Poll: What new content do people want?


Interesting, almost as many want non hostile animals as want enemies.

I guess I’m not the only one who misses shearing sheep?


I have full faith in the devs that they’ll continue to make this game as good as it can be, but if I was being picky:

I’d love some forms of automation. Like elevators (which could be made using grapples - copper = slow, titanium = fast), moving water moved the player/items, also hopper type item would be awesome.

With a few methods of automation, the community can (will) come up with some amazing creations. For example: if ‘hoppers’ we’re introduced, you could hook them up to a request basket which would automatically grab an amount of items (set to single, bulk, mass craft) and move them into either storage or even a machine.

With this you could set up a community Oortstone donation unit, that would automatically make your requested Oortstone into shards. And even possibly putting a hopper from the machine straight into a portal? Making fueling portals even more of a community task :slight_smile:

I got a bit carried away/excited :joy:


Pets were planned in oort online but funny how it’s taking forever to come to boundless


But your right one of the biggest features of mine craft was the hoppers and it never had moving parts at least until we made a sorting system out of it lol


Per the devs the biggest obstacle to cool Minecraft stuff is server lag. So, no dispensers or pistons sadly. Maybe elevators and escalators (slide blocks that go uphill) could happen though. No reason ladders couldn’t work.

Did you play Tekkit with automated mining rigs and sorting machines? So fun :blush:


Tekkit online with many others best player run economy I had ever played in a game and it had a server shop.


Yeh the server lag is understandable, i believe that’s just to do with moving parts or moving blocks (pistons) like @DKPuncherello said - so it’s just a matter of having a good idea that doesn’t involve possible mass lag


I have faith in this game but I think hytale is going to keep me busy while I wait for content drops then I will be back good thing we have 12 week fuel


Hidden doors could be possible. Doors that look exactly like blocks from one side. Elevators and escalators and launch pads could work too, along with some sort of cart-on-rails system for rollercoasters.


Should remove weekly and change it to ingame quests


Yeah, can’t edit anymore


Armor is still #2 so maybe they will see that and start working on it.


I wonder how high private worlds would be in the list but sadly they are not in the poll…


I know it’s locked so I don’t mean to say it makes this topic moot, but for info there are views over here: HELP! What is “new content”? Mine haven’t changed since that thread.


THIS!!! I mean, she doesn’t need to win any beauty contests… but if she could just not look like she lives under a bridge with permanent PMT that would be great… :laughing:


seems to me the whole idea of the game is to cooperate and integrate in to the society, so can’t see it being anywhere near the top of the list

I wouldn’t mind the idea though


More types of decorations might be at the top of my list - beds, bookshelves, and all that. House doesn’t look quite like a house without them.


Vr and PSVR support please :slight_smile:


No Minecarts. I would love the ability to have an automated public Transportation monorail that we could build


public transport! I love it haha. Customizable train compartments