Please rearrange the AOE boons

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The boon levels for the AoE (Flanker’s Force boon) are in the wrong order.

Every other boon is in the order from bad to good or 1 to 5 respectively.

Please rearrange them to this order:

  1. Random affect adjacent

  2. Below affect adjacent

  3. Horizontal affect adjacent

  4. Cross affect adjacent

  5. All affect adjacent

It makes much more sense this way, and I don’t think that we should get punished for actually getting a successful enough roll to get enough points to level up a boon.

All I wanted was a 1x3 hammer that can one hit on at least a level 2 world (I would be ecstatic for a T4 one-hit) and 3 times out of 4, the FIRST points to go into the hammer(s) leveled it up past horizontal.

-TLDR/rant warning-
I’ve said what’s important already, I don’t usually ramble on but if you want to hear my story and forging process then keep reading.

The RNG should be toned down a bit too, it has been kicking me down all day, I’ve gone from loving the forging process to absolutely hating it. so much so that It makes me want to put down the game for a bit.
I’ve spent pretty much all my efforts since launch, getting all the materials needed to forge. (I am a slow and casual player) and now I can finally forge with a character leveled up to the max forging ability with a 24 coil forge and I don’t feel like I’m getting my equivalent value of time back.

I’m using iron because I can’t get enough gems on a regular basis to be able to keep crafting them and iron is easy enough to get and has a decent starting damage.
having said that, my goals for these hammers is to have:
AOE so I can gather as much rock as possible,
Devastating damage to make up for the decreased AOE damage,
and durability of course for longevity.

So my process has usually been: 3x each gum, pure boon 3, then pure boon 1 until I have all 3 boons I want, then use trait expansion or reduction gum depending on where AOE lands (I don’t want to add any points into it once i have it, unless it’s cross already, then I try to push it to all affect adjacent) and otherwise get damage as leveled up as possible.
But the problem was that I was running out of vigour so started using invigoration paste, then running out of stability, so started using stability paste.

So just now, in an effort to better ensure I get the 1x3 and AOE for the first boon, I use 2 special gums and no others. then a fate paste and 2 rounds of pure boon 1 because I want to ensure putting as little points into it as possible.
Well I got lucky. Horizontal affect adjacent.
moving on, I put 3 rounds of longevity and 3 rounds of trait expansion gum. need those points going into new ones. Pure 3 and lucked out again with longevity. Next went 3 rounds of effect gum and 2 more trait expansion. pure 1 to top off my points and got critical effect. not what i wanted but oh well. I’ll level it up to 100% crit and it will be similar enough to +damage.
my trait expansion was at x5, and this happens:

points went into flanker’s force anyway.
(gotta love that all-or-nothing RNG!)

fine, more expansion gum!

k this can’t even be a tunneler’s hammer anymore, just go all out. use vigour paste, use stability paste, points points points!

okay, got a few rounds of points into crit and longevity. well ok. but of course, not enough to level 4 flanker, and for the final roll, my last pure boon 3, *crosses fingerssssssss
and (blue arrow).

GAH why is the RNG so harsh?!
Murphy’s law TO THE MAX.



While this is logical. This is quite an Nerf to an already annoying RNG infested process.

Keep it as is or have them just drop the level 5 version of it. I do not feel forging needs to be made even harder while it already the amount of RNG it haves.


that’s pretty much the same thing.

I do not agree.
Problem is that its harder to get the level 5 boon than the level 4 boon, which means less points to put into damage and speed. I can manage level 3 and 4 AoE like they are now pretty well and make good damage tools this way. Getting the all effect boon at level 5 will make it harder to get a good hammer.

then at least put random as level 1 and below as level 2!

They should just remove it. As not many people want this in the 1st place.


no kidding, it should be a defect, or at least a quirk

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Also I don’t think this works the way you think it doses. Once you already have 3 boons on the tool. This doses nothing.

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oh, wonderful.

heh clearly I’m not the best forger… thanks for the tip.

I could be wrong. But from my experience. This only helps add new boons, which isn’t very useful. So I don’t really use this gum at all anymore as I feel it is useless.

The Reduction one was a little more useful when you only had 1 or 2 boons, but not by much.

Once you get to the point you can make vigor catalysts to strip off the other gums, then you will have much better control over where the points go.

Or just get rid of the forge and gimme my aoe gem tools as they were back in the dayz


Please do what @Buugi said. Go back to the EA gem tools.

Dont get me wrong… i see many cool things that forge provides like block changer and other quality of life boons for tools but for aoe thats kinda mandatory these days in boundless its just heavy grind and rng mixed together. That should not be the case.

Random AOE is quite powerful once we have higher tiers planets as you don’t lose any dmg with random AOE so you will be able to one shot randomly T7/T8 block without any brew.

Except the random block selection is always junk. If it was a 1×3 with random, then I would be good with it.

I agree the random adjacent effect itself is so useless that no amount of damage buff makes it desirable. Therefore it has no place in the AoE progression except as a booby prize, which players hate in a system high in other sources of RNG. But I want to extend that logic to 1x2, 3x1, and cross AoE as well. Let’s trash 'em all.

The only truly desirable AoE is 3x3. So I think all 5 ranks should give you 3x3, and something else should scale to make one rank better than the next. Also I think you can bake the downside (damage redution) into the effect itself by explaining it differently, which frees up the progression to look all positive. It is a boon, after all.

Enlarge Area Boon
Do your tunnels need more leg room? Spread your damage out over a 3x3 area instead of a single block.

Rank 1: 2.0x damage multiplier
Rank 2: 2.5x damage multiplier
Rank 3: 3.0x damage multiplier
Rank 4: 3.5x damage multiplier (still 1-shots T6)
Rank 5: 4.0x damage multiplier

AoE could be explained by spreading damage out over more blocks rather than focusing it all on a single block. This bakes the damage reduction right into the effect. You hit 9 blocks with 1/9 strength. But the damage multipliers are there to bring you back in line. By the time we hit rank 4, we are still 1-shotting T6. But now there’s a meaningful rank 5 that means you don’t need as much damage boon if you hit it. And there’s probably some good lower tier hammers ppl could make. It’s not as bad to put 3x3 on titanium under this system.

I think one way to introduce this into the game is to simply retire the old style boon (leaving it alone on any tools it already exists on) and replace the old with the new in the gum list.

(Note that at rank 4 using this principle – divide by 9, then apply damage multiplier – we should technically be at 3.6x if we want to match the existing rank 4 damage. I did some quick math and it looks like Diamond tools will still 1-shot a T6 at 3.5x. So maybe the token nerf can be overlooked since it makes the progression numbers more pleasing.)

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No leave it the way it is I dnt want to spend any more vigour or stability leveling the boon up to max.

If anything it should keep the 3x3 aoe and just start removing the damage loss for each additional rank you get past 3x3

it is A LOT easier getting a boon to max than trying to get it to stop at level one.
even if it rolls at HALF of the boon points bar, it puts in so many points that it skips over the boon that does damage to THREE blocks and lands at the boon that breaks TWO blocks.

this makes NO SENSE AT ALL

Why should it be so easy to make the perfect tool?