PLEASE increase the drops of the plant seeds


This isn’t so much a complaint but a request.

This one is a complaint, but not harsh one, just a wish you had let us know a day ahead it was going to be released. For those of us who make food, especially to sell some (me and others) didn’t have time to take the seeds we had been gathering and make flour. My plans had been to take the three smart stacks and make flour to use until we had the seeds/plants mature and give up the grains.

Now, Request. BEGGING, PLEASE, PLEASE, increase the drop of the plants. Especially the harder to get ones that are needed. The exotic yams seeds are extremely hard and they don’t seem to respawn. I was on Circ and looked all over had one in a atlas and none showed up. Did find one bunch and got four seeds from it, but when I used a regen bomb, nothing was replaced. Also used it where I had found some other seeds and they did not respawn.

So, we are not finding enough, some are selling the seeds for 1k coins, that is way too much for those who don’t have a lot of coins, we need the seeds, PLEASE, PLEASE increase the drops of all of the plants, even the regular ones, to a high drop and set them to respawn at a faster rate until you can get it balanced.

This isn’t just for us players who have been here a while, but new players who saw it was released and now can’t find anything. That is not good for them, I don’t want to see bad reviews because they don’t understand that there is a bug somewhere that is causing the problem.

NOTE: caps and bold isn’t for shouting, but emphasis in how important this is for all of us who have anything to do with farming. PLEASE. consider doing the increase and do it quickly


the seeds are fine as far as the normal planet ones…with the exception of exotic earthyams I supposed

That being said…soon there will be plentiful seeds from the many farms…and if you use proper sustainability farming techniques you will never run out of seeds


I’m going to help the player base by setting up one farm just for seed production and one for crop drops. When I get these made and harvest the galaxy cruiser on raxxa will sell all seeds low, not to mention I love new players and enjoy giving away freebies.


Yep please increase seeds Drop from farmed one too…

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That depends on the definition of soon. So far I have 4 seeds so at 110% I should get one more seed every 4 to 5 tries and each takes about a day. Once I get 10 then I should get one each day and it gets better after that. So it will take me about 49 days harvesting everyday to get to slightly over 100 seeds in a crop.

I am more patient than most I guess :wink:

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I do somewhat agree with this.
Regular farming is one of those things in a game that should be fairly easy, even for novices. Especially organic items. This shouldn’t require 10 pages of schematics + trigonometry to get a decent crop/return.

The inorganic items should be the end-game crops (as they are) & require skill/thought/planning (as they do now).


Possibly. . Even after 49 days each harvest is not enough to use in a mass craft so it will really take even longer to reach that. I can appreciate patience, but at a certain point in just seems like grind.

I searched for two nights on Circ and other T4 world’s for exotic yams. It was so tedious. I was so fed up seeing earthyams, they are everywhere! I ended up going and cracking open plants for my exotics. I need them for my persisting pies, tools are expensive, I use the pies to save me coin. I was looking forward to creating my own wee exotic yam farm. At least I wasn’t hoping to earn any coin from it. That’s a plus. We are drowning in earthyams, though. :joy: Edit: @Janna55 , I can spare you some flour. No charge. I harvested my first batch of wheat and have some spare from b4 update. I might have 300 or so. Buzz me here if that is any use for you. We can meet up tomorrow. :+1:


So you can go to any low level planet and find plenty of Ancient Oats to make excessive amounts of flour. I don’t understand why we need to increase the drop rate at all.

Now if you are talking about getting exotic yams, people have known for weeks now that exotic yams were going to be harder to get. It was clearly communicated. People could have easily used regen bombs to grab excessive amounts of exotic yams for many mass crafts. Yes drops are low now but that will taper off as people get their seed amounts up to the area they feel is needed for a sustainable rate… surely players can live with lower exotic yams for foods… it isn’t like we cannot play the game without the food that comes from exotic yams.

Additionally, you state “all plants” which seems to make no sense either because you can find plenty of seeds and drops all over for various food groups.

So what are you asking for? More ancient oats or more exotic yams? Or as you state “all plants”?

People were already give 200% crop yield returns and 100+% percent seed yields. It doesn’t make any sense to now want even more unless people just refuse to really work at anything any longer in this game.

Edit: Also remember we still have regen farming for exotic yams!

Give it a week for the market to balance. Everyone is using seeds to plant things at the moment. When farms are full excess will be sold and prices will plumet. Happens every time new content is released.


I am thinking about this current exo yam seed situation about like this.

I have been able to get these seeds about 40 when I did farm with those and now I have been sowing it with seed build, and right now I have got there 64 exo yams sowed. Same farm has given me already over 150 exotic yams, which is on single craft worth of 7.5h persisting pie.

