Plug your shop!


I’ll help you take over biitula. We wanna use deco Oort? I have a good amount of oortstone I haven’t switched to shards yet. Also have a ton of marble we can use too lol


Orrian likes deco gems and gold. Big towers around the hive! @Orrian


Ahh we’re in luck. I have a ton of gems I was holding on to for the grand opening of my shop(construction is taking longer than I anticipated) and I have a ton of gold too. Just gotta process it all.


I dont have Biitula so HAVE FUN!


I actually wasn’t looking to sell lava, but I can never pass up an opportunity to make horrible puns.

Elysian Fields: Come for the cheap wares! Leave groaning in disgust! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Now that farming is here, hopefully inventory expanding more soon too)


One more, if you all don’t mind! Have enough goo now that I can comfortably sell off a few hundred. Current deal below… honestly, I’d like for folks who aren’t able to get to it for whatever reason to have a shot at these, so this won’t be the usual “Wipe Paka out in 20 seconds” on my plinths as flattering as that is! :wink: I think it is a good price? 400c for a newer player to get started with it isn’t too bad I think?


You are the man!
I mean woman… @bucfanpaka


Haha, thanks!! :smiley:


I’m giving away most of my Oat seeds, but holding a few in reserve to sell simply so I can have this sign up in my shop… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well it’s still under construction(it’s a “mine” so I dunno if it’ll ever be finished lol) but Oortian Mine in Eresho Ultima is finally stocked and priced.

-1369N -1292E Alt 73

There’s also a portal to it in the shop hub of Ultima Eresho

-1457N -961E Alt 64


Hello, I will quickly introduce my new store “Yamaska” which is located in Minorengle. There are still some things to work on but we decided to open it today.

We have all the colors of refined rock, trunk and gravel. We also have several raw products like beans, lamellas, metals, gems and others.

Also, currently, we have a basket that allows you to sell your raw oorts. We have 500,000 coins for 175 coins each raw oorts

We always try to have competitive prices and new things will be added soon as exo items. (We already have some)

You can find the store in Grovidias portal seeker, Legendville, The hunt hive and The organized mall.

Note that the portals in the portal seeker as well as in Organized mall are not named yet.

(Yamaska will reserve you very nice surprises soon)

Thank you


That’s awesome, I’ll be sure to be by later today when I’m back on, always a fan of your stuff! :slight_smile:


thank you very much it’s really appreciated @bucfanpaka . We are currently under construction so it’s really basic at the moment but we working very hard to try to do something interesting :slight_smile:


I dropped by and bought a load of stuff off you! Nice shop will definitely be back for more :v:t3:


Has anyone seen Colour Code? Found it yesterday and its vast! Not open yet by the looks but it’s pretty impressive! Didn’t check who owned it


I visited your place recently (Blingz’n’Thingz) and it quickly became beautiful. Good work @illuminawtyness :ok_hand:


Thank you sir! I came by your place and bought more stuff. You’re costing me a fortune :sweat_smile:


Latest deal… by dumb luck wandered into a bunch of resin right as it hit.

I want people who can’t get it to have a shot. I say 20 here but I’ll go higher for those of you in need here, double. I’ve got a smart stack after giving 100 to a friend - I’m happy to basically dole it out at this price, I’m concentrating on gathering and building now, and I know folks want it.


Got a little bored so decided to start a new shop.


Currently buying and selling all base items and farm seed/crops… and will be expanding the range (and coin in baskets) once business picks up.

Have priced checked everything on boundless trade and as of last night eveything in store is within the top 5 cheapest prices in the BT scanned universe.

And it has a sweet sweet water roof…

Found via…

  • TNT MEGAHUB - east side top tier
  • PS hub bittula
  • Hubbit hub circ


EXO Select. i sell sought after blocks of past EXO planets and all i am able to farm coming up! i am always updating with new colours.
i farm bulk to try and keep my prices low.

you can find me from the Lamblis PS (2 to the right of Alutech)
and from TNT Megahub in uh, one of the top South corners