Poll: Where does the majority of your wealth come from?

In a continued effort to gather more useless data for a meaningless case-study I have been fruitlessly pursuing, I have yet another Boundless Economics survey. Thank you for your honest and anonymous participation.

Where does the majority of your wealth come from?
(Try to pick only one but you may pick two.)

  • Farming and Surface Resource Gathering (resale)
  • Mining and Subterranean Gathering (resale)
  • Hunting and Oort (resale)
  • Running a Shop using Request Baskets (but not gathering or hunting)
  • Playing the Market / Scavaging (buy low sell high)
  • Beacon Sniping or Looting Builds
  • Footfall
  • Contract Labor (Builder for Hire)
  • Tax System
  • Forging (resale)
  • Coin Machine Usage
  • Other

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EDIT: Relaunched the poll with upgrades.

Thank you very much.


Selling forged stuff seems like a pretty common one too. I chose ‘other’ as my second for that


Planting exotic earthyams and feeding them to the coin thing (cant spell it) xD

You’re gonna end up with “other” as a main category, might want to add more categories

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Thanks for pointing these things out guys. I think those additions are important. I did relaunch the poll, sorry for the inconvenience. If you feel the need to clarify your “other” please do so.

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I do them all but crafting Forging and sniping mixture when I get bored of one I do another lol


Mostly mining for me. For other guildies its probably selling crafted mats (biggest earner). These may be forge mats, forges, foods/brews, building blocks. We dont hunt enough to have it be major although lately, that and gathering have been big as those items are selling for large amounts of coin. Our ff is large but pretty much just covers oort costs. Maybe not quite. But even so. I can get almost mil on a good mining run. Certainly 500k


Interesting to see foot fall as the top answer so far.


I run 2 shops that do ok-ish, essence and hunt stuff but I dont really need money as I have time to gather anything I need, forged gear is all I buy.

How you measure wealth matters too. While coin is the traditional way, I know I have grinded out a bunch of valuable blocks that are easily worth more than what I have in coin.

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I am quite amazed not very many play the market. The majority of my wealth certainly comes from selling ores and fossils, but it gets tedious feeling ‘forced’ to do something so I market flip as my other option. It’s like playing elite dangerous or euro truck sim and hauling items from one spot to another to flip a profit. It’s pretty fun in it’s own right.

I dump it all back in to shops to buy blocks though so I’m never very liquid.


I was in the ~LED~ business for a while. Not making a ton of money, but enough to keep buying forged tools from you guys.

Just cooked or in what form?

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I get half of my money by minting ancient vital essences. The other half is by running my shops.

My Oort collection(read as hoard) is worth more than what I have in coin. Add the deco Oort i have is about a 3rd of my coin. :sweat_smile:


my main source of pixel coins are by going down teh mine, then craft various bits n bobs, then sell end product (coils). I mainly gather raw mats myself but also buy when lazy/big demand (have millions in request baskets but supply is slow and erratic).

I selected the two that most fit my current activities.

I find it odd that you have marked the categories for directly acquiring and selling resources as (resale) and not the two categories that I would consider “resellers”.

If you didn’t buy it, can you “resell” it?

I also very rarely sell raw resources, but craft most stuff before it hits any store shelves.

Wealth what wealth?

Yea good catch. That should be retail shouldn’t it?

Love cracking open the shop stands and request baskets at beaconless shops and seeing how much coin and loot I earned. My single shop stand record so far is 65,000 coin and tons of mats. But I know if I work hard I can find some bigger ones than that.

Its been very lucrative. I stopped taking furnaces when I reached 950.