Plug your shop!


This is one my my favorite stores for many things. Thanks!


love this store mac mobalds main supplier off buugster energy drinks:+1: also always nice stock ow and if ya catch gina there she
super helpful at explaining the potions


The Wood Nymph and The Exo sprite, specializing in trunks and foliage both permanent and exo colours. A few side blocks from the journeys around the exo planets. In the middle of a restock of The Wood Nymph, some colours disappear from stands almost as quick as i fill them. Portal from Jacey’s shopping Mall Eresho and Summer Stores in RiverTowns Arie


Ohhh a wood shop! I have missed Quebec soooo much! Glad to know what’re I can go now! :blush:


Woohoo. I check your place daily for gems fossils coal and lamella. Lol. :grin:


3 Shops i can visit so far, at least something :slight_smile:
Thank you for the COORDS so a hermit like me can find stuff.


BRICKA BRACK gyosha mall # 77 We sell it all!


You even sell the young???


If stands are ever short of stock of quantity needed of a colour have a postbox for requests to farm a particular wood :slight_smile:


Tamels wares on Pheminorum (-1269, 660, 65) also a portal from PS Biitula behind the PS sign. I love to hunt and I play with the forge. I sell creature drops when I can, along with an assortment of other wanted goods such as Oort shards, glass, placeable decorations etc. Like mentioned I dabble with forging and try to keep some fists, bows, and grapples in stock at great prices.
Come check out the goods and don’t forget to check out the 500c bargain bin. Some really great finds have been scooped up out of it because I can sometimes be a little crazy. :crazy_face:


Reapers - DK’s Legendville Mall
Just got a few full sets of designer Giorgio Oortmani’s finest gem chisels in the shop. Max Style, Max Durability and Max Luxury. Also stocked up the Oortmani gem changers and unchisels all with the same Luxurious quality you’d expect from Giorgio Oortmani. Come get them while they last. Look stylish while you build with Giorgio Oortmani.


I don’t know if this will help you or not. But if you use the Ultima hub when you go through it there is in the row of portals one that says shopping hub. There you will see portals to a lot of the shops here. Such as Nova Golda Market, there is a portal to that market. If you go through the portal to Tung, where the NG Market is, you will see that there are some portals to shops and at the end on the left is one to the NG Market.

When you go through the Ultima Hub on the right is a portal to the old Ultima Hub that had been on Finata and there is a building that has portals to a lot of the shops and one that is I think, someone correct me if I am wrong, DX Ultima tree that has portals that you can go through to if not all then most of the shops.

Most shops also have portals to other shops. A mall will have portals at their main portal portals to other malls or markets. It can take some getting use to, but once you go through a couple and see how they can all link to each other it isn’t that hard to find them.

And now you can just click on return to sanctum and go home free. When I first started to play, when I got lost and couldn’t figure out how to get home, I had to pay to open up a portal to go home. That could cost from 1k to close to 3k to open up that portal.

If you get lost, you can post on the forum with a help, I’m lost how to I get to such and such and someone will even come to where you are at and help you if they can. Have seen players yell for help when trapped by critters and had a player show up to kill them off so they could get out.


Or on your left if you’re coming from an EU planet :wink:

DK’s Ultima Tree, it’s on Eresho…


I understand and appriciate your post, thank you.
My Memory is good enough that after the 3rd time of running a world/hub/dungeon, i memorized it and dont get lost anymore. Others might not be so lucky.
My point is, to save time of the customer, simply put coords, planet into the shop advertisement. If that is to hard, why running a shop in the first place?


Really? If you have a problem then do not go to the shop, but to tell someone how they should advertise their location and if they do not that maybe they should not run a shop seems a bit harsh.

Personally I hate being given coordinates. Why would I want to have to go through portal after portal to see if I am close to where a store is located or have to run across a planet because I do not know which portal network would get me the closest.


Everyone plays the game differently.

If anyone needs coordinates to shops. I’ll happily locate the shop and message you the coordinates. Drop me a PM with the shop you’re looking to locate :v:t3:


If you think that is harsh i cannot Change it. It was not a personal attack from my PoV, just an Observation. People want to make Money, moan About not enough FF or Money in General and wonder why.
No coords/Planet shop is on is one of the "Why"s.

I understand what you say, but the Portal Locations are in all Posts together even with the planet they are on which makes sense. So why not including coords?


I would agree with you that as an addition coordinates are probably not a bad idea and maybe my response was too harsh and I do apologize. More information is probably always better.


You shop keepers, i admire the work you put in, to make that clear.
I see 2 or 3 Shops more or less regulary advertise and those are not the cheapest or even medium priced ones.
People with Shops, i give my honest PoV from a customer standpoint. If that is unwanted then so be it.
I tried my best to crack the old roads open, to make it easyer for new Players. But i stop now as it is unwanted, apparantly.


Thanks for the help, my memory sucks, LOL.