Poll for refined gleam prestige value


You make great points @ctrl-64 i’m back on this thread because MAYBE it triggered someone to do this - but now someone is prestige griefing my settlement (going from 250k to 650k) overnight from clearly lining his massive blocky skycraper with gleam. I also agree with @gill that not all gleam are the same. I think silk yellow and cool blue should be the first to go as far as prestige value. These are being abused left & right in order to effectively steal wardenships and viceroys.


That’s cool sure. The lighting engine is pretty neat, even if heavy handed on bloom. For a game that bills itself as a community buiding game that is boundless, the way you frame it it’s really more a long the limes of Gleamland. Not Boundless.

That aside, you didnt do anything about prestige values for blocks that undergo significantly more processes to be used than gleam does in the current game version. Dirt, Clay, Mud, etc wouldnt be used for prestige spamming because there’s no manner outside compacting that allows for those types to be furthered (that im aware of). If the game is truly Boundless, there has to be some homogenization on prestige values so that folks are allowed to build creatively without being penalized for not using gleam because of potential oversight in beta/alpha builds.

If the answer is to keep prestige values where they are, then something needs to be added to the game to judge and value creativity, outside of footfall. Maybe I don’t want to go see someones build in game, but I really like seeing the posts of their creations. They wont get the limited footfall from me.

Games great. Fixes being made are great. Future needs some more shaping.


Then I’m not worried about anything :slight_smile:


Isn’t there a way to separate the prestige from who gets the rank of warden, viceroy or other for settlements/cities/capitals?
To me, for a place to be seen as a hamlet, village, town, city, is the number of residents, those who “live” there. The higher the population, the higher ranking. The “leader” title, warden, mayor or other should be either the founder of the place or someone who gets voted in. If someone founds the place they get the title and it can’t be taken away. If they decide to quit playing they can announce they are leaving, or taking a leave and either pick someone to replace them or a vote.

My son, who is a gamer, goes the only way to keep it fair is to have guilds. I don’t know. New to MMO, first one and I just don’t like going to various planets and seeing huge gleaming towers, some ugly, that make the city look horrible and the city is empty. I know it isn’t the eyesores, but still, it just feels so sad to see nothing but lots of white gleam and no people.