Poll keep lovestruck permanently


I’m sure many oortians would love to run flower shops all the time plus they give some nice home decor so how about a poll.

  • craft lovestruck items after event
  • No longer craft lovestruck items after event.

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Time limited events are what make them special. As much as id love to see the items stay in the game, i also like that theyre not.

More craftable decor in a future update would be a nice compromise. Which im sure will come with time.


You can craft event items after it has ended, but you will not receive event item after the event.



The poll is not correct. We can craft items after the event. We just cannot get the special materials.

So maybe it should be updated.

Personally I like the limited time events BUT I dislike never being able to get the special items again. Not all of us can sit and grind and play during the week to get enough special items to get a reserve of them. I would really like some way to craft the item even if it took more work…


I don’t think its “never again”, rather just during the season. We should be able to craft them again next year during the same events, plus maybe some new ones for some annual flair?


Our plans at the moment have us repeating events with potential for additional content each year. Having said that, this isnt a promise, just our intent. The first to come back around will be Halloween for 2019 :slight_smile:


As a flower shop owner I reeeealy want to vote for year round, but if I’m being honest I think it should remain seasonal. But only if it’s recurring so those who missed get a chance next year :slight_smile:


It’s just a shame that some content has to disappear that a lot of people would actually want to keep. Oh well I guess


I think people are asking for this to be permanent because it adds a little bit of content that we need.

I understand that it’s seasonal though and it gives everyone something to look forward to.


Exactly this game is starved for decor content now we can craft a few things in many different colors… but only for a short time


The issue with this is if you miss the timing of the event you are out again… Your putting it again behind a requirement that people must play and grind a huge amount to get the objects. (e.g. in this case it takes 36 hearts for a mass craft… or if you want smaller and different colors its a lot of hearts… and you are stuck waiting for people… so it is behind 2 walls instead of just one in grinding.)

I’d buy stuff from people but much of it is too premium… plus once the stock is gone you cannot find the stuff for many months…

Special events are great but the items are VERY cool and it would be nice to have some way to get outside of the event that doesn’t require real cash cubits… maybe a machine that requires work to give you access to the materials or something.



I’ll be lucky to get enough for a single mass craft…grrrrrrr.

Please tell me you can give flowers once per 24 hours, not once for the entire event.


I have around 10k snowballs, gonna be a sale summer time lol


I’ve been stockpiling as well.


You miss the point here… snowballs could easily be made based on regenerated items. Same for the spooky seeds. This is linked directly to once per person. So after you have worked through the alts based on the time you have to play you have hit MAX. So you’re not getting 10k of this stuff. If you can get to each alt for each account you are talking at most 10 stones per account. With roughly a few hundred regulars good luck at getting a lot.


I was referring to the events in general. People are so literal lately.


He wasn’t comparing or making a point, just sharing.


For the people who want multiple colors I suggest you do a mass craft then trade with other players for the different color of the same item.


Lately people post irrelevant content and derail threads… so you should expect people to not get what you mean when the context of a conversation is one thing and you bring in something not related.