Poll: Should devs add an in-game shopping directory?


Not asking if people like BoundlessTrade here, just wondering if people would like to see a similar feature added to the official client.

  • Add an official in-game shopping directory on PC, PS4 and any other clients
  • Leave the game as-is

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Only if you want to trash the game for good.


If the two options are couple of programs made by others which is being used in the same way and which contains out of date and incomplete data I much prefer a Wonderstruck created solution.

Even half way would be OK by me if the devs provide the necessary support through API calls so the grunt.of the work is done by third parties with data that IS up to date, complete and unbiased.


Similar and more detailed poll here, already Poll: World-economy-screen


I’m sorry, I didn’t close down the other thread only for it to pop up in another format for people to continue flinging poo at each other … however thinly veiled.

My suggestion for the people that want to continue along this tack, take a step back, calm your breathing and chill for a bit… for the rest that want civil discussion around possible in-game improvements for Boundless, and as Fallon has pointed out, there is already another thread on this subject here.

Please remember to keep these discussions civil and constructive.