Please give us water blocks

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Allow me to chisel it too!


… and colored water! So I can add sewage pipes to my builds.


Well, in a perfect world…farming and water should definitively come in the same package.


I was thinking they might add it in the farming update but I really have no information to base that on. Lets hope!


I see blood lakes already. XD


I’ve been waiting on lava and water item blocks to be implemented so that I can remake the lava obelisk I created back in beta. Water blocks would be a huge help so I can make some floating islands as well.

That said, I’m still skeptical as to when they’ll be out…the items may be in the game’s code, but there’s nothing to prevent griefing, or even killing, another player with them. Until there is a system to prevent harm to other players, I don’t believe they’ll be added.


How about a compromise? No flowing water, and the blocks only work if contained (so decorative only), and evaporate/cease flow when out of a plotted area?

The logic could be something like ‘if water doesn’t stop flowing after 5 seconds, and in plotted area, water block dies’ - they wouldn’t be able to be used outside your own plots.

This would at least give us ponds etc… (and lava/other fluids could all use the same system)

For those wanting waterfalls… maybe a falling water block like the slime one that doesn’t ‘fill’ space like flowing water?


Blue “Slide” blocks, maybe :slight_smile:


Is blue in the game already? I’ve never made those blocks before. And I think I’ve only seen green? Or am I thinking of the wrong thing?


It seems overly complicated when we already have the water mechanism coded into the game, I’m all for options but no flowing water would kind of defeat the object of what some of us are trying to achieve. I can see the point if you are only wanting to build a static lake or pond but this can already be achieved with the water blocks we have, it’s just a case of allowing players to generate and place them.

I would prefer that we just get the ability to place water source blocks and flow outside a personally beaconed area is restricted.


Guess Gleam towers surrounded by water might be cool then :slight_smile:


I made this suggestion back in February.
Tried to add the post here but couldn’t get it to work. Type in “Simulated Water” in the search bar to see the full suggestion/topic if you’re interested. I personally would prefer a fake water block instead of a slime block as it would be a lot more useful in my opinion.


Feb 22

A chiselable water block would be (kind of) simpler for the game and it has been suggested in the team as an alternative to resolving the griefing potential of flowing and spreading fluids. But I’d always found the idea a little disappointing as it felt like a step backwards.

I’d personally prefer us to find an acceptable solution with the current fluid implantation. Which currently sits at:

  • Fluids solidify at beacon boundaries: lava to rock, water to ice, etc. This would restrict players from flowing fluids into beacons.

I had some additional thoughts to allow fluid flow between beacons where the source beacon owner had building permissions into the target beacon. This would allow communal fluid systems but would make the rules conceptually more complicated.


Flowing water, although an awesome idea, is also a terrible idea because of the lag it creates once everybody’s doing it. If they put flowing water blocks in the game tomorrow, water would instantly become the new LED and you’d suddenly see it in every single beacon. As a block, that’s no big deal, but calculating 100 waterfalls within 25 feet is a nightmare.


I’d be more than happy with chiselable simulated water blocks as an alternative :grin:


I will take a recipe like glass + water bucket to make a decorative solid water block. They can add that easily since it’s as basic as any other block.

Then they can figure out later the griefing rules to make them non-solid with a block changer chisel which turns them into regular water.

That way players get what they want cheaply without trapping devs’ desire for real water. Let’s be realistic, real water will not be the difference maker in this game’s success. So it will never be prioritized while we are in the state we’re in. We need a compromise that doesn’t close off possibilities in the future.


I don’t fully understand why allowing players to generate and place water blocks is going to cause a lag issue, it’s not as if we don’t already have vast swaths of water on most planets anyway. I don’t experience lag when around water or moving water now, how would allowing players to use these blocks cause a problem? I suspect the issue isn’t with server resources or excessive calculation for moving water, it’s more about making it grief free, which is understandable, James’ suggestions in the posts above seem the perfect solution.

Now it’s a case of when is it likely to be implemented, which is still a question without an answer.


I’m not aware of anyone in the past year really asking for LED blocks but we got them to compliment the gleam … I personally prefer a slightly more natural use of materials and think simulated water blocks would be a very welcome addition (by simulated water I mean, not fluid but more like the slime blocks but looking like water). There would be no issues of grieffing and lag shouldn’t be a problem either.


I didn’t even know LED blocks were being introduced, I don’t care for them personally but any addition of content is good. I just find it odd that concepts like player controlled fluid blocks have been largely ignored in favour of what I see as something less useful. and on the surface, far more complex?


Same here … I used to play fallout4 and they were introduced there in a DLC and unless you’re building some neon city I found the novelty factor wore off pretty quickly as too many just become OTT whereas water blocks in any form have been asked for time and time again. (Before anyone says, yes I know there wasn’t any placable water either in Fallout4 (except PC mods))


I dont know if this has been mentioned before

but i feel making water fair to play with is really quite simple

1: Waterblocks can only be placed inside of plots
2: Water flow from player placed water blocks is clamped to the plots such that it is impossible for water flow to exit the plot at any time.
3: The moment a plot is removed or expires for any reason, all player placed water blocks or flow from a player placed water block is removed along with the plot.

As for the problems someone mentioned about lag, If lag is really a problem they could maybe make it such that, player placed water haves a slower update rate, which might be slightly annoying when 1st building with it, but after its all said and done, shouldn’t cause any problems.

And water updates don’t need to be reflected thru portals the same way portal updates are not reflected thru portals. also I feel this will be an uncommon situation at any rate because the water updates will only happen when someone is building with it, or someone tampers with the terrain the water is on.

If my understanding is correct, blocks do not automatically update on their own, Only an adjacent block change will cause them to update.

I disagree with this logic, when they themselves have clearly stated that they are alternating their updates between large updates and smaller ones, this could very well be one of the smaller ones, where titans are obviously going to be in a larger one.

So there is no reason water blocks can’t come out before titans, when the system for water is already mostly already in place. Where as the AI for the new mob, most likely is not already mostly in place.

I do not really feel those two things are competing with each other to the point that working on water, is going to delay Titans by any more notable amount. furthermore since this is something I consider to be a very fundamental function of the game. It would be better for them to get it out sooner then later, as i am sure alot of people the moment they see water, have some basic expectation of what they can do with it. thanks to minecraft, and then become disappointed when they learn one way or another, they can not do this basic expectation.