Poll: Crafting Skills


my first character is crafter with some point in endurance/survive/slingbows wich is lvl 28; whan i go exploring/hunting i die a lot

with the alt character wich is specialized hunter at lvl 14 is already FAR stronger than the first one

i don’t see how with a character lvl 10 with a gem hammer can get 20k coin with resources, maybe you mean it’s safer to accomplish daily/feats/objectives, wich gives you coins, but once the tool is broken, and you can’t recraft it yourself… there is a high risk of “bankrupt” as it is not sustainable - with a pure or even with the example of my first character crafter you can’t go to gather/mine resources in higher tier planets, if you meet tentacles in a cave you really risk to die, and meteorite are impossible…

you mean… gem tools in the first T1 home world? seems not an appropriate way :stuck_out_tongue:


No offense intended, but so much of what you’ve posted really does feel (to me) like you’re only looking at a very specific, smaller picture.

Crafting would still be gated by owning and maintaining machinery. Are you suggesting that they can have also built themselves a setup with spark and power enough to make their own tools (and maintain any machines they have, obviously)? If you are, then you’re not really saying that changing crafting in this manner would break the game for you, but that it’s already broken and too easy.

Portal networks are freely and easily accessible ‘right now’. Is that still going to be the case come launch? I was under the impression (mistaken or otherwise) that portals were only as easy to maintain as they are because it’s pre-release, there aren’t enough people and they want them in use and being constantly tested.

Your scenario is a ‘best case’ scenario. It assumes no mistakes on the part of the player. It assumes that you will find resources where the atlas says, and not a spot someone else has already been to leaving you to find very little, if anything.

Beyond that, you seem to be of the opinion that if someone technically has the skill and knowledge to do something difficult, or not withing reach of the general playerbase (I consider myself a reasonable gamer, but wouldn’t want to do what you’re suggesting), the game should lock down their ability to do so. At that point, what’s even the point in being good at a game, or carefully planning what you’re going to do if you can never break out of the pre-determined path you have before you?

Time and availability are exactly why it SHOULD work like this. A new player comes to the game a year or two down the line, and sees that they’ve got a massive slog ahead of them to even get close to where other people are. Then they realise that they can’t speed it up or bypass a couple of steps using the economy that has build up in the meantime to catch up at all. They’re not as likely to stay.

Finally, if crafting skills are focused on product quality and material efficiency instead of just ‘unlocks a handful or recipes’, have you considered the possibility that the miner would actually get more by selling his resources and buying more hammers than making their own? This could potentially improve the economy if the focus of crafting skills shifts.


Not to spur an argument but imo simplifying things too much makes Boundless into more of an MC clone. I think certain crafting recipes should be skill locked so people who legit want to build can either spec into it or just spec into it on an alt. Part of what draws me to Boundless is that it feels like it’s trying just enough to be different without trying too hard. Tweaks can always be made though. Once farming and other more economical/agricultural components start making an appearance then I would definitely say that the skill system needs a slight overhaul to balance things out.

As it stands I think some tweaks could be made to satisfy both parties without sacrificing some of the challenge and character building this game provides


Don’t get me wrong I want crafters to be able to specialize (and be enough attractive specialization options that any crafter would be insane not to)… When I first started playing there were no skills… And it was really exciting to find a new material and take it home and try to figure out what the heck to do with it ^^

I guess if I had my way, advanced recipes would be discovered through exploration, from hidden ruins or rare drops from animals / blocks maybe, that then could be traded to other players (crafters) This would give explorers something particularly exciting to find as well as crafters a different kind of progression other than just acquiring materials and skills… not to mention the advantage of having recipes that others don’t necessarily have.

I think it would be cool to have all sorts of crafting skills that actually improve crafting rather than simply giving the ability to craft… Extra potency on tools, material efficiency, energy efficiency etc. I think it would be nice if everybody could craft everything if they really wanted to… However the end product would either be not as effective or the whole process would be horribly inefficient that it really would only be an option of desperation.

Another interesting thought is to somehow work attributes into the mix since crafters essentially don’t need any of them… Different attributes could even favor different categories of crafting… Power for tools… Dexterity for technology, Luck for greater success in the forge, and so on

But now I feel we’re getting off topic here so I’ll shut up =P


The problem with ‘incentivizing’, or making things too much harder for people to do things without others, is that at least least some of those people, end up feeling forced.

A lot of people* don’t want to be forced to group. Sometimes because of limited, irregular, or often interrupted play times, sometimes for a sense of personal achievement, sometimes because they don’t want to deal with people or drama (but don’t want to be ‘alone’ either).

That does not mean that just because you aren’t forcing or incentivizing grouping, that people won’t. I think a lot of them will, when they are able or when they choose to. The people that those incentives or requirements for being grouped really don’t work for, may end up just quitting.

This way, they can stick around, and who knows, maybe they end up posting and replying about gamer psychology or something crazy like that :wink:

* (speaking only from personal experience and the people I’ve known over the years, granted)


I’d love a range of perks for skills that change or enhance the way they behave in some way. Differentiate our characters not by what they can’t do, but in how that character specifically does things.

And heck, traits for our characters in general. Look to the Fallout games or plenty of P&P RPGs (GURPS, etc) for ideas on that. Individualize the characters more.

movement speed figures into crafting speed… :+1:

You should start a new thread on it. :slight_smile: