Portal Frame Building Competition - Proposal


7 8 and 9 are all 8m plots


Aargh, I’d spaced out extras as 16x16 but it looks like @james changed them :slight_smile:

Added an extra 16m x 16m on the end - James will need to wrap it in plots :wink:


thanks amanda finally understand it
if someone needs an off shape i be happy to take the other half


Don’t you need to add 2 at the least? So that the portal loop works?


Indeed you do. When I said I added an extra, I meant a extra pair :wink:


Yeah i’m totally in! I’m excited to see all of your creative Ideas :heart_eyes:

-kind regards Carim/Abadin


@james i would like to be in this contest, can i just claim a spot? or do you have some kind of registering list. Beside, when does this contest end?


You have to sign your name backwards with the blood of a newborn wildstock on the forehead of every grandoortling of every planet…


Just grab a spot!


Oh nice, it’s exactly what i do normally before claiming a new area


I want plot 10! Unless is already claimed!! Or someone else wants it and can get to it before me.


If it’s not available, I’ll add a few extras on the end as well

It’s currently still available!

List updated with entrants so far


Where is this list Stretchious? and sorry for repeating myself, but when does the contest ends?


Further up the page … All details here… Portal Frame Building Competition - Proposal :wink:


i took over 9


O wow, that Jungle Portal is mine ahahaha. That’s crazy seeing it featured.
-Shadowk @ Elopor


Plot 3 south - small : claimed by Lonoty

I had a question about the portal contests. Can we know what criteras will be used to evaluate the designs? Will the winning portal be implemented in the game? Or is it just to create art and show our chiseling skills?



Do we look that organised?? :wink:

I’m guessing we’ll have a community vote like we did for the chisel contest - I think that was pretty fun. (We’re pretty much making this up as we go along!)

But it’s definitely a good idea for us to immortalise some of the designs as prefabs for future worlds…


Added 2 more pairs of 16m x 16m to the end - one already taken up - 3 left if there are any more entrants wanting to take part!

(Updated list with current entrants)


I’m in! ) :dark_sunglasses: