Please give us water blocks

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I know this is being “looked at” but is there any updates on when we are likely to ever see players being able to generate water blocks within their beaconed plots?

After the initial post about lava and water blocks being in the pipeline there has been radio silence on this topic, I know that many of us are waiting to be able to enhance builds with fluid manipulation, and honestly it just feels odd when playing that currently we have no real workable way to put water where we want it. I mean other voxel game of this ilk have been allowing this for years. I have a project that has stalled because of the lack of sane ways to move or add water to areas I want, and I bet I’m not the only one.

I fully understand the need to ensure water/lava use is grief free but surely the suggestion of making fluid blocks turn into solid blocks off plot seems to be on paper simple and easy idea to implement, or is there some reason why this is being skipped in updates, generally not being pushed forward with the latest updates or even being mentioned at all? LED blocks are great and all but It would have been nice to see an update with something as apparently basic as this to have been added first.


Yes let us empty buckets please.


+1 This is kind of a big deal. I love block variety in this game, but movement needs to be.


I am divided about this.

I would be happy to just throw a bucket to make water flow.
But in the other hand, the current water flow system is complex and very interesting. You have to choose carefully where you build and plan ahead.


I have no problem with building in areas to manipulate the natural water flow at all, but at least lets have the option for those of us who want to create oasis builds or other water features, currently water manipulation is as janky as it gets and completely frustrating to try and work around.


I agree. It take me weeks to make simple water falls system (using all the tricks in the book to make it flow the right way). It can be improved, but in a way it’s still a challenge instead of becoming trivial.


Weeks…this is just madness, you have far more patience then me :smiley:

@james do you have any updates on water/lava use at all? time frames, yes/no/maybe?


To add some random idea to the topic.

water / lava pump machine
lava forge
rain gatherer (let’s make rain something players love and await)

That’s what I have in mind when I say “challenge”


anything that is fun or moves, is a no.


I played with a lot of water during beta, and here are the current issues, from my own experience;

Latency is the single largest issue. Those other games you mentioned also suffer from this problem. If you’ve ever made a complex water system to flush out monsters in Minecraft, you’ll have noticed it causes latency for others as each water block updates.

This issue gets much worse when you’re dealing with dozens of players, and worse still when water is not only updating on one server, but is also seen on the other side of portals to neighbouring servers.

Griefing as you mentioned is another issue.

Reflections are only seen at block height 64. Placing water above or below that height won’t have any reflections. You may have noticed this in underground water caves.

Right now Wonderstruck are rolling out Guilds, and the other features on their roadmap. Then if you were to ask the community if they wanted a water block next, or Titans? I assume the majority would favour Titans.

Point being is that it’s on their radar, and on their list of things to look at, but it’s not a priority right now. And when it is, they will have more to talk about.

I’m as eager for water as anyone, but I understand we’re going to have to be patient on this one.


Ohhhhhhhhh! I definitely have not checked my graphics settings 62 times wondering what i’d accidentally broken…


I know this probably isn’t a great suggestion, but I wonder if there could be a way for them to make a fake water block (at least temporarily until they figure out the water situation).

Like a placeable block that just looks like water flowing. It wouldn’t have any actual spreading capabilities, but just be an animated block. This way we could make water falls and such to hold us over until they make actual placeable water.


I was going to suggest that. You could even make raindrops this way. Or momentum removal rings from big jumps. Or have a waterfall that tapers/stops in mid-air. This way is actually best.


I would favor water blocks over Titans even if I am in the minority.


that’s at least 2 of us then.


I don’t think titan is on their road map.
Next willbe guild / hunters ( new creature) / and maybe farm i guess.


That would be better than nothing, or a stop gap until they roll out real water blocks we can use.


Farming is still a long way away though, I hope they at least consider adding water blocks or something before then…


You and me both.


I think most builders want water…