[Poll] Is the grind really that hard? (for builders)

I read alot here and there that ppl that want to focus on build are quite unhappy with the grinding factor in the game.

For me is boundless the best game to build on in a voxel world, much kind of colors and textures (could be more textures :P) and lots of colors to play with + chizzeling wich is a very unique feature.

I would like to know how majority of ppl think about this.
I assume that nobody is complaing that getting simple stone or timber or even refined is to grindy
Also gleam is not really hard to get, well it depends on the color you want for your building project.

i think its more about the quality blocks like bricks, glass, lamps, decorative blocks etc.

i think none of those are really hard to get, its more work than stone, but its not that bad, compared to minecraft (vanilla) i think its even less grind per block in some cases.

so what do you guys think from a perspective of a builder, is it to grindy to get blocks to build cool stuff?
If you are not a builder or not interested in building projects please refrain from voting.

  • To much grind for the good blocks
  • its okay as it is
  • could be harder to get the good blocks

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As a new player I find the grind okay. I’m primarily interested in building but like the challenge of getting the right materials.


Hopefully people will answer that poll :slight_smile: Would be good to have some hard numbers how many of us actually don’t like that grind.


I dont really want to answer this poll yet as i’m currently in the process of making my first bricks. Im leaning more towards its okay as it is though. Theres definitely a grind towards getting the mats but it’s not an unbearable grind considering most of the mats are easily farmed on T1 planets once you find a good spot.

Wax for decorative on the other hand was a slight pain, searching for the flowers that are the same color as the tall grass. :sweat_smile:

I’m in the middle of a large project using who knows how many rocks and I think that if it was any harder to gather resources then my imagination wouldn’t be able to keep up and I’d end up creating a new building just for storage.

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We cannot ignore the fact that a lot of players who play boundless come from minecraft. And a lot of those players played the creative world. Now those players have to grind.

Myself, i always played survivel so i had to grind to build. The quarry of IC2 was a very welcome addition but still, i’m used to it.

Well, you did have redstone + ‘physics’ based farms :stuck_out_tongue: which could help a bit with some forms of the grind.

I answered “too much grind,” but for the building part itself the grind is only maybe like 5% too bad, and I think only due to the last patch that made decorative blocks and brick harder to make. The super high tier stuff should be hard to get (decorative gem blocks or w/e).

Yeah there were a lot of cool tricks :blush:. I guess there is some price we have to pay to play in a shared universe.

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bricks are easier to make since 199


This has been discussed before, but even if you get more bricks per block put in you now also need to go to other locations to collect the mud and ash which makes the whole thing take longer. It’s easier to get 300 blocks in 1 place than 100 blocks in 2 places.

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Depend how you define easier. After 199 people had to take a hike looking for ash and mud. And judging from how many questions about those showed up, some had no idea where to even start looking for those materials :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically you need to farm more types of material which made it for some people harder.


And its easier to get 1k places in 2 places than 3k in one. All depending on scale.

But yes, it was discussed in depth.

Basically any building blocks and their refinement processes are okay with me including the metals. Titanium is meh, but that’s a different topic.

The current rate for gems seems fine. I wouldn’t mind if blink/darkmatter/etc were harder to get than gems

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The amazing and fantastically detailed builds we saw in pre-alpha, alpha, and beta compared to the many rectangular boxes filled with machines, combined with watching many of the best builders I know leave. Tells me the grind is too **** high.

Also, the poll is flawed it only shows the people that are still here, not the building gods that are now silent.


I will just add this. Regardless of scale, the mud/ash create a sort of sunk cost that feels bad. Before, say I planned to mine 2000 clay soil to compact, but i got bored half way through. I could still go make bricks with that 1000 clay. Now I feel forced into continuing to mine after the clay because it’s useless if I don’t get the mud and ash. That is a slightly different grind, obviously, but certainly a factor for some.

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I havent been counting but so far I estemet I have used about 2500 bricks in my build.
it’s a lot of work but I don’t think it’s to much. for every 2 hours I spend collecting materials I would say I spend about 5 hours building.


It’s easier to get 300 blocks in 1 place than 100 blocks in 2 places.

you are absolutely right, i think this explains all.
there is not much we can do with 100 bricks, so the common case is to get alot of bricks, so at all they are easier except you just want to have like 100, but if someone is happy with 100 bricks than there is no reason for this person to complain about grindyness :slight_smile:

I think this game would benefit more staying in the lane of a building game with MMO aspects vs an MMO game you can build in personally. But everyone is looking for something different.


I was just using 100 because it’s a small, round number and I don’t recall the exact ratios off the top of my head. :). In practice, unless I just need like 1 craft of something to finish a section off, I am mining 1000s of blocks at a time.