Poll: World-economy-screen

Continuing the discussion from World-Economy-Screen:

A few questions, what is most important here:

  • Showing the variation of prices on a world or across the entire universe?
  • Showing the locations of items?
  • Listing all items with all details that are available to buy and sell across a world?
  • Do not want

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When it comes to location do we want:

  • "45N 32E”
  • “James’ Mega Store in London”

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You left 1 poll out. No listing at all.

Fixed (10 chars)

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Idk that’s not really the question being asked here.

Though I can see your point too, having a simple - " I don’t want any of this " option would be good also

If youre following the post he is referring to, Its about having it or not.

I’m following, but the poll was not about that, its about answering James questions, which were about HOW we would like it implemented. Whether or not it will be is another question entirely


Left out the “James’ Mega Store in London” selling Pies, Strength and health brews.

What do I want? A much wider variety of items to sell, and not more food or tools, maybe different type of weapons. Furniture, ladders, clothes, armor, friendly competitions, challenges, quests and much more to add some spice to the game.

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I think location is enough, and I didn’t fill out the location format poll because I believe a third option, in-game navigation, is best. What I mean by that is compass indicators or an atlas-like experience showing you request baskets and shop stands for a given item.

It isn’t really about location even, it’s about having “AoE All Adjacent” awareness of the market opportunities in your immediate area. Running into and out of each store to see if they deal in the item you are interested in is tedious. It was worse when portal load times were a constant part of the experience but malls aren’t perfect either. There’s no guarantee of shopkeeper retention. So the mall must sprawl to accommodate the next wave of shops, 75% of which will ghost out of business in the first month.

If you think of Gyosha Mall’s greatest innovation, adding icons outside stores to designate if they sell forged gear or food, you will see the power of having greater awareness of the market opportunities in your immediate area.