Plotting wars

There were mentions here and there of either:

  • a player plotting just beside someone
  • large settlement swallowing player’s build
  • a player adding his style build to existing settlement and ruining its overall looks

Just get that that is the name of the game, while there is no PvP (yet) you can call this strategic PvP that is already in the game. While in combat you will wage who is stronger and more skilled, in this kind of war you’ll wage who is more prepared and who will pack his stuff and plot off.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, let me help you a bit: developers won’t do anything about defending your hard built beautiful city against cube huts made of soil, and they shouldn’t. If you can’t live with someone building beside you, either wait for private worlds, either plot enough of the land that you don’t feel threatened.

There will be takeovers, groups of players will band together to takeover lead role in existing settlements, if you have created settlement and put everything into it with your friends, don’t think you’re safe, next time you log in there may be huge addition to your settlement that you didn’t plan for, and you can’t do anything about it.
And there will be such situations, think from the perspective of other players, why would they build their own capital if they can just takeover yours?
It’s gonna be interesting to see how this goes on.

Beside someone plotting around your beaconed area, nothing is offense, so players complaining against someone making house or whatever beside them is the same as players complaining about being defeated in combat PvP. That’s just the way things are, for now.


Amen to this.

The entitlement from some of the big plot owners is amazing. Your preferences for how you want to build should not be above those of others including those who can only afford a few plots and play a more casual game. It’s a sandbox MMO. The only rules that exist are the ones you make.

By the way, has there been a roadmap for PVP? Or is that just wishful thinking?


There were mentions of PvP, either PvP planets either PvP beacons/areas. IIRC it’s not on top of the list

Hey @Spoygg, i agree in general and expected such practice by players.
Sometimes i just don’t understand why player are this kind of ruining other players fun.
Especially, if they don’t go for big settlements and just try to tease the smaller ones.
Because for smaller settlements (10k-20k), they don’t have any benefit from it to take them over.
To ruin this kind of settlements has nothing to do with taking over Capital to be the super Hero.

I was one of the people who got since Release additional people to my settlement.
But i never complained about it, i always just asked, how i can handle it, to get a bit more input by experienced veterans.
And true, only way to handle it is to plot enough for your own needs and try to get in touch with the new Member.
I got mine in contact and in friendlist. I plotted the area i wanted and decorated his wall a bit to let it looks more nice. And i also gave him (with my shape of plots) a direction where he can expand.
I hope this way will show the people who join a settlement, that they are not unwelcome and in exchange, they try to stay fair.

Totally understandable, that the Devs won’t do anything against it in a direct way.
Because of Sandbox should stay totally playerdriven.
The only thing Devs can do is to give the player who like to be competitive another way to live their dreams about being #1 in something.


I sort of agree with this, but also sort of not (Not about the Devs fixing things, I definitely agree they shouldn’t be here to hold our hands).

While it would be good to have larger communities plot all around the place they want to build, I’ve also seen complaints by other portions of community that large builds are plotting ‘too much’ reserve space. Also, what should large communities do if they get some actually unwanted plots nearby and polite conversation doesn’t work? Under the guise of ‘The only rules that exist are the ones you make’, they could happily and legitimately wall around and block out the offending plotter, but that just seems like bullying and/or intimidation. That’s not really an activity I’d like to see players devolve to.

Ultimately, it feels like larger project owners can’t win and the option of ‘But later, you can pay additional money for what you actually want (private servers)’ seems like a cop-out.

As a side note, I really dislike the word ‘entitlement’. It’s thrown around far to easily, incorrectly and is often just used to disparage/insult an alternative point of view that you might not agree with. When you could easily reverse the statement it’s being applied to, it’s less about actual entitlement and just about personal preference. For example, you could equally say:

The entitlement of some of the casual players is amazing. Their preferences of where and when they build should not be above those of others include those who have a community with a larger goal in mind.


True, that kind of language is too harsh and will only bring out the same response. I don’t think people are entitled, just some didn’t figure out yet how everything works.
In pre 1.0 I’ve been part of bigger settlement and we had a few instances of outright trolling, talked with devs and in the end managed to strike a deal with offenders. Devs couldn’t do much except advise us to try the diplomacy :smiley:

Probably the most hard thing to understand is why would someone do something like that, but instead wasting time on trying to imagine it’s better to talk with “offender”.
In the end it’s better to take everything lightheartedly, it is game in the end, and I know I haven’t been so calm when I first encountered such behavior, but after some time it’s just natural to accept it as a fact.


