The Golden Fist 3.0, Now Bigger and Golder



Lots of planning was executed last night by Tone and I to bring you The Golden Fist, new and improved. Featuring a bigger, golder fist, and a more open layout allowing us to better organise and stock what you are looking for. As always, we are open to suggestions, will hand trade for better prices, and will deal it material trades (gems welcome, amethyst/emerald up-valued).

The ‘Isle of AOE’, featuring T1 through T7 aoe hammers, axes, and shovels laid out by specialty.

“Yo dawg, I heard you like fists”. So we put your fists inside a fist inside of The Golden Fist. Shotty slingbows and augments were also placed in ‘The War Room’

Offhand/Specialty Section (bombs, grapples, Light/loot, diving, and repair)

Consumables (and quirk 101 sign)

Building Materials section. Now stocking all of the basic chisel types

The plain jane section for all your basic needs

Room for a few more portals. Contact us if you are interested in opening one.

Ty for reading! I will now hide a free item and a highly discounted ‘easter egg’ in the new shop.

Golden fist
Actual existing shops
Plug your shop!



Free items have been hidden throughout the area