Plinth as Display Block

I’ve seen quite a few people place a selling plinth as a display case and setting an inordinately high price so the item doesn’t get purchased. I was just wondering if it would be worthwhile being able to use the basic plinth for displaying things … just pop and item in, and it’s automatically on display.


Plz. This.

Also, it’s kind of interesting how it’s become a sort of universally accepted practice to put a glass top on display plinths to visually differentiate sale plinths from display plinths. Clever!


This has actually always been the intention for the basic plinth! We just haven’t gotten around to actually doing it yet :smiley:


That would be awesome :slight_smile: Maybe differentiate it with color variation or something else

are there gonna be plinth tiers like metal plinth or gold different styles like the poles?

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We don’t currently have a plan for more plinth designs, no.