Please increase Chunk Block Limit

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Can we please increase the current mesh limit per chunk (currently set to 512).

I have obviously run into this limit by trying to build a compact base with a minimal surface foot print and I know many others have also run into this limit. It is stifling those of us who prefer to build minimal compact structures. Instead I am being forced to build wide spread structures in order to not run into this limit.

I can’t even complete my current base and am being forced to move and redesign and rebuild because of this limit which is super frustrating. I get why there are limits, but your current limits are not enough given the current number of items in the game, and since you seem to keep adding additional items as well its only going to get worse as time goes on. We need to figure out a way to address this in some way.

  • Make larger shelving units based on the 9 block (3x3) system you have in place so storage can remain the same but only count as a single mesh instead of counting as 9 meshes.
  • Make machines, coils, and spark generators single items once combined so they count as 1 items instead of 24 for example.
  • Make Spark Links combine into a single line for each row of linked spark cables so they count as a single item instead of many items.

There are any number of ways we could reduce the number of meshes required (make a single 1x4 tall/long coil that performs the function of a full 24 coils but only counts as a single unit). You could do something like the above suggestion and simply make it cost the same as the 24 coils to craft, but have it output a nice compact single unit machine that can perform the same job making it easier to fit into builds and link up/hide. I’m all for cool giant machine rooms, but not if we are too stingy on the meshes to actually allow people to create functional rooms due to these limits which are way too easily hit if you are doing a multi-story house.

Which brings me to my next question… why in the world are we forcing people to take up as much space as possible on the surface of the planet. Why aren’t we taking steps to encourage them to build multi-tier structures where much of it could be hidden (ie doesn’t need to be rendered for everyone who can’t see it). Seems very counter productive in its current design where we force people to sprawl out as far as they can on the surface, and discourage building above or below existing locations.

The mesh limit exists to balance performance, not as some sort of game play mechanic. Increasing or removing this limit would negatively impact everyone nearby, especially those on older systems or ps4. Before the mesh limit can be raised, the lowest end systems must be improved or meshes must be simplified to be less impactful.


You can use shop stands for the time being, and next major update will offer storage up to 32 slots per block.


Thanks, we’ll see if that’s enough to address this issue. Seems like that would be a big enough increase in storage capacity per block that it should take care of the problem for now at least.

I’m perfectly aware of why it exists. What doesn’t make sense to me is purposely designing things like coils to require 24 to power a machine, when we know there is this chunk mesh limit, or Machines that are actually 4 (or is it 5) blocks. The developers are creating items that are artificially increasing the number of meshes being used, while at the same time limiting the number of meshes that can be contained within 4 plots (from the bottom of the world to the top of the world). That is a LOT of space to only allow 512 meshes. If you’re trying to use your space efficiently then this limit definitely gets in the way since it applies to ALL altitudes in those same 4 plots.


I mean, you could just put the factory a few plots to the side of your storage. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to walk that distance. They’re Meshes, though, because they aren’t simple blocks with a flat texture, but 3d models with special visuals/etc.

The discussion has been up before, and playing it safe with a limit like this, prevents them from being unable to go back again in case of issues, as there’s suddenly chunks with too many meshes in them, if they get forced to have them scaled back down, after the increase shows a ridiculous outcome.

I am putting my storage in a ‘chunk area’ of its own, for this exact reason, as its an easy solution to althe problem. If it can even be considered a problem, to be honest.

My workshop + storage is, ehmmm, rather big. Yes, it’s bigger than 2x2 plots, I had to redo the bottom basement floor when I build it because I hit the mesh limit. Now have a huge area in bottom basement I am basically not using because that part is right under my workshop.

Thing is tho, now even when everything is spread out I can clearly see an enormous performance hit. I’ve made a thread about it that when I run thru my workshop that the other side appears rather blocky. I’m on PS4 normally (I started on PS4, my main chars are on PS4), the framerate goes down massively and even tho the devs have made some optimisations since then (after inspecting my workshop a couple of times) and made it less it is still happening just not as often. The framerate tho still tanks quite a bit in my workshop.

