POLL: Crafting armor / weapons


The biggest thing for me in this game is we can get to any planet with little effort. My thoughts are we need armor with environmental protection built in and forged with physical protection strong enough for the creatures you would face on the planet you plan to travel too. You dnt go into space without a space suit so you dnt go to a planet without a suit designed for its atmosphere.
On top of that we need the correct weapon for the job. Elemental Swords and shields bow and elemental arrows wing suit attachment for your armor divesuit attachment for your armor. I want to face these future titans in armor not a loincloth.

  • We want craftable armor and weapons so we dnt have to go into battle on the new worlds unprepared.
  • We want to go into battle on new planets without armor and new weapons.

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What do you want in boundless?
Destroyed planets #freeroam#dungeons#loot

c) I just don’t want to be naked anymore


Um, I think this is a bit of a loaded question.

Its kinda like,

A. Do you want make it more difficult to die in an unknown area
B. Make it easier to die in an unknown area

Know what I mean?

I get what your trying to do, but maybe a more balanced question would be of more benefit, and maybe not a binary choice!

Sorry to come across as a bit patronising :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with fidach…the binary poll appears leading. More than 2 options would be wiser imo. Cus it was leading I just chose option 2


I sure hope armor is on the road map soon.


He had me at “we want craftable”.


You and many others.
On a side note seems like this poll is going in the right direction hope to see something similar to this come to boundless.


I can see the positive of the craftable armor and weapons. Although not new content, it is something that is needed, and would be another item to make and sell.

I am tired of going to a higher level planet to get items I need and not have the skills to protect myself. You can do space travel, but not have protective armor, no protective clothing, no weapons that would be able to defend yourself?
Were we cast out because we were undesirables and they gave us the bare necessities and some basics so we could survive and we are on our own, did our ships crash due to whatever reason and that is why we don’t have what is needed to create a safe environment?

Let’s go with the realistic aspect that if we were to leave Earth to explore and find a new planet for expansion, we would be bring with us the needed equipment, supplies, food, weapons to help us live and thrive while we built our new homes and set up protection

There is going to be the huntress or whatever she will be called and we won’t have better protection? looks bad, Developers, just doesn’t go with the concept that we have the brains to take care of ourselves.


It will be amazing to have armor in this game hope to hear some confirmation either way


Question: What form / function do you see armour having?


The reason I ask is that armour implies that it comes with stats applied to it.

Throughout the forums, if you notice, any mention of any clothing is always referred to as wearables (or in game as outfits), which from the original concept for clothing in Boundless, means they have no stats. For the most part they are/were planned to be cosmetic (with the exception of armbands). This is to ensure that you don’t end up at level 50, with a hunter skill build, looking exactly like every other hunter at level 50, just because one particular armour is better than another.

I guess they could make wearables start as a blank slate and allow them to be forged, so at least you would still be able to choose form before function - but this would be a whole other level of balancing.


In the end armor is whatever the devs make it. But my thought on it would be to have all armor start off as a blank slate. When crafting the armor you choose the element you want protection in and put those shards in the crafting recipe. So no matter what armor style you pick they all have the option to be the same. Creating higher tiers of the armor for more advanced levels of environmental protection.
After you craft the armor you then place it in the centraforge to give it physical protection as well as buffs. This method would give you the ability to create armor for what you need it for.

I like the knight style armor I pick it
I need to go to a burn world
I grab red shards for the recipe.
It’s a lv 6 burn world I grab the additional mats needed for the higher tier elemental protection.
I place it in the machine to be crafted.
Now I need to handle lv 6 planet mobs
So I put the armor in the centraforge and forge protection on it strong enough to handle lv 6 planet mobs.
This is just a very basic example of how I believe it should work. Their will be different opinions that is fine just the key thing here is to get craftable armor in the game and for the devs to actually make that happen.


Only problem with armor is they will then balance the game around having armor. Armor would become the new power coils.

I do have an idea for how armor could work though. Players don’t have armor slots, so what you would do is have a remoticus in your inventory that summons and places your armor cube. Then you interact with the cube to enter your mech suit or change its inventory. But not a big derpy mech suit that is 10 feet tall, it’d be just large enough to cover your body snugly.

Interact with the remote again to exit your armor.


c - focus on other things in the game other than armor