Portal Frame Building Competition - Proposal


I would like to try my hand at a portal design, are there any left?


Should be 5 left at last count … 2 of the 8m x 8m (1 plot) and 3 of the 16m x 16m (2x2 plots)

Feel free to plonk a beacon control down on the one you want and I’ll be along later to give you some chisels and portal conduits.


I’m in! What to sign? Write me down)


Where is this located at so I can claim a spot


portals located at
[-1927N, 1390E] in The Moebius Plaza, Therka
[-1667N, -277E] in Pixel Gate, Solum


Anyone know @hranica ?? They need to refuel their beacon in the portal contact area ASAP or it will regen. They have built something so I would hate for them to lose it. Or maybe a @dev like @james or someone can do an emergency refuel in this one case.


will transmit


Dear @james, @Stretchious, @AmandaPan
Let’s set the rules for the use of rare blocks (gleam of other colors), give them to average guys or disable the use of everything. Or present gleam for prizes.


Uh, Gleam is rather easy to come by. Maybe not so much the red, but everything else is readily available. If you feel like you just aren’t strong or brave enough to get it off of a higher Tier Planet, then there are shops that have it fairly priced. It’s not fair to limit block use type for the majority of players who DO have it, just because one or two people haven’t found it yet. Especially when most builds using it are already complete…

If you need some that badly and can’t afford it, ask. Both myself and others would gladly help donate blocks for the event.



I don’t think Hranica is referring to the standard colour gleam blocks, which are obtainable in-game, but rather the non-obtainable colours that were prizes from the previous chisel competition.

Incidentally, I have some spare from that competition, so if anyone would like a specific colour, please let me know and I will see what I can do.


Oh. I hadn’t seen any of that used the last I had checked other then James’s portal frames. Guess I need to go take a walk!


@SolFall, Why you so good builder? Why you has to make all the prettiest things!? For why? :heart:


Only purple gleam) I can buy it


PLOT-16-NORTH claimed by… Ingvar


I claimed plot 21 South by the portal at the end :slight_smile:

It is a small one


I nabbed lot 12 north iirc…

my rugrats finally got around to sharing their illness with me o.O Otherwise I would have made a video for this already >< hopefully my voise comes back soon


I’ve updated the list with competition entrants so far!

oh, and Happy New Year :smiley:


I would love to be able to get the chisels for the contest, I put @james and @Stretchious on my beacon, if its possible to put them in my storage cubes? My own chisels are about to break :frowning: :open_mouth:


I ploted 17 south :slight_smile:


I just checked and I don’t have access to your storage to be able to place them…