Portal Frame Building Competition - Proposal


its ready the portal token is in shopstand in front of it


hey @james are you gonna lead this event ?
seems all good sugestions but we need some decisions
made location most off all
in my eperience these things need a person making all the shots
our it becomes an endless discusion

the @Simoyd location is a beatifull place
but @jivitas flatlands looks good to with a nice viewing tower

talked to @Havok40k and he had some world regen issue so hes willing
to offer us the huge themed portal to use for the event (if we find someone who can fuel it hahah if not we go smaller)

oh and maybe its better to make this event not christmas time sensitive as @Jeffrotheswell mentioned people get busy on hollidays :smile:

and merry christmas :smile:

did collab with old boundless master builder @Naxie plaza leads now to his amazing gardens with the mother off all themed portals


@AmandaPan volunteer to lead the competition.

I soon as a place can be set I would be willing to help build it. I don’t think James wanted something that would take a whole month so solve. Just nice frames decorate the portals to create the Scooby Doo effect for a cool video maybe.


Hey Everyone.

I’ve found a good spot and am just preparing a few groundworks. (Need to squeeze stuff in between family commitments.)

And thanks for the offers of help. I’ll be online in 6 hours from now to get everything setup. If any of the volunteers are around i’d be happy to friend up and give you permissions, etc.

We’ll run the competition from Christmas to mid January to give everyone a chance to get involved.



Hey @the-moebius - can we hook up a portal?


yes does the big one by @havok suits your need?
ill stick it in a shopstand our just take it with your devpowers
also there are spots in big building smallersize feel free to take these to
mi casa su casa


ill hop on now for few minutes
ok @james you have full rights on plaza
you can alter size off portal just fill in blancs with black conduit
i made a sign for you to use to
and token on shopstand


Portal Frame Building competition ready to go!

We’ll have a soft launch of the competition today, and assuming it’s working ok announce it more fully tomorrow.

Please let me know if any of the following doesn’t make sense, as it’s maybe a little complicated.

How to get there:

  1. Via portal at [-1927N, 1390E] in “The Moebius Plaza, Therka”. (Thanks @the-moebius.)
  2. Via portal at [-1667N, -277E] in “Pixel Gate, Solum”. (Thanks @Stretchious.)

… to …

  1. Competition walkway [-572N, 2284E], Solum.

How it works:

  1. There are currently 6 small plots and 6 large plots to claim. I can add more plots if there is interest. Please let me know.

    • Small plots are 8m x 8m (any height).
    • Large plots are 16m x 16m (any height).


  2. You can build whatever you want in the plot, but there must be a straight walking path from your portal to the 2 compact copper blocks on the Walk Way. There can be steps or slopes between your portal and the connecting points.

    We want players to be able to walk directly out of your portal into the next portal opposite. So there is a single direct path through all the portals.

  3. For entering the competition you get the following gear:

    • 1x Silver Chisel
    • 1x Gold Chisel
    • 1x Titanium Chisel
    • 8x Portal Conduit blocks.

    Contact @james, or @Stretchious, or @AmandaPan to get access to your entry tools.

  4. By default all the portals must be 2m wide x 4m tall. The plots and portals are in pairs, and this is noted in your plot’s info sign. For example: PLOT-2-SOUTH is linked with PLOT-3-NORTH. If you agree with the player entering in your plot/portal link to build a different shaped portal then you can do so. Maybe enter in pairs and agree up front?

  5. The competition will run from today, 2017-12-25 on Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday, to mid January (exact time TBD).

  6. @Stretchious and @AmandaPan are assisting running the competition. If anyone else (@willcrutchley?) wants to help organise please PM me and we can meet + friend-up + get permissions on the beacon.

Players and Plots

  • PLOT-1-NORTH - small: 142857
  • PLOT-1-SOUTH - small: Jeffrotheswell
  • PLOT-2-NORTH - small: Karokendo
  • PLOT-2-SOUTH - small: Swede
  • PLOT-3-NORTH - small: abadin
  • PLOT-3-SOUTH - small: Dolvar (changed from Lonoty)
  • PLOT-4-NORTH - large: Eldwen
  • PLOT-4-SOUTH - large: Xaldafax
  • PLOT-5-NORTH - large: willcrutchley
  • PLOT-5-SOUTH - large: Virresss
  • PLOT-6-NORTH - large: pimiko
  • PLOT-6-SOUTH - large: sepras
  • PLOT-7-NORTH - small: bokke
  • PLOT-7-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-8-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-8-SOUTH - small: kirinvar
  • PLOT-9-NORTH - small: toxip
  • PLOT-9-SOUTH - small: RumplyHogSkin (Rumplypigskin)
  • PLOT-10-NORTH - large: DoomsdayBuilder (DoomsdayKnight)
  • PLOT-10-SOUTH - large: SolFall (SolaTrap)
  • PLOT-11-NORTH - large: Hranica
  • PLOT-11-SOUTH - large: aqu
  • PLOT-12-NORTH - large: Juvita
  • PLOT-12-SOUTH - large: warghoul
  • PLOT-13-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-13-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-14-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-14-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-15-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-15-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-16-NORTH - large: Ingvar
  • PLOT-16-SOUTH - large: Dhusk
  • PLOT-17-NORTH - large: available
  • PLOT-17-SOUTH - large: Dunedragon
  • PLOT-18-NORTH - large: available
  • PLOT-18-SOUTH - large: available
  • PLOT-19-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-19-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-20-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-20-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-21-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-22-SOUTH - small: Jenndragonfly

What could possibly go wrong?


I’d be happy to help, if needed :+1:


I’m here. I’m ready to do the things!!!

Edit: I have done the things!!!

Edit 2: @james Thank you kindly for the tools and supplies for this awesome community project. Also, thank you to everyone that helped get this set up and underway. If either of the portals leading to the building area need Oortshards, I’d be happy to donate to them for the duration of the event. Feel free to leave a donation basket and I’ll drop some in.



Updated @james post with the 4 entrants so far.

If the entrants want access to the chisel and portal blocks at the front of their plot, if you tag me on discord I’ll get a notification and can jump back on.


@willcrutchley what size portal are you building for your plot? i was planning on taking either 2 south or 6 south. I have an idea, but it requires a portal at least 4x4, maybe 3x3.


I think the portals have to be 2x4… It says so in the signs


If you coordinate with the player whose portal connects to yours, then you can change the size to whatever you want.


OHH, i read that wrong then,

thought that meant we could choose a different size aside from the default

edit: so we can change the size if we choose to.
OHH @AmandaPan


Hmm, I’m not so sure that statement is still valid - as all of the portals will be connected in one long chain


If I’m remembering right from what James said, the portals will be connected in a zig-zag pattern, so that a player can run through them all from left to right. So for example in this image, if the owners of the green portals coordinate, their portals could be any size and not break the portal chain.


plot 6 south is claimed, they claimed underneath the area, sneaky.


Is it possible to get anymore 16m x 16m plots added in?


There should be a bunch of 16x16 plots there still - 7 South and 8 or 9 either side are still available

Yep, you’re right - my brain didn’t engage before I posted… d’oh!