Poll: Price for Decorative Plants/Fungus

How much are you willing to pay for decorative plants and fungus?

I’ve noticed some of my plants sell out immediately whenever I restock. Primarily the plants that can be harvested for beans. And while i don’t mind my plants selling out - the thought of them being crushed for the beans within makes me a little sad.

For example: I had my stardrop plants priced at 40c each. And bitter beans are currently selling for 150c. So I’m assuming someone cleared them out to crush them and resell the beans.

So I’m thinking of raising prices. Since it takes a bit of effort collecting plants of many colors I really want to make sure that they are available for builds and not for beans.

In my shop currently - all plants are 40, and all fungus are 50. For simplicity I’d rather not price each type of plant/fungus separately. Even though i know when crushed some plants/fungus are more valuable.

So, to keep my prices fair for those who actually build with plants. What do you feel is a good price?

  • ~50
  • ~60
  • ~70
  • ~80
  • ~90
  • 100+

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Honestly I’d sell them at the cost of the drops. Personally I’d still buy them at that price even tho I don’t smash them(have a bug with gathering epic and been waiting since October for a response on that from the devs) so wouldn’t even be worth it to me to smash the plants :sweat_smile:. But the plants should be worth what they drop at least I would think.


Yea - i mean if i were to get into the detail of it - I’d probably price them slightly higher than the drops to make sure they’re being bought for deco and not drops.


This is how i Feel.


Yea, I get that.

I’m not concerned with color rarity right now tbh. After the update plants will be paintable anyway. So i figure all colors are equal (except maybe greys or white).

The problem i have is managing the price for ~10 different plant products if their price depends on the value of beans/orbs. Since i sort everything by color - i have over 300 shop stands that I’d have to adjust individually when the price of beans/orbs fluctuates. This is… not doable.

If i just priced everything at the high end (ty bitter bean) everything would end up being 150c. And I’m wondering if builders see deco plants as having that kind of value, or not.

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I love your store, I come for specific colors, i love decorative plants, also love deco rock, I know it is a pain to gather time consuming and slow. I would charge the cost of what the plant would give you, the rarity, not to mention time it took to get. Also you said plants will be paintable? What else will be paintable?


Only thing i would buy is prestige plants cause of the looks.

Keypoint here is “if it glows its worth something”

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My shop does have prestige plants if you want them!

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Thanks @Rosa ! Glad you like the shop. I think all plants/fungus/grass is going to be paintable with the update. I’m not sure of the specifics.

My goal is to have a large selection of plants of different colors in stock for folks. It just seems certain things sell out too quick to keep on the shelves - which would indicate I’ve underpriced them.

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If only there were a way to manage all shop stand prices from a central beacon…


Also if they become paintable you could charge more for them being painted. And painting them for specific colors may make more sales, also easier harvesting or gathering because you could have a hot spot for gather type of plant then paint to fill stands you are out of, etc.


Any plant that’s selling for less than it’s drops is eventually going to get bought.

I don’t go around smashing plants very much, I mean it’s been a long time. I haven’t been at your shop :wink:

But people are going to find the coin. It’s definitely ‘fair’ to price this in.

Yea totally - I don’t fault folks for buying ‘em and crushing ‘em for beans. I’m the one that priced them too low lol. I just want to have stock available for builders - and not overcharge. And i can’t be resetting stand prices every week - there’s too many stands to cover.

I just need to find a price point that makes sense. I may have to go back to different prices for each plant/fungus type. Because 150c makes sense for stardrops, and maybe trumpet root. But not for tinted-burst fungus… or does it?


I clicked 100+, because I hate it when people chop up those deliciously sought-after glowing mushrooms from exo planets, instead of using them for decorations as intended. ø _ø;;

One way to solve it, would be the easy “sell directly to people who you trust to actually use them”. Though that can usually be more hassle than it’s worth.

Addendum; I’m one of those builders in question, because glowshrooms make cave environments gorgeous


For the same reasons that the loot varies in price, so should the flowers. And fungus, or whatever. Do you have any boulders? The same for them…

I know it seems like it’s the same to gather any one, from a certain perspective. One hit of a gem shovel and you have it, doesn’t matter if it’s a stardrop or a desert sword. But this casual “at a glance” perspective is the luxury of a more advanced player and it doesn’t play out in the markets because really, there are players that want those loots that can’t even get to those flowers.

It’s not just about the axe, it’s about the skills you have, the travel required to get there (again sort of hidden by portal networks, but it’s time …) The ability (skills and/or resources) to survive in the open on a high tier world, etc…

Don’t sell yourself (or others) out. The only reason that a bitter bean is worth so much more than a spicy bean is because they are harder to get. It’s not harder to get the bean, once you have the flower in hand. It’s harder to get the flower.

A long time ago when I was a daily gatherer I wanted to be in this business, but at that time it was no business at all. There was always someone who just made some giant run selling plants for less than they were reasonably worth, to the point that i finally realized I should just buy all those 5c nox and break them for 30c (at the time) leaves.

It’s why I still have a fairly large number of plants and boulders at in stands at high prices, I haven’t touched in forever. It’s the same as the forgers who think everything is too expensive, and then burn out of the game in 6 weeks trying to forge to demand. You have a hobby that not many people can AND WOULD afford the time to do, and most of us just take the loot when we do that stuff.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed, whatever there’s a whole “feels bad” vibe, to ask value for the product of your efforts.

A trumpet root is NOT the same as a desert sword. There’s a reason I chose to post the pioneer achievement rather than the chieftain, even for a knowledgeable player, you need to be getting past level 30 or more to be safely surface gathering at T6. Look, 5% of players.

IDK I guess I could hammer the point :rofl: Don’t rob yourself.


A 150c, if you can get bulk stardrops it’s going to be worth it for a do-nothing coin hoarder. Trumpet root, builders only. This is not something random. It’s a fact that the community has set the value of acquiring these plants at certain prices with a couple of years to develop and firm them up.

At the moment of acquisition, it doesn’t shouldn’t matter whether you decide to hit it with a shovel, or an axe.

Thank you for that well thought out comment @Nightstar !

I do feel a little guilty raising prices - as i want the plants to be accessible and affordable to everyone. And i don’t want to shock any of my regular customers.

Some things in my shop are already a bit higher than average. Like my grass/flowers/foliage. But I figure it’s worth it if you can find the color you want without having to visit 10 different planets to harvest yourself. I just need to find that sweet spot for plants and fungus.

My mission: Have the go-to plant shop for builders and collectors with a large selection of colors.

And if certain varieties are selling out too quickly that means they aren’t available for builders.

I think i need to do some price research on BUTT and just make sure the plants are priced above the average for the components. High enough that i don’t have to change prices every week, but still “affordable” by comparison.

I was looking at this last night actually. Saw that stardrops are 176% chance for bitter beans with the right skills. So this would mean there’s a high chance a stardrop plant might drop 2 bitter beans, right?

By this logic if bitter beans are 150c atm - stardrop plants should sell for around 300c? Are folks willing to pay that much for a deco stardrop plant? I mean that’s higher than the price of oortstone… or blink…

Edit - I guess “willing” is irrelevant really. If that’s the value of the components. Then, that’s the price they’d need to be to stay available to build with, right?


This is the thing. And as noted above, it’s not just linear. The trumpet root is going to be more desirable for a builder than for a forger, for instance. I think it has higher drop rates on the other beans, but still …

Just don’t forget, it’s not 100% about market value but it’s worth remembering or you get into that gray area where rather than feel rewarded that people appreciate your efforts, you’re having to question whether or not people are just taking advantage of you. If it helps, remember this:

If prices are correct, than in many cases builders will be fine paying you a slight premium for making it to the flowers/biomes/levels they can’t or won’t, and then NOT busting the flower for loot.

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Yea definitely price them higher than the drops them selves. I’d say 100 coins on top of drops price. So if get 2 bitter beans from a stardrop plant.

Average on BUTT for bitter bean is 152c each so I’d price a stardrop at 400c each. Just my opinion.

This would keep people from buying them out just for drops to use or resell. As well keep people happy on price for decorations, atleast in my opinion I would still buy the stardrop as a decoration at that price.


At 176% drop rate, you’re going to need to break a few to hit the average of 1 and three quarters beans per plant. At each break though you have 75% chance of the extra bean.

IMO for a couple of plants, 200c is going to keep most of the loot seekers from looking twice. Might have to go to 250+ to stop them all if you’re stocking a couple hundred of plants.

if it was 200% drop chance then it’s 2 every time.

Maybe not for the first fifteen minutes, but if you gave me two hours with a decent blink exo up, I could probably mine more blink than I could farm stardrops. I’m not sure about oort lol.

IMO this is exactly correct. That’s what you have to do if you want the items you’ve harvested to stay in the market and available for builders.

And as for the builders, that will cross a threshold for some where they go out and start gathering. That’s fine though, if they don’t think the plants are worth it, that’s what they need to do. Because at the prices those individuals are willing to value another individual’s time/labor - they’re taking advantage of you.

Not to imply any malice though really, I mean if you’re offering 50c or 75c bitter beans, someone will definitely be buying them. That’s the market working correctly.