Portal Frame Building Competition - Proposal


Hi Everyone.

There are many amazing builds in Boundless, but some of my absolute favourites are the creative portal framings. Something that decorates the portal with a thematic presentation beyond just the portal itself. I love these because they embrace something pretty unique to Boundless and celebrate it. A few of the most recent are below:

Assuming there is community interest - I thought it might be fun between Christmas and New Year to hold a portal frame building competition. Something similar to the amazing chisel contest run by @Cookviper but focused on decorating Portals.

Here is the rough idea:

  • We prepare a long corridor where all the portals face each other. We’ll setup the portals to chain together into one long series so that you can run in a straight line passing through all of them. (If this doesn’t make any sense - don’t worry about it! It’ll be cool!)

  • I will provide all the Beacon plots, Beacon Controls, Portal Blocks, Oort Shards, and chuck in a few chisels for everyone to help the newer players.

  • Any materials, any design, any theming - just do something amazing looking.

Who’s up for it?

Here’s what I think we need:

  1. We need to select a world to run the contest on. (Maybe Solum or Therka?)

  2. We need to find a suitable location I can claim a long runway worth of plots.

  3. I need a few volunteers to help me give access to players and run the competition.

  4. We need to decide on the scale of the plots and beacon. Should everyone get a single 8x8 plot, or should we go larger? Ideally we want to make it pretty easy to enter and not too much of a time commitment.

  5. We need to decide on the size of the portals. Are they all the same size? Or do we offer a range of sizes for everyone to pick from. Some tall, some wide, some square, some small, some large - or everything a standard size?

  6. It would be great if we could get a Portal from @the-moebius Plaza to the contest zone so that players can easily get there.

Any other ideas?

Let me know what you think and if there is interest we’ll get it setup… #Yarbo!

Christmas festivities

Dude that sounds awesome I’m down for helping out if needed. I think a 8x8 should be big enough for most but see what others think :slight_smile:


Building the things? Causing of shenanigans? I want in.


I would be interested in joining the competition.

I also agree with 8x8 to provide a challenge of working with limited space.

As far as place I would suggest Solum. There are lots of room in the Glehn republic available for such event. @Simoyd @Filthificate wouldn’t you agree?

Those are my suggestions :slight_smile:


I think it is a great idea with a lot of creative volume.
I might even participate. Although I’m really bad at competitions. At least I’d have the time. Thinking about ideas makes me rather upset and nervous. I will think about ideas anyhow :))


This is a fantastic idea! The chisel contest was a blast to participate in. I’d love to help run the competition. I’m online most of the day (Pacific timezone).

I don’t think limiting the size to a single plot is a good idea, because some of the best portal frames I’ve seen are very large. Maybe a 2x2 plot area?


Yeah, single plot seems a bit small, especially if we’re talking about having enough portal to frame. Probably want portals that are 6x6 or larger, which probably implies 2-wide, 2-high plots


Oooh I have a killer idea!! I’m in!!


would this be enough space? It’s 8 by 13 plots and I’ve already started building a road around it. It’s 100% unclaimed (except for 1 plot in the corner where I didn’t want a half-tree to grow, but I can un-claim if someone else claims)


Let me know and I’ll setup a portal to Therka


Maybe both small and big ones? 20 big, 24 small?



I’m chillin’ in discord voice if anyone wants to brainstorm


Just one thing about materials - would there be an option to buy them from others apart from stores? Or is there a limitation to what kind of materials can be used. I lack a lot of material types and advanced tools.


I love it!
Count me in as a contestant!
(I’m already starting to have ideas :star_struck:)


Why not make two competitions! Small and big portals! That way you don’t have huge constructions being graded next to smaller versions which are more than likely what people would normally used and they could copy or take ideas from!


I’m in, I’m gonna go big! (If I have time :joy:)


@james THANK YOU for suggesting a starter planet. I wouldn’t be able to handle mobs in a tier 3 planet while trying to get my chisel work to look just right :joy:


Sounds great! Hope I have time to join. :smiley:
Wouldnt 2x1 plots be enough? 2 wide, 1 deep.


That could definitely be an option, I do like the idea of multiple plot sizes though. That 8x13 area in Glehn Republic could accommodate a ton of different configurations.


Another possible layout?