ur concern but this isnt wow

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I think it really doesn’t matter if people run around with multiple players. Boundless to me is a personal journey and not a competition. It don’t interest me if other people are getting more because they got multiple characters running around. There’s nothing In the boundless game that is a competition.i don’t feel I am missing out on anything.


There’s a well-known player who visits these forums who has been multi-boxing for a while now and seems to do well for themselves :slight_smile:

Yeah this is how i feel about it too. And as pajew said, there’s no pvp, so really i don’t think this is an issue at all.


The only situation in the game where multiple accounts running at a time may be an issue is if theres multiple people afk at a meteor just to get more oortstone.

As to if this really is an issue? Well personally I dont mind, but others might given it allows 1 person to make more money doing the same amount of work as someone else.

Issue? I strongly encourage this! More oort into the economy :smiley:


Well tough tomatoes, I see nothing wrong with multi-boxing, I am almost 100% sure i have seen at least one person do it on the public hunts I go on. and it is also very hard to prevent with out having a GM following people around.

Not to mention, it doses take a little extra effort to operate more then one account at the same time, Unless ISboxer or another similar program can be used with boundless.


I multi box, mostly use the second to mule mats when I’m mining tho…


I totally agree… also the more the merrier as larger groups spawn more meteors. As long as people aren’t trolling the hunt, I have bigger fish to fry.:blush:


More accounts = more financial support for the game we love - go for it :ok_hand:


I multi box, and if I had my own private world, I’d multibox there too.

I do not multibox to gain advantage over others.

To me, it is like having another person to obey my every demand, but without argument, or taking up someone else’s time. I dont want to boss another human being around, it’s rude and selfish.

It’s like having my own personal gaming slave, and saving me time when I dont want to repeatedly switch characters to look at other builds on another planet. With a side account, I can see two places at the same time.

P.S. Currently I cant play both at the same time. My side PC is in need of repairs, broke down last week.


If I had a second account I probably would… If I knew how to, lol. Pretty sure my PC can handle it, just no idea what programs and stuff you use do to it… plus you know I don’t have a second account to use it with.

One of my favorite things in the game is calling my friends who multi box cheaters. It’s not that I think they are cheating but because I’m totally jealous that I can’t do it on my ps4.

not really, you can use autoit or auto hotkey or if you have a physical controller with a rubber band you or your alt spam regen bombs while the other swings away at whatever your trying to harvest.

that also gives you double the inventory space.

this is already happening today just go to any new exo with a decent gleam deposit and you’ll find a bunch of players around one of them spamming regen bombs. So much to the point that people on the PS4 get disconnected and can reconnect until they leave the area.