Poll for Auto Refuel + discussion (Gleam club perk)


game is def not pay to win i proofed it allready but autofueling is a slap in the face to base acounts and gives the user lots off ways to benefit over baseacounts in a way that looks like CHEATING
its the new forum word ive banned paytowin lolz
in boundless ya fuel ya beacon thats how it is and should be for everybody
i do accept autofuel if its obtainable by q-bits if i had to compromise on it


I voted for it.

Sadly, I travel for work very frequently ( I will be traveling for the entire month of September) so the gleam club will be my way of keeping my plots during my time away.


This is Pay to keep the lights on!!!

This is the only feature worth spending a dime on in the boundless world…
Why would I buy a Cubit when they literally grow on tree’s… Would be a silly waist of money!

This is the one feature that I will spend my money on that will keep the servers running!!!
Take this out and I dare say this game will go broke…


in fairness, i forgot about that but… still if it was only one beacon i would agree more… ebcause as i say… if its every single one it could easily be taken advantage of?


yeah i made a sugestion before on an option to contact devs to request for this this sugestion involved filling in a form and etc some efort off obtaining it with good reasons

you not the type off person i do not want to have acces to this
theres many other ways off using this autofuel
its just not having it avaible to players that cant aford it is what gets me anoyed def like to know more details on autofuel for gleamclub and why its not buyable with Q-bits


i want it to
its just the way to get it that i dont like
i want baseacounts to have a way to get it also


voting is now closed but you may continue the discussion, thank you all for your input :slight_smile:


Maybe just make a yes no poll now?


i would but

1 cant edit it now
2 im not going to make a new thread with the same subject matter :slight_smile:


Q-bits can buy autofuel

  • yes
  • no

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thats confusing now - first it was if autofuel should be available as part of gleam club now its question about cubits; please dont switch question logic I answered no quickly now I realized you probably meant should they be moved to be purchasable for cubits rather than real money…


This is a no across all aspects for me.

Currently the game gives 4 month fuel option. If you are going to go away then go purchase some and fuel your beacons. If you are going away longer, then get someone else to help you at that 4 month mark.

We want people to play the game not spend money to just keep their builds around…


Here, lets make it more logical and clear.

I’m curious how many people see it as fair/unfair and if unfair how many would accept it in Exchange (so you can also get it through playing).


This poll is an utter mess. It should be yes or no or maybe. I think auto-fuel is fine but I think the user should at least have to have some presence in the game so people don’t just take over the planet to troll them.


Are they not winning with this poll? :rofl:


Its not qbits that will be buying it though, its the subscription


it was @the-moebius who made the new poll lol… mine was should they be in the game at all his was as above lol


I’m looking forward to auto-fuel just because I’m risk averse, like insurance and don’t trust my ability to log on at the right time. I’ve missed a few already (thanks, baby! :wink: ) and when 1.0 goes live I plan to build something proper. I’d like it to not disappear because I forget my beacon clashes with going away or something. If I stopped playing I’d stop paying so the autofuel wouldn’t apply.

Edit: That was unfair, it wasn’t only the baby it was me being forgetful also.


Calendar and alarm reminders work great… of course it doesn’t help you poor souls stuck in baby teething hell. So I do feel for you… I’m sure the evil bad parent part hidden away in you might want in the worst moment to just open a portal and jump through without the baby! :slight_smile: