Poll: What new content do people want?


I want randomly spawned dungeons on Exoworlds! Which is not a current option unless you count it under “Exoworlds”


Brexit. 1337




Whale rides would be amazing. I still think you should be able to grapple 2 cuttletrunks and “ride” them

Btw just a reminder to people to change your icon to armor or pants to advocate for these being added to the game! Also in case any new people were wondering about all the pants and armor icons haha


Close to 100 votes!


I just heard from the devs! They’ve heard your requests and will be adding Farming to the game!


another one of these? lol well hmm what do I want. Oh I know, I hate having to click through 250 colors to pick one. I’m surprised there isn’t a wheel or chart or something for choosing colors. Hell let us type in the code, my finger would be grateful.


I would absolutely love the ability for transformation chisels to have AOE. I tend to do that in bulk, and would kill for that! And while this thread is for new suggestions, not big fixes…may I slip in fixing aoe on spanners too :grin:


How come no mount and pet system ?
No one want to ride a giant wildstock and walk on city street ?
Or have a hopper balloon on ur hand ?
and maybe craft some outfit for wildstock to wear ?

Imagine you wear cute / cool armor or outfit and do things i mention above. That will be the best part of this game in my dream XD


Yes I’d love a cool outfit and a mount or pet :slight_smile:


Kind of interesting results. If you take out the confirmed content, then what comes out the highest 3 are armour, weapons, and blocks.
Seems ppl are wanting more mmo aspects.

Kind of disappointed clothes or passive creatures (that I lumped pets and mounts into) aren’t higher but… ( shrug ) The masses have spoken.


I missed seeing this poll up, glad someone revived it.

For me, the farming is great and will be in soon; we don’t know what will be in it except something to do with growing dyes. I hope there is also new food items so we can make different foods and they have some benefits.

I would love to see new types of foods; the trees have more than berries, some form of apple, peaches or pears. More veggies in the ground to harvest as we explore. Bush beans that can be found growing, carrots to pull up that we see growing, See a special type of plant and it have potatoes. For players who are vegans, this would make them happy. And they don’t have to be those specific foods, but something like them, the yams.

The sword plant could have different types instead of yams. Maybe each planet have its own special plant, carrots on level ones, another type on level two and on.

Fishing, there could be fish that could be caught, take the foliage and make nets and catch fish. A type of crab or lobster that crates could be put in the water and catch the lobster, level one planets have very small pinchers that don’t hurt players, level two a slight pinch and level 6 if enough in the trap and you weren’t careful you could get hurt bad.

Quests, There could be treasure chests that are buried on every planet that when you log in you can go and find one in a coffer in the sanctum. It will tell you where it is located, planet and coordinates that are not the exact spot but close, very close, and you have to go and find it, dig in dirt, maybe in a cave.

Ruins to explore and randomly a treasure box will be found with artifacts, vases, knickknacks, a weird looking tool we can’t use but it could be used as part of a ingredient for another tool. Those items could be sold or kept for decorations of our bases.

Ladders, we can attach them on the outside or even inside the bases to save room from stairs. We could make wood, then stone, iron and up, even decorative ones and they could be sold.

Dungeons, when you find a ruin you make step on a trap door and fall a short distance, small injury and be inside a dungeon, you will have to explore it to get out and find some loot in it, then break open the locked door to get out. Or find items in the loot that some of them lets you can make a key or lockpick to unlock the door. A loot box would have a gem, some strange food that would give you strength or health, or teach you how to put together sometime. There could also glue and a piece of wood, shaped like a pencil, or made of metal. Another loot box would have similar items, a strange shape that you would use the glue to attach to the stick and there you go, you have a key. Some of the pieces, when you assemble them would make a odd shape that when the pieces are put together you can make a lock to get out, for those who have seen the movie National Treasure, the ship that Nicholas Cage put together that was a key to open the treasure room door.



I remember my lobster pot fishing days in Runescape. Was legit my favorite thing to do, fishing with my pirate hat and my cat, Captain Claws.



Trains, rails, carts. And flying stuff.

More fauna and flora.

More materials


I’d love to