Poll: What new content do people want?


I see lots of requests for new content - what kinds do people want most? A few ideas in a quick poll, feel free to post more

  • Farming
  • T6 worlds
  • Exoworlds
  • Clothes
  • Armor
  • New weapons
  • New enemies
  • Non-hostile animals
  • In-game weekly quests
  • New block types
  • New decorative blocks
  • New machines
  • New foods
  • NPCs
  • Role playing worlds
  • In-game dev-run art contests

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I forgot minecarts


And Hoverboards. :neutral_face:


Mounts in general would be pretty cool. I’d also pay a lot for no-fall-damage boots.


I would love to see pets that you can train and level and and there is too much I want…


Like familiars? Or like a zoo


Oh like beastmaster class


Yes a bit like the pets in (most populair mmorpg out there)


I would love to see private worlds more than any content, but that’s just me.


Private plotting or private no visitors?


I’d pay for a backpack, even if I had to equip it in a slot…


Cosmetic? Or do you mean more inventory space


Inventory, but I would dig cosmetic as well!


Private plotting, as in world open to everyone but only able to plot with owners permission.


Only 36% for clothes?
Where is the Pants Movement?


Farming is a big feature in most sandbox games. Also being able to plant and grow trees :evergreen_tree: :deciduous_tree:.
Then after that they need to work on three things at the same time.
*dungeons random generated building and mine shafts.
*complete reduction in mats cost and time spent crafting. (This game is the worse for casual play)


and more Character Faces.
It’s time to end the same-face-syndrome and say good bye to grumpy face for female characters.


Are the females grumpy?
I did see some amazing dev art of different races once


AAAAAllllllll + jetpacks.

Edit: + pets that you can upgrade (make bigger and stronger and what not).


Same. That’s why I’m so sad about the current female face ingame.