Portal fueling will eventually make me quit boundless

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Nothing makes me want to delete the game more than having to fuel portals twice a week. Also, logging in to see I’m late to refuel and having to pay 10,000 coin.

I have no plans to quit, but eventually if it happens, portal fueling will be the nail in the coffin, the straw that breaks the camel’s back. I’m half tempted to hire someone to fuel just my three big portals for me.

Please at least add the ability to put two stacks of oort in a portal if nothing else. I can’t imagine that would take @lucadeltodecso more than a day to implement. If you want to make it a gleam club thing, I’d be ok with that.

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Either that or change the cost of large portals so that you get 8 days from a stack of shards. I’ve always thought large portals are unfairly expensive (I don’t object to them being more expensive), especially to my Australian region brothers and sisters.

Also, maybe make amalgam viable. Nobody uses it. Change the recipe so you need less ichor and add oort amalgam to t4t5t6.







I think you should either be able to put enough shards into a portal to get the max size out to the 5 weeks you can do the lowest portal (which means the lowest portal could be fueled for like 45 weeks) or the max number of shards that can be put in should variable based on portal size. Whatever it takes to fuel the portal for 5 weeks. Small portals get 1 stack, larger portals get enough stacks it takes to cap out at 5 weeks.

None of it would make the portal cheaper to fuel, just make it easier to maintain.


I feel like portals should work like spark generators. You should be able to put a stack of oort shards in for each conduit. That way if it’s a 4×4 portal you could have 16 stacks in there.

The fact that you cant increase portal time for bigger portals is terrible. I understand why the devs did it. But it sucks. @DKPuncherello


I understand why they made portals between regions cost more oort. That makes sense.

I don’t understand why you can’t put in more shards. That doesn’t make sense (to me at least)


Isn’t there already a fuel with the green goop from t7 meteors? Not that its easy to get or efficient to use, but maybe just tweak that a bit


U mean this?

Still, I don’t think Amalgam helps even if they rework it. I’m not going to use different fuels for different portals especially when it’s stupidly expensive.


I always thought it was analgem


What’s a stack of amalgam’s worth portal fuel wise? Anyone actually used em before?

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I think it’s double

Might as well be analgem


Or put compact oort in… or refined oort… or Apt’s suggestion… or make those green droplets things used to make advanced portal fuel (forgot their name) easier to get… or more slots in the portal conduits… or less cost of the portals themselves… or if need arises to make it more complex, a new device per beacon where you dump all oorts and every portal within that beacon takes oorts from there… all solutions lead to Rom… lead to easier portal refueling.


This + the high cost of running too many portals caused me to cut ALL my portals down to one - the portal from my house to nearest hub. Now I live an amazing life and I can easily fuel this portal for years xD


I thought it was taking more server resources to maintain larger portals, so they wanted them to close sooner if not being used? Maybe I’m wrong.

It costs more server resources to have an active portal to a different region, but only when someone is looking through the portal.


I wish ichor was viable. But it’s too rare to make any real effort with it and its drop amount it too low. It could take someone months to get enough for one 900 stack of amalgam. I did the math on my returns a while ago, but dont know where I posted it.


There is no question to go with your poll…is it “yes” if we agree with the title? If so, I agree.

I love the way portals look.
I love the idea of them.
I love opening them.
I love their function.
I absolutely HATE checking/re-fueling them. 10/10 hate it. Big mad.


You’re in the wrong part of the internet.


Amalgam was a pretty good joke when it came out


Agreed for sure to make fuel last longer or allow us to add more.

Also would love to see a way to allow non-friend/guild members to be given permission to donate Oort into portals they find useful.

Would like to see the Portal Epic scrapped too. Waste of skill points, constantly having to respec when opening ones not at home too (swapping pages has the the cooldown, so I just respec each time). Why is this skill needed? I’d say it would be friendlier to the NPE too not to have it, learning how to use portals and having one to some sort of hub from your starter base is pretty important. This is one way to simplify it a bit.