Plug your shop!


It is not that it is unwanted. I don’t like coordinates as I find them confusing. That is okay if someone goes, I need this type of tree trunks from this planet and you can find them at this location, or this color of rocks, sand, soil is found here.

But a shop? Coordinates would have me going Nuts! I want to know what town, city, settlement it is close to and what other portals are close by so I can find it.

Can remember some time back when I was given the coordinates to a settlement that had a shop. Problem was, the portal that I had used for it closed down, then I had to travel a long distance to find the shop. And low and behold, there was another shop close by it that was a well known one and had a portal to it that I saw at several locations. I could have gone to any portal area and have been there in a few seconds, not swimming, climbing cliffs, dodging critters, climbing out of holes I had fallen into (I was around level 25 then) and going this place wasn’t worth all that hassle.

Your suggestion to add it is a good one, I just never think of it. For me, portals are the best way to find it, and portals that will lead to it from several locations, not just go through this one portal. That one can close down. I don’t have a portal to my shop. It is at Nova Golda Market, and there are portals to it in various locations so it is easy to find.

Lots of players, not all but many, are now putting their shops in markets or malls as it makes it easier for players to go to one area and look at different shops. And remembering the name of one mall that can have several portals that lead you to it just seems easier than trying to remember the coordinates to it. Which I am always losing where I put the paper that has those wrote down on. sigh


Took some photos yesterday of my shop. So this is what it looks like, not fancy, or all decorated like others, I’m not that good in that department, just plain and simple.


I like shops that are open so I can move around and not a bunch of stuff blocking me from seeing what is being sold, so I set my shop up that way.

I have started a area in the coin convertor building where I have request baskets up, so players who have items they want to sell for coins can check it out, Will be putting in more request baskets over time, but for now hopefully players will see what I am hoping to get and that my prices match generally what others offer.

Come and check it out, both my shop for mats for forging and what I am hoping that others will bring and sell to me.


I’ve bought some forge mats from you a few times when I ran out of stuff and didn’t want to wait on those crafting timers :upside_down_face:


I’ve returned the favor, you are handy when I need some metals and don’t want to go mining, shimmering orbs definitely were a help one time and I’ve lost count of when I was able to grab something to help me in making the mats or other items that I have been crafting at that time.


I’d like to stock more metals etc. But at the moment my shop in the gyosha mall won’t be selling those anymore. I have a new shop in Ultima eresho but it’s still not fully built so I haven’t priced or stocked anything. Just 1 of items for what it will stock.


Do you have one at Nova Golda Market? I saw what I thought might be your name on one of the stands, I shop there along with at G. Mall.


Not me. Gyosha mall and Ultima eresho are where my shops are. Will have one in the aquatopia mall but not 100% sure what I’m going to sell in that one.


put 4 beacons lol
i like you design but that offcenter beacon triggers me


Or put it under the floor!

Better yet, divide over 4 characters for more footfall :wink:


Let me know where and when and I will pay you a visit, I gather you do forging and I like to look around at other shops, especially when Aenea is in too much pain to do any forging. Generally, I buy from her.


Come check out Lion’s Den in the Gyosha Mall. I’m selling mostly resources for farming. All the soils, foliage, compacted soils, machined iron/copper and tangle etc. you need to start your farm!

I do plan on having forged totems and tools to break/solidify liquids too, but that has to wait until the farming update.

I’ve just opened and I’m still stocking/changing things around.

Edited for the important info:

Location: Gyosha Mall #132 1360N, -985E



Money Talks Bullsnot Walks has a quarter million in its baskets. If you need coin. Swing on by. Located in the Tower of Power.
Access through naughty village, hubbit alder, regen consortium, dsk galaxy and more.


Interesting name. I will stop by and check it out, very seldom have anything to sell, now will have to be buying items for me to make my mats. Selling faster than I can gather LOL.

Mine is in the coin converter at the N. Golda Market, but will see what you are buying and if I have some extra items and you have a fair payout will stop by.


Ok, I said the 15th, but back in business now! :wink: Forgot to mention in my original post too, I often have free rocks there, and exo rocks and some other exo blocks I’ll sell for .5 each.


Seraph Store now has a forge ingredients section! Alchemy at its finest :laughing: :heart:

Accessible from Portal Seekers shopping hub Lamblis, Star Store Arie and Trickyy’s shop at swarm of the oortians Dzassak (and hopefully a few more portals soon)


Yeah I’m buying most of my mats now for forging. I’ve got so many stores. lol. But I do a decent job of keeping them stocked.
Btw also located at ps hub Gyosha. Right to the west of the hub.


Hi all

Just opened my little brick shop 66 at NAUGHTY MALL.

All brick C 4.5 each
Changing chisels C 4500
Unchanging chisels C 4500
Forge spanner’s C 4500

Hope the prices are ok please let me no if I’m to high or low :wink:
Thank you


Slingbow Depot all the tools a weapons you could ever need. Food and brew augments as well. Find us at PS biitula, Duskmoor, Hunt Hive, Ultima and TNT. Bam

Also find us at down by the shore with Paulina


The war is on! Im taking Biitula from you!!! Also non stop grappling…unless you edit Paulina…to Pauly!!! Tick Tock!


Montie Melshop has portals, free to buy portal tokens in a good location in gleams glow, lamblis! You can then access my portals to either The hunt hive, lamblis PS or alutech. So come get a portal! :+1: