[POLL]Should Gleam Club members have to wait 15 minutes between switching skill pages?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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I understand the reason for doing this poll, but I think it should just be reduced across the board for everyone, or restriction be lifted in any ‘friendly’ beacon (any ypu have full perms on).


Yes, they should wait just like everyone else, Gleam club is not supposed to be P2W and undermine things that can be used to gain a combat edge.

I also support the delay as is, and I do not feel the need for them to remove it so people can try to pretend to get around the reason each page only allows 100 points.


You should be able to switch skill pages within your owned beacon at will. Anywhere else, it makes complete sense to wait 15 minutes.

Edit, not just gleam club but anyone



No i don’t support the removal of alts since that is a ship that has long sailed and the removal of them would create massive problems, that cat is out of the bag.

Furthermore pretty much every MMO I have played allows alts, so there is no problem at all with alts.

The reduction of alts would create the same problem, people who already have the max amount of alts will either lose some, or if they are grandfathered in, that creates an asymmetrical playing field, both situations are quite bad.

They are reducing the dependents on alts. They just changed the max allowed skill pages from 3 to 5,

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There needs to be a third option, no one should have to wait to switch skill pages. I find it a total pain in the rear end to have switched pages, forget and take my girl who has no armor and only level 1 protection to the planets and get her rear handed to her, died three or four times before I took her home going what in the world is wrong!?

Find out I forgot to switch pages, do so and now I am tired from a long play day and so quit.

I just think we should not have to wait to switch, and we should be able to switch when we need to. This is a new concept to me, so I could be wrong, but 15 minutes is tooooooooo long. 15 seconds, okay, I can see that.

And not able to do so when not on my base? I have to take her home and then switch her back? That is another problem I see. I can’t switch her when she is on skill page two and even if it has been a hour, I have to return to base and then switch her back to her first skill page.

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You can switch skill page in any location. It’s just there’s no timer when you’re at your home beacon.


I’m in the boat that the definition of a home beacon should be less strict, at least my alt beacons should count. But keep the 15min timer elsewhere.

I think any owned beacon over 10k prestige should allow free skill page changes. And I say 10k as to not make a loophole where people carry a beacon and fuel just to change at will no matter where they are.


What about only being able to change skill pages in sanctum? Then you could change pages anywhere as often as you want but it can’t be abused cuz of the 10 second wait and the need to leave the area.


I like this idea but as I understood it nothing is saved in sanctum? Can’t spend cubits etc.

Would have to take some work I imagine.

am I missing something withe these skill pages? I don’t see the point in them? I have all my skills on my page, I bought another page and I assumed I could just reapply all my skill points onto page 2 but nope. I had like a couple from being over 50 that it applied? How is this even remotely useful to anyone? A couple of points? Or do you get to cap off by spamming more levels?

when you hit 50 and buy a 2ed skill page you then have to keep leveling to get more points for that skill page its basically like haveing 2 chars in 1

how is that better than having an alt? I guess this is just one of those preference things? I really don’t see the point still. it would take months to get to that point again. it took me almost three months just to hit 50 once. Then they gimped XP more this update so IDK how people will find this useful.

The skill page switch hasn’t been that big of a deal for me. I’m guessing OP doesn’t like the wait on switching while on an exo planet?

It’s great to have a hunter or gatherer build for moving around the exoplanets safer. Then you find a good mining spot and switch to your mining build.


ok yes that makes much more sense to me thanks. That is a useful scenario. I guess in 5 months when I have enough skill points for a second page I will like it. ty for the replies!

Every level 50+ gives you 4 skillpoints each.

I guess it depends what your main thing is on how long it’ll take you. I’m a miner and every time I go mining I lvl at least 2 times. And that’s with no teaching pie. So it didn’t really take me that long. And since I don’t like alts nor do I want to have two inventories or have to be on the proper character to make changes to plots. I much prefer the skill pages. 5 all full already. With extra skill points.

They should just get rid of skill pages and make the game more skill based example the more you do something the better you become plus additional skills can be learned from books, combat, exploration, treasure. This along side adding craftable armor in the game would create a better play experience and eliminate most of the need for alts.

Just my opinion