I think numbers are good and when these plants seem to multiply this good, I think seeds will be soon available on shops for all. To me this is just normal new limited item distribution what is happening in MMOs and IRL :smiley:

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The Oorum is what you need for the flour. The oats make the porridge. Oorum is a bit trickier to find, though. Persisting pies are incredibly useful for prolonging the life of the forged tools. Mining burns tools up and it gets really pricey replacing them at 10,000c a pop. More in some cases, or a little less if you’re lucky. So, although not crucial to the game to have foods that boost the dura on tools, it makes a significant difference to your coinage. Which makes mining less of a chore. That aspect of the game is important to me, I get that, but I am not alone in that. I just grabbed my axe and went off and collected my exotic yams, though. I tried the regen after update, it is pointless. The drops are far too few. Best just getting out there and finding the actual yams. That was easiest of all. Fun exploring, too. :grin:

All the rare farming mats are RARE. Meaning harder to find. That being said, since they are rare and the update is so new, the game hasn’t had time to reach a balance yet. More and more will get planted and before you know it, there won’t be as rare as they are today.

That being said… with pies needing so many of them and only yielding 50 finished pies… makes me glad I’m not in the pie business.


We are only doing seed production until we feel we have acquired enough exotic yams seed to our liking. Yes circa is empty 24/7 of exotic yam plants for bulbs. Guessing some people have alts camped at Regen spots and log in every so often to grab them. For farms in the beginning seed production must come first. Each person should have a seed production section and a section for produce production. This is how we have our farm set up. We tend to gain an extra 10 exotic yam bulbs with each harvest, it’ll take time but sooner or later we will be were we want to be.

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Yeah, that is true. I went out with my axe, found/gathered 1200 exotic yams yesterday, it took time, but much faster than mud farms and waiting on a harvest, if you were even lucky enough to find any plants! I would like to see an increase of the exoyam plant, but, it is what it is. It’ll balance out, eventually.

Yeah I should have double checked the recipe before I put the name… Thanks for clarifying that. Either way it still is pretty common. Certainly common enough to find enough to do a few mass crafts of flour.

I get that persistent pies are popular but the game can be played in other fashions and people did have warning as well as we still have regen farming. So that was not removed.

I’m not arguing that the balance might be off for exotic yams drops but I still am confused why all plants should be increased or why flour is a big deal.

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Yeah, I found Imoco to be ok for finding the wheat needed. It took me a few planets to discover that! :joy:. As for all drops increased - I think (personally) just an increase in exotic yam plants would be reasonable. Doesn’t need to be a massive increase. Just a tweak. Or so. All in all this update has been such a breath of fresh air. I love everything about it. I think that I’ll burst with excitement if they better this. Pop! :laughing:


I will need 360 exotic yams for a mass production of persisting pies. And I think that is just 50 pies. When I am supplying pies for the guild and for a couple friends that “soon” is not good enough.

Luckily the spine cactus plants drops the exotic yams, but finding the seed to grow them is downright discouraging. Spend three hours on t4 planet looking for anything I could find. In that time, and I had a atlas, I collected 13 wheat, 28 rice, 27 oats 27 knuts and 4 exotic yam bulbs.

That is NOT enough to grow crops needed for a farm. I don’t expect to find two or three hundred, but a hundred to use to start a farm with, especially for those who have shops that sell the pies that many players buy. I was under the impression that the farms were supposed to make it easier on players to get what they needed, not make it so difficult that they feel it isn’t worth it.

Especially if you are a shop owner and need those exotic yams seeds to grow the plants for the food you sell. They won’t have any of them to sell. Same with those who need the wheat, rice, oats and others for making food.

There are plenty of the berries in the trees. So that isn’t a problem. It seems the harder to get one are just not there and I don’t have a problem with some challenge, but this isn’t a challenge, it is impossible to get what is needed to grow what you need to make what players who have shops sell for coins. Their source of income.

I make forging mats to sell, right that is kinda on hold, sorry to those who buy them at my shop, I’ve been busy trying to get what is needed for the mats for it, with the increase of the drops in everything else, except the new farming plants, I am getting as much as I can to have the mats I need.

Yep, that is what I am wanting, hoping for, a tweet, and hopefully a really nice drop for the next couple days so those who are making farms and need the mats for the food they make to sell can have wha they need.

Then work on a nice number that lets us get a fair amount, not hundreds and hundreds, just a good amount to get farms going, it could even be adjusted after that to a lower rate if there are too many.

Just right now, there is Not Enough and that is very discouraging.