Plug your shop!

So as we all know, it’s hard finding those shops that are active/re-stocking often.

Find myself running round looking for shops, getting lost and porting to the sanctum.

As someone that actively buys a lot, I was hoping that everyone could plug their shops, so that I could come and take a look… and buy all the goodies obviously :see_no_evil::laughing:… as I’m sure other players will find this helpful too! :sweat_smile:

If you could give the name and some good directions on how to get there, that’d be perfect!


Nawty :smiling_imp:


But it’s soon fun too get lost and see all the builds nawty-chan


Good idea! :slight_smile: I will definitely plug mine, but with a caveat: I’d say don’t bother stopping by until the 15th or so at least. I’ll be away starting Friday and even when I get back might take me a little bit to catch up.

My store: Elysian Fields on Alder, portals in TNT, April’s Awesomeland, Sasquachville, Legendville Mall, Reaper’s Tower of Power, and Kindred Bay.

It is not fancy, the shopping area is just a bunch of stands in the center of the portal hub (convenient at least I thought). Though long-term I may up and relocate and build something much fancier. In the meantime, what I specialize in is, basic goods at rock-bottom prices. :wink: No forged stuff, rarely anything crafted or cooked. Ores, coal, fossils, tech components, plants, gems, and a few other things as I get them. Max price on my ores and coal and fossils is 8c, my gems range from 35-65c except lucent, but even there I try to beat everyone.

I take it as a compliment that I have some regulars sometimes clean me out within minutes of restocks at times. :smiley: On weekdays, best time to check is 6-9 pm EST. Weekends… can come anytime, I get insomnia and will go load up at weird hours. :wink:


My shop, Hephaestus’s Cupboard is located at Nova Golda Market, which on the plant Tung (I think I spelled it right). There are portals all over the place to the Market.

I sell the mats used in forging. I try my best to keep it stocked but it can get difficult at times for me to gather some of the items, but I do my best. I need to put up a mailbox in case someone wants certain mats made, I don’t make anything that uses roadrunner feathers, too expensive and some others, but if I can make it for a player I will do so.

Hopefully farming will make it easier on me to have the needed items to make the forging ingredients.


I know you already know it well, but im still going to abuse your thread for shameless advertising… thanks!

TNT superstore… 300 stands buying and selling pretty much every item. 100s of 1000s of coin in request baskets refilled daily.

These pics are old, prices are checked on boundless trade and updated regualrly.

Located on the east side of the TNT Megahub.


The Coil King - We specialize in selling (you guessed it) coils, starting from 1090c

Accessible from the south side in Grovidas Te PS hub


Well you know I won’t pass up a time to plug our shop! (It’s honestly because I believe in it and our guild.)

We’ve got all sorts of goods, and we’re working on expanding our inventory even more! If you’ve got a need for something forged, you’ll probably find it here!

We’re in Cloud City on Imdaari.

To access The Golden Fist:
•Portal Seekers Grovidias Te
•Meteor Meet
•The Ultima Exchange
•Fireborn (Minorengle)
•TNT Hub
•Anarchy Hub
•Hearth Guard
•4KG City


Honestly, verynice Shops.
But as hermit customer, i would like the most important Thing for me seen in the advertisement oists.


All the names of the markets tell me Nothing :slight_smile:


Well, what about Noms 'n More and Original Forgeries at Nova Golda Market on Trung?

Those are mine but there are a few other very active shops there as well, Janna’s for instance, but also Ghandy’s brick/marble shop and his gleam shop.

Ohh and Soon™ I will open “To Dye For” once the new farming update hits!


Gleam Universe one stop shop for all things Gleam located in Fireborn Alder
Portals from PS Bituula, Duskmoor, Legendville, DKs Ultima Tree, Meteor Meet(Circa)


I own the 3 Tier Forging Company in the Waterfront Outlets plot B4. I sell low mid and high tier forged items and i have a sign dating when the shop was last updated.
How to arrive at destination: Waterfront Outlets has locations in The Hive, Illuminaughty Trior Co-op, Ultima, Legendville, Fireborn and Portal Seekers Grovidias Te


Plugging 2 great shops connected to my shop, Lake
Use them both quite a bit


Hey there!

My shop is “Coal, Fuel, & Metals Shop”.

What do i sell?

  • All types of compact coal
  • All types of metals in all processed stages (bars to machined)
  • All 3 types of beacon fuels
  • Oort shards & Oort amalgams
  • Charcoal
  • Compact peat

Future products:

  • The fuel-related products coming the farming update.

How to reach the shop?

  • PS Biitula Hub East side first ring left side
  • Aqua Hub on Beckon
  • Ultima Eresho Shopping Hub East side (behind row of trees)
  • DSK Galaxy on Pheminorum
  • The Hunt Hive (West side) first ring left of stairs
  • Red-GAr Portal Hub
  • Tiggersville Hub
  • Doom 101 Shop in Duskmoor on Pheminorum
  • Fire Lotus on Alder

All of that is not known to you? No issues, here are the coordinates on Beckon: 1025N 545E Alt 70.


Hi my shop is mac mobalds its mostly a showpiece and decorative
but ya can still swing by to get a aquaroyal with cheese
we have e special style all our burgers are shaped like steaks and we put the cheese inside

if ya take selphie with your friends
we give 5 free burgers to all participating
in the picture

to find it go to the ultima world hub and use the big portal saying aquatopian empire then once there walk to the nearby subway station the portal is in the same small area

we out off buugster energy drink and burgersatm hope to stock it soon


do not miss this store, everything is at a very good price


Thanks, appreciate it, and appreciate all my customers!! :smiley: And of course I’ve always love all your stuff as well, always a favorite!


I run The Witches Brew and Forging Matters. The Witches Brew has been around since about 2 weeks after launch. I specialize in all brews in game and am known for always being stocked and fair prices.

The Witches Brew has two locations. My main shop is on Trior in iLLUmiNaughty. My other location is on Eresho in the Ultima Hub. Both are priced and stocked the same, though I usually carry more forged gear at the Trior location.

My other shop, Forging Matters is located next door to the iLLumiNaughty WB. I carry forged gear and Forging mats.

I have request baskets in The Witches Brew. I pay 185c for Oort and buy it often. I have baskets both upstairs and downstairs in the Eresho shop, and one in the Trior location.

I’m also always looking for Adrenal Glands.

Thanks for your business! :nerd_face::+1:


I want everyone to know that all my stores will be selling designer Giorgio Oortmani fine wears. Starting with Reapers in dk’s legendville mall. I also have 2 stores in the naughty mall. The Corrupt Forge and the Corrupt Kraken. The Darklords Gear in the mall of fallen souls on Imdarri. All carry forged gear at fair prices. I have baskets set up at the tower of power and Reapers that I fill regularly. Buying ink leaf, orbs, beans and more.
Thank you come again!


I saw that Giorgio Oortmani sign in Legendville Mall a bit earlier and cracked up… and bought two hammers and a grapple! :smiley:


Well, I created the post and didn’t plug my own shop :sweat_smile:

Blingz’n’Thingz has 3 shops, all around our hub on Lamblis (-2130N -40E Alt:72)

We have most things stocked that you would be looking for, except brews/foods/centraforge materials. All for extremely low prices too! Always open to hand trades, so if there’s anything you’d be interested in bulk or in forged weapons then just drop me a message :blush:

Accessible via all of the main hubs;
TNT Megahub
Ultima Mall
Ultima tree
PS Lamblis
DSK Main Hub
DSK Galaxy
Gyosha Mall
Naughty Mall
The Hunt Hive
Meteor Meet

We look forward to seeing you :v:t3: