Portal Upkeep Costs

I’d really like to see a change to upkeep costs for portals. Given the lower player numbers and resulting drop in footfall, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pay for keeping even the smallest portals open.

One possible solution would be for those with Gleam Club to have unlimited fuel for portals while paid up, like we already do for beacon fuel. Fuelling beacons is very cheap anyway, so it doesn’t feel like much of a benefit for paying customers, aside from the protection from forgetting to refuel. I think if the same system was applied to portals we’d see an increased number of Gleam Club users.

If unlimited fuel isn’t feasible for all portal sizes, perhaps either restrict it to only the smallest sizes of portal (1x2 and 1x3) or have Gleam Club membership just result in portals using up less oort over time.

Another option could be to make smaller portals only cost fuel for all players when opening them, and not require fuelling to keep them open. Larger portals would still require fuelling, but would perhaps use less oort.

What are your thoughts on this, and can you think of alternative options that would make sense? I’m not interested in responses along the lines of “oort is easy to get, noob”. We don’t all have the time or inclination to join regular hunts for example.


Well if we ever get the update. It was suppose to allow compact Oort as a fuel which lasts way longer.
Though the cost isn’t less. At least for big portals you wouldn’t have to fuel them every 5 days. :man_shrugging:


Yeah, I’m hoping for the update before the holidays for this reason, way my plans are my two largest portals probably will close for a bit. Not a huge deal but definitely less hassle if we can get it.

I’m also in favor of allowing a way to pay for fuel with IRL funds. Maybe not 100% in the interest of balance, but maybe a premium GC that would increase the length the fuel runs by 2-4x? Or add some premium shards to the store that would burn extra long? I see it as a win-win - it would give them some extra revenue. For me, the issue with running Paka’s Palace is WAY more the Oort than the rental costs. I don’t want to ask for donations but getting close to putting out a basket there since I know that while I’m sustaining it now, this holiday season’s plans might make it where I need some help unless I do a lot of grinding before then. Edit: Especially as if the Oortmas event hits before I have to leave town, I want to put out some rentals for it of different tiers and have portals up. :slight_smile:


Maybe just one free to open portal (over certain blinksecs) for GC members… Would be another useful thing for those not logging in that often, as well as those that play allot…


In EA people used smaller portals and more jumps. Since we can still hunt and obtain Oort it sounds like coordinated hunts is still a better option. The game was designed so that portals were a rare commodity not as common as a tree.

If they are having a challenge with time to get an update, changing code for this would fall into the same bucket. Also, I don’t agree we should change anything on that level of the game due to player numbers nor allow GC to have more benefits like that… feels wrong.


There have been made suggestions before like usage of a portal. Kind of like footfall but then for a portal…
Like 1 toon can generate 1 reserve oort in the fuel tank per day… not refundable when one destroys a portal but would cheapen the portal cost for everyone a bit over time.
That said GC has been suggested to but it will cheapen the oort sales in game… as everyone has less need for oort.

Don’t get me wrong buying oort is a bit pricey :wink: (running Terra Nova all this time has put me in a tough spot at times) seeing I don’t hunt and buy oort with ff gains.

Again I don’t think it would benefit those who do hunt to gain coin from it (for other mats). If and when oort cheapens again because of GC benefits (for example).

Side note the time that oort was worth 180c on average i do miss that time :grin: (im currently on 300-310c per oort if i have the funds to buy them).


i feel like if ya lower portal cost maybe to counter a limited amount open per player

Portals were always seen as a prestige item you have to work for and, unfortunately, the player base seems to agree with that.

The game could really be boundless with unlimited, free portals. Just imagine what awesome builds you could do with that. The possibilities are… boundless.

Unfortunately, the majority seems to think that as long as you can play the game in a way you don’t enjoy (e.g. hunt) to fuel your portals everything is fine. Me just closed most of my portals and abandoned my builds but the main base. It’s not what I’d like to do in the game but I don’t need yet another game that forces you to do dumb daily content to be allowed to play the real game…


I would have sooo many Portals open :laughing: probably wanna avoid the enormous lag having all the portals in one spot boop


Although it’s an interesting idea I doubt a change would be imminent but it is fun to think about. If portal costs were cheaper I would see my self make a labyrinth using portals to make it…harder.


I’ll donate some oort for you. Your planets are responsible for a good portion of my vast fortune.

Please, put out donation baskets. What is the worst that could happen? I tried to donate but couldn’t find baskets. Anyway, if you feel bad about donations, then I will personal trade 9 stacks of oort shards and a stack of rough oort, for a complete set of your planet atlases. Or permission to build a small mining shack somewhere. Hyrule probably.

I don’t use portals any more, the way I play is different these days. But appreciate those who put in the effort to make the game what it is.



I’m not positive but I think I’ve seen this responded to before. Something about servers not being able to handle that many free portals and that fueling them is a way to check that. I dunno, sounded like dirty technical stuff to me.

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I get lots of portal shards through my request basket, if you need shards I have a few stacks to give out, but I kinda want monies in return.

Have several Planets open for farming Gleam, Wood …
On every Planet i have 1 - 4 open Portals for easy going.
Need all 5 weeks over 26 stacks of refined oort.
They should reduce the Oortcosts a little bit, thats true, but who knows.

Here is a list of my Planets with Gleam as Picture. (did that as an overview for me)



If the number of open portals is an issue, they could always place an artificial limit like they do with fancy blocks. Portal hubs already exist with large numbers of open portals anyway and they don’t seem to cause any issues with lag.

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Thank you so much!! :slight_smile: I’ll get some baskets out later today! :smiley: Really appreciate it!

You can build on Hyrule if you’d like - that and several of the others I have open to building so that people can do that, put outposts for their mining and all! :slight_smile:

Edit: Baskets up off to the left when you come in. :slight_smile: Thank you to all who donate, really appreciated! :smiley:


I wonder if that was before they changed how portals load? It used to be that all portals in the vicinity of your character would connect at the same time, but this caused huge lag and they changed it so that it’s only the portal your character looks at that connects. It might be that it would be ok, now, to have more active portals.


I’m not keen about fuelling portals it’s time consuming getting coins to then buy expensive oort to fuel them.I do have alot so it’s my fault I have so many to fuel but I still wish they were free to fuel.Or maybe you open it once with oort ,but then you have it open forever.I have a better way of getting coins now but it takes many hours fuelling.I tried doing meteorites recently solo and compared it to me getting ancient corruption and its no quicker getting that oort.Really by the time I have spent hours doing meteorites I may as well of got ancient corruption with instant coins when I mint it.Time wise whatever you do getting alot of money ie coins takes hours especially the amount of oort I need to fuel everything.So I’m happy with doing it more now only cause minting corruption is 1c in minter so I’m getting better coins compared to grinding growth but it still is annoying to have to go spend hours getting that money.Im solo player so it’s bound to take longer I know.If I didn’t play boundless as much as I do,then I would never be able to maintain as many portals as I do.If portals were free or cheaper to run I’d give boundless a 8/10.Reason why I only give 8/10 is because if you rent a sovereign you have to pay the same price to buy fuel to run it.I think you should beable to buy a sovereign and the fuel should be free forever.If I made the game I’d let people buy a sovereign that includes free fuel as you have paid for the sovereign already.


I think that portals should just be oort to open, no oort to maintain.


Totally agree with you. Im hoping the devs look into making portals better.Lets hope we get a portal update at Christmas :christmas_tree:.