Now, I also have a Steam account, when using that I have a nice stable 60fps everywhere, when I run thru my workshop there is no blockiness in sight, all very sharp even in 4k, but the framerate drops to 35-40 fps.

And this happens when I have multiple chunks close together which are all close to the 512 mesh limit!

Of course I kinda wish that limit wasn’t there but it would mean the performance could possible go down way more with it.

Tho I do think there are ways that can help. One thing that you touch on and which I also posted a thread about is the current maximum length of spark links of 100. Since it’s per face I could work around by running many different lines from the spark gens but this resulted in some areas of 4 to 5 lines going into the SAME direction! Which, if the spark link length limit would be changed to say 200 would have meant I could have used way, way less spark links and each of those spark links is a mesh!!!

Others in that thread have also proposed other ways of moving spark around which I’m very much in favour of, like thru the air, add a block to the spark gens which sends it out wirelessly so to speak and attach a receiver on each machine, this would cut down the amount of meshes in large workshop by a heck of a lot already!

I also like the idea of yours to combine powercoils into a single block, would help too.


Mesh limit exists for performance reasons as mentioned in other forum posts. There are new more spacious storage units coming soon so that might help. Also, if much of this 512 limit is taken by glass panels in your house, then theres hope for you. James mentioned these panels will (later) stop being meshes (as i understood). Personally, most of my limit is gone to glass since i have a 3 story house with like 6 or 7 plots high windows total so i can relate to this. Id choose performance any day though. No one wants a crawling fps rate.


If the game was only PC players, the mesh might be higher. Until we get a PS5, which might be able to run Boundless(?), there definitely won’t be a change to it.

I’m not sure, but I actually think there’s more console players than PC players.

They won’t be able to require PS5 to play the game since it launched as a PS4 game.

It wasn’t what I meant, but you do make a point.

I do remember some games launching for both PS3 and PS4 though, where PS3 was choppy as butts for several games.

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Until and unless the developers tell us we will never know for sure. All I do know is that when Boundless Ninja was working, if you compared steam players from the steam charts to the number of players on Boundless Ninja, the PS4 players were never more than 50% of the total. That could have changed but that was my observation over a few months time.

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Another option though moving forward, they could have a polished version of Boundless for Ps5 and PC, but have a barebones ugly version for those who refuse to ditch the Ps4 eight years after Ps5 launches.

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You made me realise that the PlayStation 4 is six years old already


But, the PS5 is going to be fully PS4 compatible so it will be able to run the game.

I really, really do hope Wonderstruck is going to put some time into actually supporting it on the PS5 since they can then do quite a lot more on it than currently is possible on the PS4 (and Pro)…

Nope, there are people who play the game currently on very tiny PC’s where even the grass now is causing performance issues, so it would be a bad idea to screw those people over as well even if it was PC only.

So please, stop blaming the PS4 for such things! :slight_smile:


And for those who run it on a barebones tiny PC, don’t forget them!

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Oh I know there’s people who run on toasters; one of my friends is actually one of them! That’s why I made a thread a while ago, to ask if there was a way to turn things such as smoke effects and block-breaking dust off. :joy:

The problem isn’t that it won’t work on PS5. The problem is that Ps4 will hold Ps5 and Pc back as the fat kid on the relay team.


There, fixed it for you! :slight_smile:

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Cries in secret over the aging hardware that us pc players are having to follow and play with… Secret crying though so the forum zombies dont smell it and come ramble :joy:

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I’m okay with the mesh limit personally when it comes to storage. I somehow always find a way to make things work, even when I decide to build small.

What kills me sometimes though is Spark Links. I can’t remember the exact number before I hit the limit but I always seem to hit it after say, about 20-25 links for example (again, I have forgotten the exact number), and that is before placing any storage or other ‘meshes’.

I really wish this limit on Spark Links could be increased because I seem to always have to rework the aesthetics of my build in order to put more Spark Generators somewhere to compensate.