Plot Griefing Solution

I have the most epic, ultimate solution for unused plot griefing of major cities- once a city reaches maximum prestige of however many million, that city should then have the option to un-plot any relatively unused chunks of land around them for a price. So if someone comes in and drops 500 plots next to a city they must then develop or risk losing the ones they can’t adequately develop.

Then all we will see is gleam or refined rock piles on every plot.


What if I place 1 storage with 4 smartstacks of refined gems in this 500 plot, not developed area? Should it get removed too?


It probably would if the beacon prestige value was below threshold. I’d say it may need a ticket system vs a lightning hammer that destroys plots.

I have an even easier solution: plot beforehand every bit of land that you plan to use. :slight_smile:


Yes, plotting before someone else does would still be the best solution. It’s just that once you go through the trouble of building a 30 million prestige city you deserve some extra power and control vs a 50k hamlet.

Why? People would just claim its pay to win somehow if you did. :slight_smile:

And then they’d have to get all the pitchforks and torches on the forums and it would be a whole thing.


Doh I meant to post this under suggestions =0

Just food for thought. I would like to see these city owners start to gain a few perks that come with the position because I :heart:️ the cities that players have built! Even the ugly ones jk lol

No, just no.

At no point should any other player have any control over my plots or how I use them, much less have the ability to unplot them.


Let’s all just learn to share the very public game we play on.

This post is better suited here…

How about… Once a settlement reaches a certain rank, say… a Hamlet, the Hamlets name stays the same and can only be changed by the Hamlet beacon.

So if I were to try and grief someone, it wouldnt work, no matter what I did. I would simply be adding to that person’s Hamlet. The only thing I could do is grow the Hamlet for the person, and then remove my stuff and reduce it back to a Hamlet, but that’s still no big deal. If the issue is of the name and leader, this could solve it.
Just spitballing here though…

No. People need to learn to properly layout their visions for builds. Also, do not expect to be able to expand at all, weeks after initially starting your build. Do so right away or lose the initiative.

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The system is currently setup to allow a flow of leadership as people come and go. So if someone stops playing, or working on the city, others have the potential to take over.

Edit: Most of the issues I have seen in game are people issues. Some could be solved by just talking to the other folks. Others are based on build design and having some perception that leadership is more than being able to name a city.


there’s really no way around it. You gotta plan ahead and plot an excessive amount. Then get friends to plot beyond that. Then another person beyond that. Spend real $ if you want that security to expand. People will come build near you if they see you doing well. There’s an objective in game the tells you to plot near and join a settlement. New people aren’t going to know to ask first. Griefers will find a way around rules if their sole purpose is to grief.


Plots are plots regardless of what’s on them. It should remain that way, or else said complainer will want the goal post moved. 12 blocks! 30 blocks! 100 blocks!

It doesn’t matter. If someone is the type to cry victim and want rules made up just for their problem, they will never be happy at any point. Just play the game within the same rules as everyone else, and stop expecting people to abide by some nonexistent stipulations that live only in your head. If the plots weren’t meant to be that way, there would already be a buffer zone; which people would still complain about.

It’s fine the way it is. If it’s a problem for someone, they can play a different game. I recommend an offline game for them.

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I feel that. I’m not even starting my build untill I get 1300 plots, but I might just buy 2300. Just amassing clay untill that time.

There, FIFY.

Indeed, which people might not be able to do.

I mean seriously, can someone calculate both, how much money it costs to buy Cubits to buy 1000 plots vs how many level ups, from lvl 1, it takes to gather enough Cubits to buy 1000 plots?

Cause right now, clearly paying for it is the better, if expencive, option and can very easily viewed as pay to win, cause you NEED that many plots, to even start building a city without another player coming around and messing with your city.

This isnt a solo city building game though. If everyone was freely given enough plots to make their own city we would need a lot more planets. But a community of people can easily mass plot a very large area using just the cubits from leveling up.