Poll for Auto Refuel + discussion (Gleam club perk)


Should Auto Fuel be included in Club Membership?

  • Should be in-game choice which beacon to auto fuel as member?
  • Nah its P2W don’t even bother having it!
  • No keep it, it helps us!
  • Im a trolololol your plots has belong to me!!!

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i choose its pay to win
i dont feel this about the other perks but this means they need spend less coin and resources and can place thousand off plots all over the world
with zero efort this is def pay to win and very clear to me
i add that this is my only pay to win issue with the entire game


i agrree but to keep it fair i am not voting


Calling it P2W is a bit harsh but its probably the closest to it in Boundless.


i know but people love their reference points :wink:


letting u sget it with qbits could also kinda solve it maybe :smile:


On one hand more beacons should mean more upkeep.

On the other hand, if you manage your beacon fuel well, auto-fuel ist just a gimmick with no real advantage.
I just saves the time running to all your beacon every 3 to 4 months.
(If you don’t visit a beacon on a regular basis anyway, whats the point of that beacon?)

And of course:


i understand your point but the poll was made after some though about if people could just troll the game and take over an entire planet while playing on an alt/main just because they can (thats why i made the poll anyway)


Sometimes I feel lazy and may not want to login and refresh the beacon (maybe for 1 or 2 months).
Later when I like to play again, I do not want to start by null, because someone grabbed my stuff :confused:
BUT: I would keep paying for the support and gleam club to ensure, my building would stay.

So the argument of paying without playing would not catch me, because I do support while being pausing (same to TESO :smiley:).


@Stretchious , @Havok40k i would like to edit the poll so it reads like this (instead of Nah its P2W i would like it to say it’s an unfair advantage if all beacons are included)

DOes everyone who have voted so far agree with the edit, or should it stay as it is?


If I buy the million plots it would take to take over an entire planet then I have too much money. If someone is trolling and wants to pay $5 per month to troll then they would probably be willing to log in every 3 months to refuel beacons.


The vote should have just said “yes” or “no” . We didn’t need the other things.

The option to auto-fuel goes against everything we have tried to push a community. It has nothing to do with P2W at this point. So I feel the vote should be on the core issue and not bring in other drama or disagreements on P2W, etc…


i know its a shame i cannot edit a poll after 5 minutes… i agree what you say and i was trying to be funy which didn’t work) sorry


I agree, I only voted P2W because thats basically the a No answer to the poll qustion.
It is a slap to all that need to remember about fueling and craft fuels in first place.

I also think that purchasable options shouldn’t promote laziness in game. This automatic fueling is like adding storage auto-extracting option for your machines, so as long as you pay monthly subscription your machines use needed items from your storage and you dont have to bring ingredients with you.


i still Personally think that the auto refuel shuould be to either the home beacon only… or a player choice which beacon it goes to (as an in game choice)

BEcause although i understand @Kal-El 's reply… something tells me it is going to be abused :wink:


amen brother


oh im going to vote anyway… its my poll after all :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course, do we really know HOW it works? I don’t think so… but the perception it creates is this:

There were tons of posts where the whole community and developers said we wanted to get people INTO THE GAME to play… this also promotes locked builds that never go away… something we all hated. That one beacon in the middle of the city that never goes away because the person doesn’t play but now can just have it auto-fueled…


which is taking up space because $4.99 is not much at all for that kind of bonus (IMHO) which is why i say it can also be abused… but i said that about 3 times now… so i will leave the post to everyone else now :slight_smile:


yep and there are people that dont need to blink to pay for 5years gleam club