Portal Frame Building Competition - Proposal


27 spots above
22 spots below


I guess we can figure out how many people and who wants what sizes then make a fun layout from there =D


I am imagining one of those Scooby-Doo chase scenes where everyone is chasing each other around going in and out of random doors in the same corridor and nothing makes any sense. Lol!


Ahahaha @Havok40k I was just going to post this.

the 8x13 would work if we don’t have many entries. But if there are lots of entries It could be in a rectangular shape with a smaller rectangle in side with portals facing eachother so you can go around the entire thing giving that that Scooby Doo effect! The starting portal could be in Therka! So every portal would have to be the same size?:thinking: I guess not :sweat_smile:


This is an awesome idea!

Here’s a potential location I found while scouting yesterday on Therka – deserted, large, and very dramatic, wouldn’t take a lot of digging too to make a flat surface for the portal exits.


that looks like a great spot!


Personal idea would be to make a large portal and sign in each of the capitals leading to the competition, so whoever wants to join, could easily make it there.


I’d lean to different sizes… maybe 1 plot for 1-3 hop portals, 2 plots for 4-5 hops, 3 plots for bigger… or something like that. Basically something to showcase different portals sizes. Winners for each category.


I have to get on this. The portal blocks can be a certain count, but the size of the frame should have some freedom to allow for obvious diversity in styles.


Wherever, whenever, and however this happens, I’m ready to go.


I’m up for any location. If we don’t use the space at Glehn I’m sure I’ll think of something else to build there =D.

That being said, I do have a nice platform overlooking the area with a portal to fire caverns and a portal to Therka market will be made once I can get a hold of Moebius. There’s also two portals two Aquatopia nearby. If we run out of space we can always expand more to the left. The terrain is mostly flat, just the trees and bushes to remove but I have no problem doing that once the plots are claimed. I think it should be plenty room though for 20+ contestants.


Wonderful Idea! hopefully i have time to participate / make a video… something ^^

Just Throwing out another location for options… here is a nice open, mostly flat, field on Solum (the house is wild)

-1,761N -881E

although there is a tower near by =P


I just did a test build of an idea that I have and it looks like I can get all of the shapes I need for my build. The only problem is, the smallest that I can make it would require a 2x2x2 plot space. The build isn’t overly time consuming to complete (Think I could have a fully completed model in about an hour or less), but without the space, it won’t work too well. Is this going to be ok, or do I need to come up with another design?



i kind of want to do a 1x3 but would be happy with a 2x3 tall.


Yeah, tall plz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


as opposed to wide

2x3 tall
2x3 wide


Best idea would be to create a platform over a large body of water, no risk of environmental clashes (or over glaciers)


Great idea…!!


yeah count me in not much experience with portals but ill try make something decent :smile:
let me know when the location is ready


how big need to collab on this with some players like @Kirinvar @Swede @robin @reapa11 @PharaohNai @Havok40k
@toxip and … as they are now a part off the plaza
and i would like to run it together if you guys interested

oh and @toxip maybe we use the cristmas tree as portal
as @PharaohNai portal is on hold i think he wont mind being blocked
for the moment we can later look for a permanent spot
this would be the ultimated christmas themed portal out there :smile:


i am looking forward to making a portal frame for the event however family and the holidays are going to take up most of my time. i assume it will be the same for many others to.
the sooner we set up a place the better.
I would also like to wish all of my fellow gamers and friends a merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Hanukkah, happy Kwanza, and or just a plane old happy New Year’s!
I love this community. you all are the best! :snowman: