Plotting wars


Can always place an attack on titan size wall around it all, that solves all of it really :joy:


… and than we just need Titans, or better not hahaha :scream:


To act eye for an eye like is not really a solution for that.
And no @IAintNerdy, it is not the other way around.
My new settlement member just builded pressed on my plot in direct line to the portal from Aqua Hub.
And my portal has not my name, it has a name that showed the theme “Garden of Lith”.
So that means, people will know the theme of the settlement.
When i saw it first i was a bit disapointed and at same time happy i did plotted one more line next to my flowerbed, otherwise i had this building now pressed on it, without a chance to create a road there.
After talking with the guy and decorating the path to him a bit, i think i showed him, that i want it the nice way.
I was a bit afraid when he said at beginning he want to build “big” there… but i hope he understanded, that it is a themed settlement.
That means, i’m okay for now with his beacon and even gave him space to expand, because i saved for myself all the nice natural stones that defined the area i chosed.

But i think there are other settlements around who don’t are that lucky, maybe because they just started to establish a themed settlement and try to level to get more plots and then there comes someone and just sacrifice all ideas the formerly owner had.

Yes, people who get such perps into their settlements always have the chance to move on and start their idea new at a new place in hope they don’t get another one who do same.
But is it fair, if the creator of a themed settlement need to get beaten?
Or is it not more neccessary, that the polite player gets possibilities to defend their themes without paying hundreds of Dollars, just to save their spaces to prevent griefing?


Ah see where you are coming from, clearly we have had different experiences, doesn’t mean ones right ones wrong, that does suck that that’s happened to you, you have every right to keep the theme. Problem is he can argue you are griefing him, he can say you are griefing him. Compromise tends to be the best outcome.


Seeing as nobody including devs can stop someone from plotting wild land regardless of proximity to a settlement it would be nice if there was a mechanic that spawned trees in reserved land between two builds.


Both multi plot owners and newbies can plot wherever they want and build whatever they want. If there is no malintent and someone asks you to move because of x reason, a reasonable person can agree or disagree with a fair reason. If either of the parties decides to be petty or has a malicious motive, well that’s life too. Being loosely based on community efforts however, the negative nellies are gonna have a harder time due to their decisions- this is called responsibility and it goes both ways too.

Tl;dr - don’t be a douche :relaxed:


So Honestly I don’t know where I fall in this discussion…

What I do know is that thank god I plotted the full 7*7 area that my gateways sit on…

Many of our gateways started 3bye3 or 5*5 and alas we will eventually have to move them or not be able to upgrade them because people seem to have the need to plot directly beside the gateways…

So there is this thing called common sense… The planets are huge there is all kinds of land to build on…But sadly there are plenty of people who I believe simply are doing things out of spite…Just to annoy anyone that they can…

We had an amazing community in alpha / beta but sadly the flood gates are open and now the kids are here…

There is no logical simply fix you can only hope that the human being on the other side of the keyboard is polite and decides its likely not a good idea to block your window or seal off your doorway!

PS- For the love of god whats with the weird stuff and this forum like I can’t put an Asterisk’s sign into a post more then twice or it vanishes??? Formatting well that never works there are so many annoying features with this forum!!!


Possibly due to markdown or some other formatting thing.

I think people like to build near gateways and other nice builds to be part of the action or the just like the builds that are there. I really don’t like the characterization that players that build next to other builds are stupid or malicious that seems to be popping up over and over again.


I don’t think we are talking about “every new settler is stupid, just because he is building next to your own beacon”… especially because we know, the beacons has to be connected to join the settlement.
It is all about, how the new settler integrate itself into a new settlement.
Someone who joins a big town does not really need to ask about things and rules there, if they are not obvisiously placed at town middle.
But people who join obvisiously (smaller) themed settlements should be polite enough to get in touch with their citizens or at least try to build in a fitting manner.
Just my opinion, and maybe my education i got from my parents in a time where internet wasn’t really existent.


I think people build close to the portal hubs for a few reasons:
1 - An over fascination with footfall.
2 - They have a store and want it seen
3 - What you stated, they want to be part of a large community.
4 - The small minority that might be doing it to be malicious


As far as plotting goes, don’t be a douche and try to help new players find your settlement preemptively and help them get set up. When my friend and I started building in Black Light on Pheminorum, we built outside and built a road in the same theme as theirs because it looked nice and it was courtesy. Since, we’ve expanded a ton, we welcome new players, show them how to plot in a way that works with the flow of the settlement, and help them get started. They are grateful for the help and explanation of the mechanics, and our city expands while still looking good. Everyone is happy


although i do understand and (somewhat) agree … is this not the BEST excuse plot trolls wanted to learn? :wink:

Or fix by launching those private servers :slight_smile:


It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact :joy::wink:


Good point and it goes along with my hint to try to communicate with them.
I don’t think the people here complain about “the new player”, but about the player who just come, join, build and never want to go in touch with you nor want to get integrated nor ask you or answer on questions.
I’m quite sure, the people we talk about are not “the newbie” who really want to dive into Boundless, thats the kind of player who are very similar to them who have tons of games in steam and write bad reviews after 5 hours of playing.
These kind of player don’t want to talk with you nor listen to you, they just want to do their thing and laugh about you, because they call you douches, retards, carebears and they sit with other people in Voice or even do streamings about how they hitted you soooo hard.
If you search in Youtube for Minecraft Trolling, you know what kind of people i mean :wink:


We have had a few different people that were experienced come build right up on the settlement. After talking to them more they have helped to develop a section of the town to help expand it in that direction past them. Communication really is the first option


Indeed, communication is the key.


@Steggs101 / @James – After the great Nature Red Gleam Claiming Revolt around early 2018 B.D.W (before devs wiped) there was a whole thread and community discussion around ratifying a Player Ethics and Standards Document. We provided feedback to developers and the assumption was something was going to be released.

Where do we stand with that? I’m sure it would help us curtail some problems and provide a framework to move toward resolution of disputes.


haha :smiley:

IIRC it was initiative by a user which in the end didn’t happen or something like that.


Yeah I’m not sure if there were other cases and I know griefing was talked about a lot. But after the Critonia Treaty was signed at Berlyn’s Last Stand, @Havok and I worked with the community to get the details needed to the Developers for some sorta of code of conduct or ethics, etc.


this one

Havok is always involved, that’s a given :stuck_out_tongue: