Poll: What new content do people want?


Awesome Unity costume btw trickyy


Thank you :heart:


I really want fishing, new races/customization and those floating sky whales that were in the Dev-Art from forever ago.


:open_mouth: sounds like the stuff of nightmares lol!!



This too. :slight_smile: Now that I’ve got PSVR coming, especially. Between No Man’s Sky and Boundless in VR I could disappear from regular reality altogether, haha.


no no no no no no no :laughing:

I’m so glad there are no sea creatures on this game, I HATE water on games.
Don’t add them to the sky!!! :cry:


We need life everywhere land, sea, and sky haha. And you should probably stop pouring water on your games that might ruin them :smirk:


I want those sky whales now, as long as we can grapple onto them and hitch a ride


YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! That would be amazing! I mean it would work because we can grapple to the creatures now.


hahaha good advice!!

But seriously, Ill need some sort of boat or hovercraft if they’re putting stuff in the sea :laughing:


It would be pretty dope if you could get modular vehicle pieces so we could build our own vehicles haha. I also would love to see hot air balloons.


oo hot air balloons sounds absolutely awesome!!!


I want those hot air balloons now, as long as we can grapple onto them and hitch a ride


that would be me. LOL


Funny how so many people say they want stuff to do and a weekly quest entry is near the bottom.


I still believe having a player run questing system would be pretty dope.


Grapple all the things!!!


Pin number doors to create content. pvp beacon plots for mini games. With advanced warning system to let players know when they are within one plot range of pvp. We could make quite a bit of content with these two features.


The one thing i want most of all is player made dungeons.