Idk, if you see an obvious theme going on in a city I think it’s just common courtesy to ask if you can try go along with it. It’s like seeing someone making a nice blue painting and you come along with your bright red brush and just start painting on thier painting.

Some towns it may not be as much of a problem, like Aquatopia Embassy is ■■■■■■■ insane and cool as ■■■■ with no real running theme beside incredible builds with smaller builds in between those.

All I am saying is that if your gonna build in/next to a town, be captive of your audience and save you and others any headaches. There is more then enough space in many other places.

I’m building my own little settlement (Elders Peak, Storis II ) up on a mountain in noones area and it’s awesome. No rules but my own. I can build what ever the hell I want. My closest active neighbor live inside of the mountain across the river and he dont give a damn either. His base is neat.

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I agree with you, I’d certainly try to follow theme even without asking, but that is not requirement, people will do their own thing.

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You’ve got to bear inmind we have recently had an influx of new players, I’m sure as they progress they will become more courteous to big builds and themed plans but for the time being if its unplotted it’s up for grabs, really that simple.
however, courtesy doesn’t hurt.
The only solution is to create a community, pool together plots and plan from there. Thats what myself and some friends have done.


Yeah :slight_smile:
And you know there’s even an issue of some people just being bad builders, though they will try to follow the theme and all it will still look out of place or just plain ugly. But I guess that is more tolerable offence :joy:


Suppose some people are but they still have the rights to build what they like. Don’t get me wrong I love theme builds and it pains me to see gleam cubes but it’s a free market so to speak :confused: tricky thing to balance. Are you on EU world’s?

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Excuse me, but why is that wrong? These plots are wild so I have all priviliges to claim them. He should have claimed them if he didn’t want them to be taken. lol

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Because you are limiting other players gaming experience completely, or you don’t see it like that? If you only plot up to one side of someone’s beacon he can still expand in other direction.
Though you are right, I guess only walling out someone would be true grief.

Yeah I’m on Besevrona.

Gleam towers :frowning: I’d really wish gleam had no prestige at all.


But this is griefing only in theory, in fact this is a wild area I can claim. When someone beaconed area around my settlement I got a response that I should claim this area if I don’t want someone else to do it.

You can’t take sides in this discussion.

Someone taking wild plots by the edge of my protection is stopping me from expanding in this direction. For me this is griefing but for devs it’s not. But if I want to claim some wild plots and someone’s plot is inside then this is now griefing? Both players do harm to each other, but why is one player in favor? The one that ignored hundrends of hours of someone’s work?

In both cases people are just claiming wild land and if one case is okay and the other is not, then something is fucked up here.


You are right that it’s very tricky to figure out. I guess developers should come out with definitive response what is considered griefing. @Steggs101 mentioned they are working on community guidelines so we will soon find out I hope :smiley:

Im absolutely discussed by pure gleam towers, big pink megablocks and such, but if ppl happy with building those, than i need to live with that :frowning:

in my oppinion everybody should be free to build whatever he/she wants, even when i really discussed by the most big settlements because of that pure gleam light towers, mega pixel arts or written words, or that one place with a big smiley in the sky, but thats just my oppinion.

i will just try build in a style that fits the boundless world and hope nobody gets to close to me with his ugly gleamtowers or megacubes. (or those ugly flying “mega diamond” things :>)


I think the whole point of all are not the people in a big settlement who build next to your own plot that had a nice decorated look a big ugly tower beside.
More problematic i see the small settlements with a special theme running by more casual player who was chosing a free area and someone comes by and build next to a medieval like themed settlement a big shiney modern building.

Yes, the player who do so, is allowed by gamesystem to do so, since the are was “wild” before.
But it is not really fair to the themed settlement and its player who gave heart into their creations.
Especially if you are not a big group of people who are able to claim much land just to save the space.
We are all limited by the cubits we get and for most people who just want to enjoy creating things it is litterally a big thing to claim from beginning all the space you maybe need later for your themed settlement.

Since we have absolutely no chance at the moment to reserve some land or have any tools for allocating space, except to try to communicate with a joiner of the own settlement, we just can hope, the new member is polite enough to respect the one who was there first and established the settlement.


True :slight_smile: I was thinking about something like having e.g. 4 plots buffer around your build where someone can build only if you allow it. Maybe make it scalable like if you have huge settlement you get more buffer or something like that.

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So are you saying it’s the big builds who build next to small ones?
From experiences it’s often the other way around, big builds set up in the middle of nowhere, then people start placing up shacks on the outskirts. It’s expected especially if the new place becomes the cap. As the build goes up so does its prestige and traffic.