Poll: What is my primary builder type?

I have a curiosity that I would appreciate the community helping me research. There is to be no judgement in the data gathered here. This poll is for information gathering purposes only. I am curious about the diversity of personalities and how it relates to how you play and how you build, as well as how that characterizes how you define your activity. Thank you for your participation.

  • I consider my contributions to be primarily utilitarian. My builds serve a basic function.
  • I consider my contributions to be primarily communally functional. My builds serve the development of a settlement.
  • I consider my contributions to be primarily architecturally aesthetic. My builds serve to showcase an ability to plan, design and execute well.
  • I consider my contributions to be primarily artistic. My builds are less builds and more unique works of art that allow me to display my creativity.
  • I consider my contributions to be legitimate works of art. I play strictly as an artist.

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Basic functional needs. My wife and kids, artists. Me. I can maths.


That moment you click four of these… because you can’t focus on one thing at all.

My current main base- Functional with some flair.
My outposts and shops are aesthetically pleasing enough to bring someone in and are part of my guild
A few of my builds are strictly for the development of the settlement and guild as a whole
My Future main base- An artistic view with all of the above.

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I consider my contributions to be below average. My builds never get completed.



I try to build nice stuff, but for now I’ve settled down to only building when I have a reason.

One by one I’ve been deleting my “never finished” builds.


I’m following a picture and building a castle, and have plans to have a function for each building.


I feel you. Probably doesn’t help I “freestyle” most things. :thinking:


Dunno rly. I just build… other people can decide


I build for purpose and for my community. My style is completely random. I kinda just play along as I go… once I get an idea I get a little obsessed and I just want it out of my head.

I’m not a great builder, but I’ve gotten a lot better as I’ve grown with the game.


It was hard for me to answer. My main base is kinda a theme, Lighthouse that is out in the water on a wide river. but it isn’t fancy.

Workshop for my forger is functional, a building that holds all the machines, materials and tools/weapons that are finished and/or waiting for me to forge them.

I am helping a friend to build a sorta playground. The pool has been made, the diving board is up, the slide is half way finished. I have gathered the sand for the beach and soil and picking out what color of grass to put down in the picnic area. The tables and chairs have been made and need to be placed down and the hot tub is waiting for when we have placably water. I just finished making the decorative fencing to be put up around a pit to keep players from falling into it as it is too close.

I want to make some type of bar where drinks could be served, like the grass huts you see in movies. Also have to place the plants to give it a nice look and any other finishing touches.
I don’t know if that would fit into the last one, we had to plan it, design what would go where, and are working on it and hopefully it will be done by the end of the week, but not sure.


I tend to adopt the style the settlement is going for and work it towards a build I like.

If I’m building out on my own I make the design fit the environment itself.

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Like you I work from either pictures or architecture I have seen on travels…or I simply start from a colour palette I want to use :slight_smile:
I don’t pre plan on magicvoxel or any other pixel program. The end result is always a surprise even for me and after that I decide if it can be used functional or not.


As an architecture student i like recreating buildings i plan for university or for the pure fun of it :slight_smile:

My settlement is practically an ensemble of my different ideas and i like to add new stuff, new sights to it :smiley:


I started trying to make my workshop a pretty building, but over the course of my playtime my builds have ended up being almost entirely functional.

I’d love to build prettier things. However, the amount of time and effort I know it will takes to gather the materials I need to build the things that I’d like often result in me just exiting boundless before I even start and playing something that is more fun for the same time investment.

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I subscribe to the school of freestyle…I rarely know the outcome when I start to build. Sometimes turns out well, more often not so much but that’s part of the fun, for me.
I love it when I’m seemingly at an impasse then I’ll get some inspiration through a book, an illustration or just out of thin air and something that started as a small project quickly blossoms into something much grander.

Function combined with aesthetic appeal is my bag though the function may need a little work on the beholder…i always start getting a little narrative happening when I’m building that others might not get though if people can make their own then all the better.
I find myself doing that sometimes when I come across ther peeps builds.


I generally get an idea in my head build it and tweak as I go, my build for the farming update when it arrives is my main base. A kind of farm house with a room for each machine set into the ceiling with lanterns used to disguise them as lighting and the warehouse underneath. Most of my builds are more aesthetic than functional, although do try to have some function where i can.


Right now, the first two options, functional stuff for myself and for visitors, particularly newcomers.

So far I spend most of my time collecting and exploring, just building big block structures and underground caverns mostly, albeit colorful ones. And I try to stamp my creations with my own brand of silliness. :stuck_out_tongue: I do have a couple whimsical things like a graveyard. And some very nice other things that a friend is working on for me, which I’m truly grateful for. :slight_smile:

For the next phase of my settlement, which is in planning, I’m going to focus more on trying to build pretty buildings, have a plan in place for the first part, a classical villa, though who knows when I’ll get to working on it, focusing more on the material hoarding right now.


I generally just build what I feel like building lol
All freeform builds, no planning (unless I decide to replicate/duplicate something I have created), and no planning programs.
Some of my stuff looks boxy, some of it has a purpose, and some of my stuff is “aesthetic”.


I think my builds are both aestheticly pleasing and functional.


I’m afraid I selected 3 of the 5 options… as my builds are primarily all of those I selected (architecturally aesthetic, communally functional and unique works of art).

I tend to plan out the core concept of my builds (scale, sections etc.), sometimes fitting it around a required function for my guild and then freestyle all the rest.